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Hong Kong Victoria Harbor Daytime

Video installation , 2004.

“Light bring life to every things. “Light” give This exhibition is a desire of “light”. Base
power for us go on our life. The plases where on the logic of “light” use seem a kind of error
“Light” can go are creating space. We use output on our art work to explore a new time
“Light” power to shuttle this space.”Light” let and space language.
our life more brilliant Camera takes the space-time of object to

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor Night time
Video installation , 2004.

play @ Hong Kong Tamer Site
Video installation , 2004.

play @ Hong Kong Tamer Site
Video installation , 2004.

IFC II Morning , Evening , Night Time
Video installation , 2004.

Time in Clementi
Installation , 2006
Light-box 180 cm x125 cm with Video-box 130 cm x 88 cm x 20 cm
Colour me
Photographs , C-print, 2004.

I took 264 pieces of photo. Using a colour

transparency pantone with a angled
camera setup and flash night to take. i
move a little bit when taking photo same
as the colour is changing little bit . so none
of a pic is the same.

The lower part is brighter the then upper

part cos of the shining form outside ..
Rainbow sequence order to line up the
photos .
Colour me
Installation in Art Center , C-print, 2004,
Body Transaction
Video installation , Acrylic Painting and Video , 2006. 180 cm x 230 cm
DIRECTION , still image

DIRECTION , still image

Resource of the photo for producing

Wood panel and TV , Video Installation, 2006. 450 cm x 90 cm x 150 cm