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Animal Male Female Young Group Home Sound

1 Alligator bull cow hatchling bask, congregation nest bellow, hiss
2 Aardvark boar sow cub pack, grouping burrow, den bark, grunt
3 Ant Winged males, aner Queens/workers Larva, Antling Colony formicary, hive, nest cry
4 Ape Male Female Infant Shrewdness logging, nest moo
5 Armadillo boar sow pup, baby herd, arrangement, pack burrow grunt
6 badger boar sow cub, kit, kitten cete hole, sett growl
7 Bat Male Female Pup Colony roost, cave poo
8 Bear boar sow cub sleuth, sloth den, cave pink, fink
9 Beaver Male Female Kitten Lodge/Colony beavery, lodge, burrow utter
10 bee drone queen, worker fry, colony, swarm aviary, beehive, hive buzz,
11 Beetle Male Female Grub, mealworm Swarm land(tunnel) gibber, drone
12 bird cock, hen, chick, hatchling, squab flock, aviary, cage, nest twitter, chirp
13 Bittern Cock Hen Chick Sedge/siege nest growl, boom
14 Buffalo bull cow calf herd Barn, Byre, Pasture, Stable drone
15 Camel bull cow calf flock,herd,caravan,train desert nuzzing
16 Cat tom, gib molly, queen kitten, kit clowder, clan, clutter, glaring, kindle Cattery, Lair, Den meow, purr, caterwaul
17 Cattle Bull Cow Calf Herd/Drove, drift, mob,flink Barn, Byre, Pasture, Stable boom
18 Cheetah male female cub coalition safari, savanna bleat, chirp, growl
19 Chicken rooster hen chick, pullet , cockrell flock, brood, clutch , peep coop cackle, chuck, cluck
20 Chimpanzee blackback empress infant troop, group, harem, cartload tree chatter, gibber
21 Cockroach Male Female Larva, nymph Intrusion homes, sewers, privies hiss
22 Coyote dog bitch cub, pup, whelp pack, train, rout lair bell,troat
23 Crane Cock Hen Chick, Craneling Siege, Sedge, herd nest bellow, bray, roar, growl
24 Crocodile Bull Cow Crocklets Congregation, bask, nest nest bellow, hiss
25 Crow Cock Hen Chick Murder/horde nest bleats, grunts
26 Deer buck, stag, bull, hart doe, hind, cow calf, fawn herd, mob, rangale grass, trees, and bushes bray, hee-haw
27 Dog dog, stud, sire bitch, dam whelp, pup, puppy pack, litter, kennel, gang, legion kennel bark, bay
28 Dolphin bull cow calf, pup team, school, pod, herd, party dolphinarium click
29 Donkey jack, jackass jennet, jenny colt, foal drove, herd barn, shed buzz
30 Dove cock hen squab, chick dole, flight, piteousness columbarium, dovecot coo
31 Duck drake duck, hen duckling flock, brace, bunch, team nest, pond cackle, clang, honk
32 Eagle Male Female Eaglet/fledgling Aerie, convocation, brood eyrie squawk
33 Elephant Bull Cow Calf Herd, Parade,Pack dip-wad, nest caw
34 Ferret Hob Jill, Gill Kit Business, fesnying, fastening cage chirp, churr
35 Fish Male Female Fry, Alevin, School/shoal/draft,nest aquarium, vivary, pond blub, glub, glug, swish
36 Fly Male Female Maggot Swarm/Business cracks, crevasse clang
37 Fox Dog/todd/reynard Vixen Kit/cub/pup Leash/Skulk, troop burrow, hole, lair bark, yap, yelp
38 Frog Male Female Tadpole, Polliwog, Froglet army,colony,bundle froggery, ranarium croak
39 gerbil Buck Doe Pup Horde gerbilarium purr
40 Giraffe Bull Cow Calf Herd, Corps, Tower, Group safari cry
41 Goat billy, buck Nanny goatling, kid Trip, Tribe,Flock, Herd locker, pen drum
42 Gorilla Male Female Infant Band nest grunt
43 Grasshopper Male Female . swarm, cloud grassland quack
44 Grouse Cock, gorcock Hen, gorhen Chick, Cheeper Covey/Pack/tok nest squawk
45 Guinea Pig Buck Doe Pup Group, herd hutch, cage squeak, wheek
46 Hamster Buck Doe Pup Hoarde cage trumpet
47 hare buck, jack doe leveret down, husk, warren form squeak
48 Hawk Tiercel Hen, Haggard Eyas Aerie/Cast hawkery, mew scram
49 Hippopotamus Bull Cow Calf Herd/Bloat river banks yelp, cry
50 Hornet drone queen larvae, pupae swarm hive hum, buzz, murmur
51 Horse Stallion,haras,stud Mare/gillot Foal Herd, harras, string stable, mew, stall neigh, whinny
52 Hyena Dog Bitch Pup/cub Clan/cackle den scream, bellow, wail
53 Kangaroo Buck/Jack/Boomer Jill/Flyer/Doe Joey Mob/troup hollow tree chatter, cluck, grunt
54 Koala Male Female Joey n/a tree growl, roar
55 Leopard Leopard Leopardess Cub Leap/prowl safari, savanna roar. Growl
56 Lion Lion Lioness cub, lionet Pride den chatter
57 Llama macho hembra cria herd, flock hut laugh
58 Mole boar sow pup labour, company, movement Burrow, Fortress, Tunnel chirp
59 Monkey Male Female Infant Troop/Cartload tree chatter, gibber
60 Moose Bull Cow Calf Herd moosey land bellow
61 Mouse Buck Doe Pup/Pinkie/Kitten Hoard/Mischief mouse-hole peep,squeak
62 Nightingale Cock Hen Chick Watch nest bark
63 Ostrich Cock Hen hatchling, chick flock, troop veldts bleep bleep
64 Otter boar sow pup, whelp romp, bevy, lodge, family, raft couch, holt, lodge meow, squeak
65 Owl . Owlet parliament, stare, wisdom owlery hoot, screech,
66 Panda Boar Sow Cub n/a bamboo tree huff-quack, whistle
67 Parrot Cock Hen Chick company, flock cage caw
68 Penguin male female Chick Parcel/Colony/Huddles, Rookery penguinery honk, bleat
69 Pig Boar Sow Piglet, Shoat, Farrow herd, drove,sounder, mob, drift cote, pen, sty grunt, squeal, snort
70 Pigeon Cock Hen Squab, Squeaker Flock, school, kitte cote, loft coo
71 Polar bear Boar Sow Cub Pack hole, burrow growl
72 Porcupine Boar Sow Pup Prickle/family burrow, hollow trunk mumble / grunt /snuff
73 Porpoise bull cow calf herd, pod, school sea, aquarium chitter
74 Possum Jack Jill Joey Passel tree, forest growl, click, hiss
75 Rabbit buck, jack doe, jill bunny, kit, kitten, leveret warren, nest, colony hutch, burrow, hole squeak, drum
76 Raccoon Boar Sow Cub Nursery den, burrow groan
77 Rat buck doe pup, pinkie, kitten horde, mischief nest, hole squeak
78 Raven Cock Hen Chick Parliment/Unkindness ravenry croak
79 Rhinoceros Bull Cow Calf Crash savannah, wallow grunt
80 Rook Cock Hen Chick Clamor/Building nest hiss
81 Sea lion bull cow pup, beach weaner, calf pod, colony, crash, flock, herd rookery bark
82 Shark Bull Female Pup school, shiver, slew sea neigh, whinny
83 Sheep Ram, buck, tup,hottett Ewe, hoger, gimmer Lamb, Lambkin, cosset, Flock, Drove cot or cote, fold, pen baa, bleat
84 Snail hermaphrodite hermaphrodite Spat, snailet Escargatoire, Rout, Walk snailery rawr, cry
85 Snake Male Female Snakelet Nest/Bed/Pit ophidarium, snakery hiss
86 Sparrow Cock Hen Chick Host, Flight nest pipe, warble,
87 Spider male female Spiderling cluster, clutter web hiss
88 Squirrel Buck Doe Pup, Kitten Dray/scurry dray or drey squeak
89 Swan Cob Pen Cygnet, Flapper Flock, Bevy,Wedge,Team swannery hiss, grunt
90 Termite male female larva swarm (while flying), colony termitarium, mound thump, rattling
91 Tiger Tiger Tigress Cub, Whelp Ambush/streak lair pipe, whistle
92 Turtle Male Female Hatchling Bale/nest sea scream
93 Viper Male Female Snakelet Nest hole, burrow scream
94 Wallaby Jack Jill Joey Mob hollow tree chatter, cluck, grunt
95 Whale Bull Cow Calf, poggy Pod/Gam/Herd/School whalery sing
96 Wolf Dog Bitch Pup, Whelp Pack/Rout lair, den twitter, whistle
97 Wombat Jack Jill Joey, cub Warren, mob burrow growl
98 Woodpecker Cock Hen Chick Descent nest laugh, yap, click
99 Yak bull cow calf herd hill, mountain, barn grunt
100 Zebra stallion mare colt, foal herd, crossing, dazzle safari, veldts whistle, click