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Tone Sandhi Correction Update Taang Zomi

Correction Update


04 NOV 09 WED

I have just found out that on page 6, the phonetic fonts were messed up when they
were converted to PDF. I will make corrections when I have time.


12 JAN 10 TUE

I have just corrected Page 6. The shape of the font is di.erent from that on other pages,
because on other pages, I used CharisSIL and on Page 6, I used Lucida Sans Unicode. If
you downloaded the 3le and saved it on your computer earlier, please replace it with
the present, corrected file.


01 JUL 10 THU

I have just changed the font on Page 6 from Lucida Sans Unicode back to CharisSIL. All
the phonetic symbols in the paper are now in CharisSIL. I have also made some minor
changes on other pages.

44 pages.


Friday, August 6, 2010 Page 1 of 2

Taang Zomi Tone Sandhi Correction Update

06 AUG 10 FRI

Today I changed the table format, which resulted in a reduction of the pages from 44
to 40, a saving of 4 pages. No textual changes were made.

40 pages.


Page 2 of 2 Friday, August 6, 2010