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A very rich programme on very rich people for very keen lawyers (if you dare!

Dealing with the Nouveau Super Riche - Legal Issues on Eastern Oligarchs

Thursday, 27 August 2009, 09.00 hours, Marriott Hotel

Rich, very rich or super rich Oligarchs from the Emerging eastern markets

Is there a difference for us lawyers?

Is such a client your career’s booming start or its greatest exposure?

Join our interactive working session with experienced senior lawyers from an angle of private
client, business law, private banking, private clients’ tax planning.

Aaron Schildhaus, Washington D.C., Immediate Past Chair ABA Section of

International Law

Christian Montana, President AIJA Private Client Commission

Markus Zwicky, Chair Private Client Committee of ABA Section of International Law

Joseph A. Field, Withers, London

Agnès Proton, Cannes, France
Ville Salonen, Helsinki, Finland
Madeleina Loughrey-Grant, Farrers, London
Valentyn Zagariya, Spenser & Kauffmann, Kiev, Ukraine
Dimitria Coucouni, Andreas Coucounis & Co., Larnaka, Cyprus
Christian Merz, Wagner & Joos, Konstanz/Vaduz

− New Wealth in Old Lawfirms: Introduction
− Private Client Issues of the Lucky Few: Particularities of Really Wealthy Clients and
their Oft-Pampered Families.
− Asset Allocation from the tax angle: Is offshore out of fashion?
− Are Rich Clients Different? Psychology, Prejudice and the Law

Your ABA window at the AIJA congress.