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Dear Sir,

We have finalized a new price structure for all our Distributors effective
from 1 May 2010. As per this we are changing percentage margin into per pack
profit in Rupees. ( Re.1/- to Distributors and Rs.2/- for Shopkeepers in Best Eggs 6’s
packs). Some of the Distributors felt that the expenses are increasing and the
company decided to fix up subsidy for the Distributors. For Best Eggs and Best Plus
packs, the Distributor will get 15paise for Fuel and 10paise for Salesman who should
work and give data as per Rep’s instruction and to keep proper records at the
Distributor point. Concern Rep’s and ASE’s have the authority to stop the subsidy if
they found that the vehicle has not run regularly and if the salesman not works as
per the Company’s requirement.

I here below give the new price structure for your reference,

SKM Best SKM Best Plus

Eggs6's Pack Rs. 6's Pack Rs.

Co Billing Rate 18 Co Billing Rate 23.25

Fuel Subsidy 0.15 Fuel Subsidy 0.15

Subsidy 0.1 Salesman Subsidy 0.1

Landing 17.75 Distributor Landing 23

Distributor Profit 1 Distributor Profit 1.25

Subsidy Amount Subsidy Amount

add up 0.25 add up 0.25

Landing Cost to Landing Cost to

Retail 19 Retail 24.5

Retail Profit in
Rs. 2 Retail Profit 2.5

MRP 21/- MRP 27/-

we are giving 0.5% for the damage and this will be fixed as 0.10paise per pack. The
market return should be within this. Concern Rep will update the weekly damage
details in the attached format send it to the company and the Distributor can get
the credit note once a month from the Company. This will be from 1st of May’10.

Now we have continues satellite TV advertisement for Best Eggs+

Aachi Masala free and from May 7th onwards we will have 25 sec commercial in
major TV channels. I here with attach the advertisement schedule for Vijay TV and
Chutti TV for your reference.

Expecting your good co operation to establish the brand BEST EGGS

and have a win win situation for both sides.

All the Very Best and Best Regards,