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Doulos Teen to Teen Min-

istry was formed by a

group of kids who love Je-
sus and want to serve
him. The founding teens
in this organization met
through Doulos, a mission
project two churches
worked on together. This
is why our ministry is Doulos Teen to Teen
called Doulos. Ministry
Our plan is to reach other
teens and share God’s
Word with them. We are
doing this because we be-
lieve that God has amaz-
ingly connected us to-
gether using churches,
friendship, fellowship and
the book, “Do Hard
Things”. We intend to min-
ister to teens at public
places such as parks,
schools, stores and rec-
reational centers. We will
We’re a group on Facebook:
reach people with bro-
Doulos Teen to Teen Ministry
chures after briefly get-
ting to know them. When
will we do this? Right
Tired of All the Lies? Want to Know the Truth?

The Answer "...Your Sins have cut you off You must decide for yourself if
from God..." Isaiah 59:2 you are willing to turn from your
Whatever your struggle...
sins and ask Jesus into your
Loneliness, Guilt, Sex, Suicide, 3. Sin separates man from God,
heart. Romans 10:9, John 1:12
Stress, Life After Death, Pur- but there is HOPE...
pose in Life, AIDS, Abortion, Not to decide is to decide!
4. The price is already paid!
8. Once you ask Jesus into your
"God showed His great love for
There is an answer! life you can know that you have
us by sending Christ to die for
eternal life. 1 John 5:11-12,
1. God loves you and has a us while we were still sinners."
John 10:28-29
great plan for you Life! Romans 5:8.
A. he created you for a pur- 5. It's free! eternal Salvation is a
pose: to have a personal rela- free gift. Ephesians 2:8-9
tionship with Him. Genesis
You can't be saved by:
a. Good works b. morality
B. He wants you to experience
a full and abundant life- right c. bible knowledge
here on earth. d. religion
Jesus said: "My purpose is to You can't earn your way to
give life in all its fullness." heaven.
John 10:10
There is only one way...
2. Because of sin in your life,
you are separated from God. 6. Jesus is the Answer! Doulos
A. We are all sinners. Romans
(the only answer)
"I am the way, the truth, and the
Teen To Teen
B. The price for sin is death. life. No one comes to the father
Romans 6:23 (eternal separa- except through Me." John 14:6
tion from God) 7. It's up to you.