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Important Information to the Marketing Master’s Programme Students

As programme co-ordinator of the master’s study programme in marketing, I would like
to take this opportunity to wish you warmly welcome as student in our university. During
your studies here, I will be responsible for the academic content of your study
programme and I will be co-ordinating the teachers involved in the programme. I will
also be teaching some of your classes. The duration of the studies is one academic year.
When you successfully complete that year you will get hold of Degree of Master of
Science with a major in Business Administration.

The specificity of the University of Skövde is three-fold:

- A unique set of high quality courses in Marketing.
- An international and inter-disciplinary environment, where students from all
over the world can share their experience, knowledge and culture.
- A friendly and fruitful cooperation between students and the teaching staff, as
well as the administration. The university attempts to provide close
supervision and sensitivity to students’ particular issues.

The introduction and registration to the programme will take place Thursday 26th of
August 2010, at 10.15-12.00 in Room G109. You are strongly advised to arrive in
time and make your travel arrangements at an early stage, so that you are present
at the introduction to your Masters studies. Late arrivals must be accepted by the
programme coordinator otherwise you may lose your position. Absolute deadline for
registration is September 6. Please note that you have to come along with your original
Bachelor degree certificate and transcript in order to successfully complete your
registration for the programme.

If you have questions regarding your up-coming studies in Skövde you may contact me
by e-mail. My email address is desalegn.abraha@his.se. For additional information visit
the following links, www.studyinsweden.se, www.his.se/mastersinformation.

Again, warmly welcome as student in our master’s study programme. I am looking

forward to meeting you in Skövde in August, Thursday the 26th, at 10.15-12 in Room

Desalegn Abraha
Associate Professor (Docent) in Business Administration
School of Technology and Society
University of Skövde
P.O. Box 408
SE-541 28 Skövde, SWEDEN
Tfn: +46 (0) 500-44 87 05
Fax: +46 (0) 500-44 85 99