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AV 5.7 भोगवादी जीवनशैली

अदानशीलता अथव 5/7
आ नो भर मा पिरा अराते मा नो रीदिणां नीयनाम् !
नमो वीसाया असमृ!ये "मो अ#वरातये !!अथव अथव 5.7.1
Say good bye to Prosperity that causes resentment &
intolerance in others. Say good bye to our tendency of not
sharing our wealth with others (in charity). May we share our
wealth with all. All the riches that we are endowed with are not
to be kept by us , for our selfish purpose.

2. Marketing gimmicks
यमराते पुरोधसे पु&षं पिररािपणम् !
नम#ते त#मै कृ )मो मा विन *थमीमम !! अथव 5.7.2
Distance yourself with the smooth talks that either exaggerate
or make tall claims and such sales men. Stay away from that
which aggrieves our conscience

3. Generosity
+ णो विनद,वकृ ता िदवा न.ं च क0पताम !
अराितमनु+मे ो वयं नमो अ#वरातये !!अथव
अथव 5.7.3
Taking guidance from nature’s bounties like day and night,
our resources to equally shared with every body & may be
inexhaustible. May we chase and smash the temperament of
not sharing.

4. Role of Education
#वर#वतीमनुमित भगं यंतो हवामहे !
वाचं जु3ां मधुमतीमवािदषं देवानां देव4ितष !! अथव 5.7.4
May we celebrate and inculcate such education and knowledge
that enhances the spirit of mutual cooperation for welfare of
all. May our leadership expound such virtuous behavior.
5. Leadership Role
यं याचा5यहं वाचा सर#वया मनोयुजा !
6!ा तम7 िवदंतु द8ा सोमेन ब:ुणा !! अथव 5.7.5
May we develop such articulate skills that would induce
resourceful persons to develop the wisdom to share their
wealth with community.

6. Community Service
मा विन मा वाचं नो वीसी&भािविध";ा<ी आ भरतां नो वसूिन !
सव, नो अ7 िदसंतोSराित
ो राित +ित हयत !! अथव 5.7.6
Our desire for public service, our voice for public interest may
never be smothered. May the enterprising energetic wealth
creators in the community, provide material resources that
promote spirit of public cooperation for the community.

7. Cause of public unrest

परो पे>समृ!े िव ते हेित नयामिस !
वेद वाहं िनमीव"तीमराते !! अथव 5.7.7
May we understand well that uncharitable, no sharing self
centered attitudes promote poverty that leads to violence and

8. Vulgar display of Wealth

उत न<ा बोभुवित #व@या सचसे जनम् !
अराते िच8ं वीस"याकू ित पु&ष#य च !! अथव 5.7.8
Wealthy individuals live in dream lands of pleasing their flesh
with self-aggrandizement. This desensitizes their spirit towards
awareness community sufferings

9. Opulence misguides
यामहती महो"माना िवAा आशा *ानशे !
त#यै िहर)यके Bयै िनरृ या अकरं नमा !! अथव 5.7.9
Opulent wealth envelopes the individual with an environment
as if smitten by a golden haired maiden and causes total
decline in wisdom of his duty towards community. Such stupor
may be smashed.

10. living in Golden cage

, िहर)यवणा सुभगा िहर)यिCशपुमह ी !
त#यै िहर)य;ापयेSरया अकरं नम !! अथव 9.7.10
Smash the temperament that leads to gilded life style that
makes an individual totally immune to community suffering.