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Company profile of Yamaha company

Corporate Overview

Established November 2nd, 1973

Capital Stock 272,580,000 yen

Major Stockholder YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD.

President TAKAHIRA, Yoshirou

Business Profile Development, manufacturing and sale of electric components for

motorcycles, snowmobiles, golf carts, outboard motors, multi-purpose engine

Office and Plants Head Office, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Plant / 1450-6 Mori
Mori-machi Shuchi-gun Shizuoka 437-0292 Japan
Osuka Plant / 711 Nishiobuchi Kakegawa City Shizuoka 437-1304 Japan

Annual Net Sales 36.8 billion yen(as of December 2008) / 20.1 billion yen

Number of Employees 2,205(as of December 2008) / 650(YAMAHA MOTOR


Main Clients <YAMAHA MOTOR Group>

<Outside YAMAHA MOTOR Group>
Transition of annual net sales

about Yamaha company

Introducing this company From Four Vantage Points.

Under the banner of "A Global Electronic Engine Parts Maker", our aim is to provide
high-quality products through a production system that smoothly integrates all of our
processes. The following presents an overview of this company from four different
vantage points: research and development, production technology, global networks and

Research and development

Technology that blends electronics, magnetics,

mechanics and production technology provides
the solutions to next-generation needs.

Our technology brings something totally new to the electronic engine parts used in
motorcycles, marine engines and other products. We provides magnetics-centered
technology and an environment in which state-of-the-art electronics, magnetics,
mechanics and production technology are blended and launched on the market in the
form of more sophisticated meter displays, theft-prevention devices and other products.
That environment, together with a highly consistent production system, provides the
foundation that unifies the functions, quality, and costs of all of our products
system supplier

As a component maker that can work together with customers on product development,
we have amassed substantial technology and assembled a full complement of testing and
production equipment. We havn't stopped there, though; we continue to gain recognition
as a maker of electronic components capable of providing customers, as a system
supplier, with proposals and solutions tailored to whatever they may need.

our technology

The four facets making up our technology-electronics, magnetics, mechanics and

production technology- are blended appropriately to meet customer needs, facilitating the
process of bringing new concepts to the product stage
Advance production technology

An environmentally-friendly and highly efficient

production system creates optimum harmonization
between people and production equipment.

Designed to accommodate not only mass production but small-lot, multi-batch

production as well, our systems handle a diverse range of production configurations.
From winding, machine tooling, resin molding and critical-component assembly
processes all the way to the inspection process, we constantly take on the challenge of
new construction methods and equipment development that drive both high efficiency
and an approach that is people- and environment-friendly. Processes include such diverse
operations as winding of extra-fine cables with an outer diameter of 40 to precision
stamping of laminated cores using high-speed 80-ton presses.

Equipment production engineering

Setting windings in place

We create programming to accommodate all kinds of winding machines.

Flow analysis

Simulation of forming state when resin is flowing.

Principal Equipment and Lines

Coil-integrated molding line

Coils are assembled and inspected in a one-piece-flow configuration on this line.

Coil assembly line

This automated assembly line, in operation around the clock, accommodates wire
diameters ranging from 40 to 2.1 mm.

Global network

Committed to ongoing studies in

our quest to be trusted and appreciated worldwide.

Our goal as a global maker of electronic parts is of course to create products that
customers worldwide can have confidence in, but our overseas subsidiaries also
strive constantly to be appreciated and liked by the people in the countries in which
they reside. We're committed to ongoing studying and learning in order to attain
that goal.

Our products: Active on land, in the water, in the air.

We put our innovative product development and engineering prowess and our
highly creative production technology prowess to work to come up with a steady
succession of electronic engine parts and other products. You'll find our products all
over the world, in a diverse range of products maneuvering on land, in the water
and in the air that includes motorcycles, outboard motors and helicopters, among
many more.

Electronic engine parts

We develop and manufacture critical parts such as magnetos and igniter units
necessary in motorcycle engines and outboard motor engines, to name just a few.

Magneto (Generator)

Starting Motor Pulsar Ignition Coil

Products for motor applications

Our technology plays an active role in the hardware and software components used
in motor-driven vehicles that are friendly to both people and nature.

Drive Unit for PAS (Electro-hybrid Bicycle)

Control Unit for Electric Golf Car Control Unit for Electric Scooter

Shift Actuator & Clutch Actuator for

Electric Shift System Cylinder for Welfare Vehicle