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Deming’s 14 points

• End the practice of awarding business on price tag alone :

Buying materials for your products based on lowest price is fraught with
problems. Instead, you should seek quality and value, and establish long-
term relationship with your good suppliers. Apart from that, contract and
tender procedures must be transparent and just to avoid corruption.

• Improve constantly and forever the system of production and

It is management’s responsibility to constantly improve processes, products
and services while reducing waste. Do not have to change the system but to
maintain and improve it so that people getting used to the system and be
expert. It can reduce cost by using the same application and changing may
only cause high cost.

• Institute training on the job:

As employers, we should send our employees to certain course in order to
make them acquire new skills. This will make them work efficiently. Thus,
the quality can be increase

• Institute leadership :
The purpose of leadership should be to help people and technology work
better. We have to increase the leadership skills in order to monitor people
for a better quality result of work. Find out what leadership is, and do it. It is
not giving orders or afraid to ask or suggest. Fear has a huge economic and
quality impact.

• Break down barriers between departments so that people can

work as a team:
Each department has their own objective and tactics in way to develop their
department. However, competition between departments sometimes can kill
the quality. Therefore, in the way to improve quality, each department will
have to collaborate and co-operate with each other to get a better quality of
work as a team. Structures must support the whole, not isolate into impact.

• Take action to accomplish the transformation :

Make this everyone’s job, from the top executives to the hands-on labour.
Everyone must be involved, and the top levels must be committed to support
and facilitate the effort.

Group Members:
Nursyafika Md Ayup
Nur Dafikah Harun
Afzal Syazwan Zulkifli
Ameer Hakim Mustafa