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23 Aug 2010 353.55 357.50 352.00 354.70 377490

24 Aug 2010 355.80 357.00 347.20 350.45 145777

25 Aug 2010 349.15 352.80 336.00 343.15 155583

26 Aug 2010 349.00 350.00 345.00 345.15 149790

27 Aug 2010 345.50 355.00 345.00 345.10 45676

30 Aug 2010 349.00 354.00 340.55 346.00 37446

31 Aug 2010 343.15 345.55 337.25 339.50 15364

01 Sep 2010 342.00 348.95 342.00 346.80 72646

02 Sep 2010 346.00 349.40 342.35 347.20 64545

03 Sep 2010 349.00 349.90 342.60 346.35 43891

06 Sep 2010 350.45 354.00 346.50 350.85 53483

07 Sep 2010 353.90 364.65 353.00 358.05 128106

08 Sep 2010 358.05 367.40 353.45 362.40 88479

09 Sep 2010 365.00 373.75 365.00 372.55 258529

0 AR  S 1931 - e Bank was incorporated in 1931 as ravancore Federal Bank Limited to cater to te
banking needs of ravancore Province by a small group of local citizens. It embarked on a pase of sustained
growt under te leadersip of K.P. Hormist. e bank along wit six oter banks co-promoted Barat Overseas
Bank Ltd.

1949 - e Board of Directors of te Bank was reconstituted and fres Articles of Association were adopted and te
Bank was renamed as e Federal Bank Limited.
1993 - During Marc te bank issued 2525000 o. of equity sares of Rs 10 eac at a premium of Rs 25 per sare
in proportion 1:2. Anoter 525000 o. of equity sares were offered to te employees on an equity basis. Only
3047894 sares of te above taken up (2106 sares kept in abeyance). Anoter 3000000 o. of equity sares
were allotted at a prem. of Rs 30 per sare to ICICI associates companies.

1994 - During Marc te company offered to te public 3545500 sares at a prem. of Rs 80 per sare. Additional
172600 sares were allotted to retain oversubscription. During January 1996 te bank issued 7408122 rigts
equity sares (prem. Rs 140; prop. 1:2) 7351734 sares taken up.

1995 - 5050000 o. of equity sares were issued and paid-up of wic 3318 o. of equity sares were issued for
consideration oter tan cas on 27.1.1965 to sareolders of erstwile St. George Union Bank Ltd. Putenpully

1996 - e Company undertook as 3 year Information ecnology Strategic Plan 2000 for automating its brances in
a pased programme.

1997 - e bank as developed "Fedsoft" te automation software package in-ouse wic is being used by 40
brances. An Automatic eller Macine (AM) was installed at te ile Parle branc in Mumbai during te year.

- e bank is te second largest private sector bank wit a network of more tan 360 brances wic till recently
was restricted to te soutern States.

- e Aluva-based Federal Bank Ltd. as set up its site on te World Wide Web on te Internet Information about
te bank and its products and services can be accessed form ttp://www.federal-bank.com.

- Federal Bank as infused an additional Rs.10 crore in te equity capital of its investment banking subsidiary
Fedbank Financial Services in 1996-97.

- e Federal Bank Limited te largest sceduled bank in Kerala ad developed its own computer software named

- e software was developed by te bank in collaboration wit Datanet Corporation Bangalore and te package
was based on state-of-te-art tecnology and te latest workflow concepts.

- Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) as entered into a strategic alliance wit two Kerala-
based private sector banks-Federal Bank Ltd (FBL) and Sout Indian Bank Ltd (SIBL)-to sare business interests
and strategies.

- Federal Bank Ltd te largest sceduled bank in Kerala wit a network of over 350 brances trougout te

- e Federal Bank Limited te largest private sector banking network in te country as taken over an Abu Dabi-
based financial institution xcange Bank dealing in foreign excange.

- e Federal Bank te largest banking network in India in te private sector is working on various customer-
friendly scemes in te wake of te liberalisation globalisation measures unleased by te government.

1998 - e Federal Bank Limited as launced a new deposit sceme named Fed Flexi.

- e Koci-based Federal Bank will open 100 more branc spread across te country by te turn of te century.
Wit tis te total branc strengt of te bank will cross 500.

- e Alwaye-based Federal Bank as launced tree tailor-made loan scemes.

1999 - As part of its plan to widen te retail credit portfolio te Aluva-based Federal Bank as launced tree new
scemes to promote travel and tourism fund sort and long-term needs of te trading community and to finance
payments of premium of LIC's Bima ives.

- Federal Bank one of te country's old private banks opened its first specialised branc for asset recovery in
Mumbai on December 16 '99.

- e Bank as also set up a target of Rs 86 crore in te current year for te recovery of te non-performing assets

- e bank as set up an asset recovery department at it corporate office at Alwaye and strengtened asset
recovery cells at regional offices.

2000 - Federal Bank is to foray into internet banking and -commerce in te mont April. e Bank will be e first
among te old private sector banks in te country to diversify into internet banking.

- e Bank as entered into marketing pacts wit some commercial agencies for its -commerce business.

2001 - e Aluva-based Federal Bank as tied up wit scotel Communications to launc mobile banking services
using SMS tecnology.

- Federal Bank as launced a new deposit sceme cristened as `Suraksa' for senior citizens.


-Unveils Anywere Banking provides te convenience of doing transactions from 300-plus interconnected brances

-ICICI Bank divests 0.31% stake in Federal Bank.

-Federal Bank cuts Home loan interest rates.


-Acieves 100% interconnectivity among all its brances

-Launces quity Subscription Sceme a new retail product for financing te IPOs and public issue applications of
its customers

-Acquires a prime property in Cennai-owned by Ramco Super Leaters under Securtisation and Reconstruction of
Financial Assets and nforcement of Security Act. e property spread over six grounds and 26000 sq ft on Anna
Salai is estimated to ave a market value of Rs 16 crore.

-Federal Bank unveils treasurer's calendar

-Federal Bank join ands wit ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. for premium collection troug its brances

-Federal Bank introduces new Fed e-Pay services


-JRG Securities Ltd as forged alliance wit Federal Bank Ltd for providing loans for subscribing to initial public
offers (IPOs).

-FedBank gets award for best use of I

-Federal Bank keen on merger wit soutern entity


-Federal Bank to acquire Ganes Bank

-Federal Bank rolls out savings deposit scemes

-Federal Bank gets banking tec awards

-Federal Bank bags 0MCA award

-IDBI Bank Fortis join Federal Bank for risk J


-e company as issued rigts in te ratio of 1:1 at a premium of Rs.240/- Per Sare.

-Federal Bank buys stake in LB Sout Indian

-Federal Bank to set up office in Abu Dabi


-Federal Bank Ltd as informed tat Reserve Bank of India vide letter dated July 08 2008 approved te appointment
of Sri. P R Kalyanaraman xecutive Director as Wole ime Director of te Bank for a period of 3 years w.e.f.
January 03 2008.


- Federal Bank in association wit Geojit Financial Services as unveiled its online trading product called Fed-e-
rade as part of te bank's efforts to provide various products and services to customers. However te retail clients
of te bank will now ave te access to online trading in equities as well as te derivatives IPOs and mutual funds
troug Geojit's online trading platform.

- Federal Bank Ltd as informed tat Dr. M 0 Kan as been appointed on te Board of te Bank as a non-
executive independent director.

- Federal Bank as launced a call centre facility were te 24-our service of te contact centre would be available
on dialing a toll-free number 18004251199.


- Federal Bank unveiled FedSelect a premium product for teir ig networt individual (HI) customers.

à  YY  Y




23 Aug 2010 2800.00 2810.00 2770.00 2775.55 18005

24 Aug 2010 2789.00 2862.90 2766.00 2850.75 39884

25 Aug 2010 2841.00 2862.20 2790.00 2799.90 23711

26 Aug 2010 2805.00 2818.85 2766.00 2778.45 31683

27 Aug 2010 2800.00 2826.00 2770.00 2779.70 441318

30 Aug 2010 2815.00 2825.00 2775.15 2790.95 13452

31 Aug 2010 2791.00 2791.00 2690.00 2729.40 369165

01 Sep 2010 2770.00 2782.00 2738.00 2749.40 769608

02 Sep 2010 2768.00 2805.00 2756.00 2784.50 52432

03 Sep 2010 2790.00 2887.90 2790.00 2871.75 51646

06 Sep 2010 2887.00 3023.00 2887.00 3004.60 169212

07 Sep 2010 3000.00 3045.00 2989.00 2995.80 81898

08 Sep 2010 1525.00 1525.00 1456.00 1480.95 62526

09 Sep 2010 1489.90 1498.50 1452.00 1459.30 63213



- e company was incorporated on te 29t of ovember in te name of "Bacraj rading Corporation Ltd.". 1960

- On 21st June te name was canged to Bajaj Auto Pvt Ltd . On 24t August te name again canged to Bajaj
Auto Ltd.

- e Company's main object is to manufacture and marketing of `Bajaj' scooters motorcyces and tree-weelers
and spare parts tereof.

- 25 forfeited sares reissued. In Jan. 1967 17375 Rigts sares issued at par in prop. 1:4. In Marc 1967 17357
Bonus sares issued in prop. 1:5. 65 forfeited sares reissued subsequently.


- 55 forfeited sares reissued 52185 Bonus sares issued in prop. 1:2. 5 forfeited sares reissued.

- On 31st Marc te tecnical collaboration wit M/s. Piaggio & Co. expired and te brand name of te veicles
manufactured by te company was canged from espa to Bajaj from April.


- 120 forfeited sares reissued. 78340 Bonus quity sares ten issued in prop. 1:2.


- Under te an agreement wit Western Maarastra Development Corporation Ltd. a joint sector company was
incorporated under te name Maarastra Scooters Limited on 11t June. Its plant as started manufacture of
Scooter in te brand name "PRI0A". A tree weeler wit rear engine was developed and marketed in tis period.

- On 2nd February te company entered into a tecnical collaboration wit P.. unas Bekasi Motor Co. of Jakarta
for providing tecnical know-ow for te manufacture of two weelers and tree weelers in Indonesia. It also
entered into an agreement wit Paijifa Industrial Co. of aiwan for manufacture of scooters in aiwan. 1976

- 25 forfeited sares reissued in 1974-75. In 1976-77 235045 Bonus sares issued (prop. 1:1) Forfeiture of 10
sares annualled.


- Company entered into a tecnical know ow agreement wit Menoka Motors Ltd. of Cittagong for setting up an
assembly plant for scooters and tree weelers in Bangalore.

- During te year company's erstwile collaborators Piaggio & Co. s.p.A Italy filing a suit along wit espa of
America Corporation U.S.A. for damages for alleged breac of contract trade mark laws etc. amounting to Rs. of $
50 million (equivalent to Rs. 44.15 crores).

- A suit was also filed against te distributors of te company Zweirad Raot Gmb in West Germany by espa
GmbH a subsidiary of Piaggio praying for proibiting te distributors from selling Bajaj Scooters in West Germany.


- During te year te company invested U.S. $ 15000 in te equity capital of Bajaj America Incorporated.

- Bajaj Auto Holdings Ltd. and Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd. are subsidiaries of te Company.


- e Bajaj M80 was entirely developed by te company and introduced in te market. e licenced capacity of 2
weelers was increased from 80000 to 160000 veicles per year and tat of 3 weelers from 15000 to 20000
numbers per annum and scooter CKD packs from 30000 to 32000 numbers per annum.

- During te year te company made a furter investment of U.S.$ 15000 in te equity capital of Bajaj America
Incorporated. 1983

- e licensed capacity was increased to 300000 scooters during te year. e company entered into two
agreements for tecnical know ow. One wit Kawasaki Heavy Industries for te manufacture of motorcycles upto
100cc engines. Anoter wit igel Spa of Italy for te manufacture of special purpose macine tools for Company's
own use. During te year te company issued 15% CDs wort Rs. 23.40 crores as rigts for augumenting long
term resources for working capital requirements. e same is to be redeemed on 31st December 1998.
- 470000 bonus sares issued in prop. 1:1.


- A suitable electronic ignition system for scooters was developed and introduced on te "Bajaj-Cub".

- e Company received a Letter of Intent for manufacturing 50000 tree-weelers at a location in Uttar Prades.

- During te period International Finance Corporation Wasington (USA) sactioned a foreign currency loan of U S $
22 million.

- During August-September te company offered 15% non-convertible debentures for Rs. 23.40 crores. e issue
was oversubscribed and te Company was allowed to retain an additional amount of Rs 11.70 crores out of te
oversubscribed portion for financing non-project capital expenditure for replacement modernisation etc.

- During te period settlement wit Piaggia & Co. s.p.A of te disputes pending in USA was arrived at and te same
was entered in U S District Court of San Fransisco. e settlement agreement did not provide for any monetary
payment by te Company.


- e operations of te Waluj unit was it on account of suspension of operations from 7t ovember followed by
lockout strike by workmen. ormal operations were resumed after 6t July 1988.

- e company signed two agreements for tecnical assistance one for electronic components like magneto and
electronic ignition system and anoter for restyling of rear engine tree weeler body.

- Sares sub-divided in January 1988. 9406400 bonus sares issued in prop. 1:1 in April 1988.

- e Kawasaki-Bajaj `RZ' model was launced in February 88. 1988

- e licensed capacity was increased to 1000000 numbers of two weelers and tree weelers per annum
troug a letter of intent. ere was a 7 mont strike by te workmen at te Waluj plant.


- During tis period company undertook a project of metal replacement by polymeric materials in association wit
Department of Science & ecnology and ational Cemical Laboratory.

- A new generation magneto was also under development in collaboration wit a Spanis company and work on te
initial design ad commenced.

- During tis year it entered into a tecnical collaboration wit Orbital ngine Co. Australia for development of fuel
injection system for 150cc scooters to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

- e Company developed on its own an 80cc motorcycle under te brand name "Bajaj M-80". 1990

- e production of `Bajaj Sunny' te new 50cc scooter commenced in Marc.

- During te year commercial production of special purpose macine tools for te company's requirements
commenced at Waluj .

- During te year a settlement was arrived at between te company's distributors in West Germany Zweirad Raot
Gmb and espa Gmb wic was objecting to te distributors selling te scooters in W. Germany. ey finally
agreed to Scooters being sold wit littering "Made in India".

- e letter of intent for expansion of te licensed capacity at Waluj from 300000 to 1000000 two and tree
weelers per annum was converted into an industrial licence.


- During tis period production of a 4 stroke motor cycle in collaboration wit Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Japan
was started at Waluj.

- 18812800 bonus sares issued in prop. 1:1.


- Sales volume dropped by 5% from te previous year due to te transporters' 10 day strike in July and intermittent
labour problems at Waluj.

- Bajaj-Sunny and Kawasaki 4S were launced at some more centres. Also an economy version of KB-100 RZ
called "COL" a 2-stroke 100cc motorcycle was introduced in te market.


- Bajaj Stride will be launced wit certain improvements based on initial feed back. During te year `Cetak
Classic' a powerful and fuel efficient 4S Campion a igly fuel efficient 4-Stroke Motorcycle and M-80 Motorcycle
wit additional utility features were introduced.


- Bajaj Auto is planning to produce two new models in te motorcycle and scooter segment eac. Bajaj rotter an
80cc tree gear motorcycle would soon be in te market at an estimated price of Rs. 20000.

- 37625600 bonus sares issued in prop. 1:1. 4342676 o. of equity sares underlying uro issues allotted.

- e Company proposed to increase te production capacity of two and tree weelers from 1272000 to 2000000
units per year by 1998.

- e company made a GDR issue of US $ 110 million by offering 4342676 equity sares at an issue price of US $
25.33 or 794.60 per sare. - Bajaj Auto entered into an agreement wit Kubota Corporation of Japan for tecnical
know-ow to manufacture diesel engines exclusively for 3 weeler application and non-exclusively for oter

- e Golden Jubilee year of te Company production in two-weeler alone surpassed te target and led to a scale
of operations only second to Japan in te world.

- e Company entered into an agreement wit a Japanese R & D firm for design of a 74 cc 4-stroke variomalic

- Some specific tecnical assignments and/or joint development projects were also undertaken wit AL Austria
CSIR ew Deli and Indian Institute of Petroleum; Dera Dun.


- During tis period Sunny-Zip a 60cc upgraded version of `bajaj sunny' was launced.

- Company was planning to set up a tird manufacturing plant near Pune to ouse manufacturing facilities for
production of new generation two-weelers wit a production capacity of 10 lak veicles per annum.

- e Company ad a busy product development agenda in addition to te present range include - Cygnet
Scooterette upgraded classic and 4 stroke scooters up-graded M80 up-grades and variants of its Kawasaki
Motorcycle on all new 4 stroke Kawasaki motorcycle and Diesel and 4 stroke petrol engined tree weelers.

- On January a 74cc new look step-troug motorcycle was introduced in Pune under te name `Rave'. During year
Co. also launced Bajaj classic and Bajaj Super xcel.

- e Company developed and implemented new 150cc 3-port 2 stroke engines on all scooters and tree weelers.

- e Bureau eritas Quality Internationals (BQI) as awarded ISO 9001 certificate to te Akurdi Plant. e
Motorcycles and Moped Division in Waluj as already received te certificate in 1994.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd. developed a new four-stroke-motorcycle in collaboration wit Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI)


- e classic SL scooter wit anti-dive braking and electric start option was launced gradually at various centres
since September.

- e Company as introduced during te year under review "Boxer" a 4-stroke motorcycle targetted at semi-urban
and rural markets.

- 39796938 Bonus quity sares issued in prop. 1:2.


- During te year te Company launced its diesel autoriksa in Andra Prades. e product was aving te
features like ig fuel economy low noise level and better riding comfort. e engine is manufactured in
collaboration wit M/s Kubota of Japan. - During te year company offered attractive financing sceme for purcases
of two-weelers.

- wo-weeler giant Bajaj Auto Ltd is set to revamp its entire supply cain wic would involve trimming down te
number of vendors and a possible relook at te existing dealer cain.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd. te two and tree weeler major as for te first time entered into a marketing tie-up for scooters
wit te Italian company Cagiva.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd. will be launcing Classic SL scooters in Karnataka.

- Japan's Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) te tecnical collaborator of India's largest two weeler manufacturer
Bajaj Auto Ltd is likely to source its latest four stroke motorcycle Kawasaki Caliber from Bajaj's Waluj plant in
Aurangabad for Kawasaki's export requirements.

- e management of Bajaj Auto signed a wage agreement wit te Baratiya Kamgar Sen te union representing
majority of its workforce on 21st July.

- e Company as introduced during te year under review "Boxer" a 4-stroke motorcycle targetted at semi-urban
and rural markets.
- e Company as entered into an Agreement wit ational Securities Depository Ltd (SDL) for enabling
investors to old and trade in Company's sares in electronic form.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd as tied up wit Zee  to impart maintenance training troug television programmes.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) as tied up wit Zee ducation for a unique six mont-long tele-training programme for laks
of scooter mecanics across te country.

- Bajaj Auto launced its latest four-stroker te Caliber motorcycle at its Waluj plant in Aurangabad early last
mont. amed Kawasaki Caliber it is te largest-engined Indo-Japanese four-stroker in India.

- e first four stroke geared scooter in te world "Legend" was developed in 36 monts from te concept of

- "Caliber" a 111 cc four stroke motorcycle took te market by storm and "Spirit" designed in-ouse a two weeler
wit an innovative two speed automatic transmission was introduced in October.

- e Company apart from te introduction of two new 4 stroke veicles as developed catalytic converters for its
entire range of 2 stroke and tree weelers. Styling upgrades for Cetak Super and Classic scooters was
introduced in te market.


- Bajaj auto Limited (BAL) is working on a long-term marketing strategy to re-enter te export market.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd. came out wit a new scooter model Bravo.

- e Company received All India ropy award for igest exporter in 1997-98 - ew/Difficult Market-on-SSI from
ngineering xport Promotion Council.

- xport xcellence ropy - from Maratta Camber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture jointly wit Joint
Director General of Foreign rade Pune.

- e company as received ational Productivity Award for Automobile Industry instituted by ational Productivity
Council consistently for six years from 1991-92.


- Bajaj Auto decided to buy back up to 15 per cent of te paid-up sare capital of te company at a maximum price
of Rs. 450 per sare.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd launced "India's first tree speed automatic four stroke Scooter" `Saffire'.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd launced its indigenous emission-friendly autoricksaw wit a four-stroke compressed natural gas
(CG) engine.

- Bajaj Auto as stopped production of two-stroke tree-weelers as it as developed four-stroke autoricksaws.

- Bajaj Auto was to set up an assembling and painting plant in Italy to market its dominant brands in urope.

- wo-weeler major Bajaj Auto Ltd will be investing Rs 170 crore on promoting new models of scooters and
motorcycles including upgrades launced between January 2000 and June 2001.
- Sareolders of two and tree-weelker major Bajaj Auto Ltd approved te buyback of up to 1.8 crore equity
sares of Rs. 10 eac at a price of Rs. 400 per sare involving a total outgo of Rs. 720 crores.

- Due to slow down in demand for scooters te Company's plant at Akurdi as started a 5 day week from June 30
and it resumed a six-day week from September 29 at Akurdi Plant in Maarastra.

- e Company ad offered to buy-back around 1.8 crore equity sares of Rs 10 eac at a price of Rs 400/- per

- e Company as signed an agreement wit te workers' union at Waluj on October 11.

- Bajaj Auto as entered into a tie-up wit Kasanki of Brazil to set-up a two-weeler assembly line in Brazil tat will
produce and sell its motorcycles for te entire Sout American market.


- Bajaj Auto as acquired 12 lak equity sares of Mukand ngineers (M L) from group company Mukand Ltd at a
price of Rs 46.50 involving a total outgo of Rs 5 crore.

- Bajaj Auto launced `Kawaski Bajaj liminator' te country's first cruiser motorcycle.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd and Allianz AG ave submitted a joint application to te Insurance Regulatory and Development
Autority for joint venture in life insurance.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd as launced Saffire te 92cc 4-stroke engine two-weeler in Guwaati.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd as launced its Bajaj M-80 Major 4S wit a four-stroke engine.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd will launc six new two-weeler models including tree new motorycles by September-end in a bid
to boost sales in te current fiscal.

- e Company bougt back 18207304 o. of equity sares at Rs. 400 per sare on 21st October. - Bajaj Auto
as launced a new voluntary retirement sceme to trim its 3000-strong junior management cadre by a staggering
over 40 per cent as part of efforts to boost profitability.

- Bajaj Auto as it a major road block wit te Bombay Hig Court asking te company to reinstate 1197 temporary
workers wo were earlier retrenced from its Waluj factory in Aurangabad.

- Allianz Bajaj Life Insurance Company a joint venture of Pune-based scooter major Bajaj Auto and Germany's
Allianz Insurance as launced tree products wit te most competitive premia among all players.

-e Insurance ventures of Allianz one of te world's leading financial services groups and Bajaj Auto India's
leading two and tree-weeler manufacturer announced te launc of teir life and general insurance operations in
Pune on October 28.

- Sareolding of foreign institutional investors (FIIs) in Bajaj Auto stands increased at 12.99 per cent as on Marc
31 2001 against 10.05 per cent in te previous year.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) is expected to reduce its employee strengt by around 1000 at lower as well as executive
levels after te completion of te recently announced voluntary retirement sceme (RS).


- Bajaj Auto is setting up a new product development and testing complex at its Akurdi plant in Pune to consolidate
its in-ouse researc and development (R&D) capability.

-Bajaj Auto unveiled te 'Boxer AR'touting te bike's ability to "tame any terrain no matter ow callenging. e
revolutionary Kawasaki tecnology engine (K- C) ensures optimum air-fuel mixture troug a new intake and
exaust system. e bike also offers a mileage of 91 kilometers per litre. e bike offers te features suc as opto-
prism tail ligt side indicators twin pod speedo-console stylis grapics and a striking petrol tank

- - Sri Atul Kirloskar as resigned from te Board of Bajaj Auto Ltd and in te casual vacancy caused by is
resignation Smt Suman Kirolskar as been appointed a Director at te Board meeting eld on October 23 2002.


-Bajaj Auto Ltd as informed tat Sri ares Candra as been appointed as an additional director at te board
meeting eld on January 15 2003.

- Bajaj Auto Limited as floated an overseas office to expand its international business. e Dubai office wic was
opened in Jan '03 will deal wit te Middle ast and African markets. e company expects Rs 325 crore exports
tis year as against previous year's Rs 160 crore.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd as informed te xcange tat Sri D S Mulla as resigned from te board of Bajaj Auto Limited
effective from te closing ours of Marc 31 2003.

- Bajaj Auto Ltd as informed tat Sri D S Mulla as resigned from te Board of te company wit effect from Marc
31 2003.

-Launces Wind 125 bike

-Bajaj tied up wit SBI for two-weeler loans

-Bajaj moves up from number 11 to number 10 in te BS Billionaire rankings in India

-Bajaj Auto Ltd as informed tat te sares of te company ave been delisted from te Pune Stock xcange Ltd
(PS ) w.e.f. October 06 2003 and Deli Stock xcange Association Ltd (DS ) w.e.f. December 10 2003.


-Bajaj Auto on January 15 unveiled its new corporate logo.

-Bajaj Auto enters global alliance wit Kawasaki for Asean safari

-Signs MoU wit Andra Bank to finance two weeler loans

-ies up wit Corporation Bank to finance two-weelers of te company

-Baja Auto appoints Sanjiv Bajaj as new xecutive Director

- Bajaj ties up wit Orbital ngine for fuel injection systems

-Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) as created a network in Japan and urope

-Bajaj Auto as unveiled its latest offering - te Bajaj 'C 100' a four- stroke 100 cc motorcycle

-Bajaj Auto and Bank of Maarastra (BoM) ave signed a strategic alliance to offer two-weeler loans in India.
- Bajaj Auto ropes in popular comedian of amil films ivek to promote entry level model 'Bajaj C 100' in Cennai.

-Bajaj Auto launces C 100 in Gujarat

-Sri Siddi inayaka Automobiles Ltd (SSAL) te Hyderabad-based leading dealer of Bajaj Auto Ltd as launced
`Bajaj C-100' motorcycle in te Andra Prades market

-Bajaj rolls out 125 cc mobike

-Aptec Ltd as won an order from Bajaj Auto Ltd for its training programme

-BAL ties up wit State Bank of ravancore

-Bajaj Auto launces Discover


-Bajaj Auto inks agreement wit Approva Corpn

- Bajaj Auto launced its automatic scooter Wave in te city at arun Bajaj on June 4 2005. Wave is aggressively
priced at Rs 32700. It is Rs 6000 less tan Honda Activa and Rs 1000 more tan te 60 cc Scooty.

-Bajaj Auto rolls out new scooter 'Wave' in izag

-BAL demerger wit Bajaj Fin to cange olding in insurance biz


-Bajaj Auto Inks MoU wit State Government for Greenfield Project at Cakan

-Bajaj unveils new bike Platina

-Bajaj Auto unveils CG 3-weelers in Indonesia.

-Bajaj Auto Ltd unveiled its first product in Indonesia Bajaj Pulsar DS-i (Digital win Spark Ignition) a 180-cc sport
motorcycle on ov 9.


- Bajaj Auto unveils 4t Pulsar variant.

- uropean sports motorcycle manufacturer KM Power Sports AG and Bajaj Auto Ltd manufacturer of two and
tree-weelers ave declared a wide ranging co-operation. e KM Group will give te know-ow for te joint
development of water-cooled four stroke engines (125 cc and 250 cc) wic provide KM te basis for motorcycles
in te new street entry segment.


- Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd as informed tat Sri. ares Candra and Sri. P Murari ave been appointed
as additional directors of te Company at te meeting of te Board of Directors eld on October 23 2008 wit
effect from October 23 2008.

- Company name as been canged from Bajaj Auto Ltd to Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd.

Historic Data since 23 Aug 2010 - 09 Sep 2010




23 Aug 2010 2228.00 2230.00 2190.05 2196.35 27000

24 Aug 2010 2197.00 2219.00 2163.00 2207.05 65968

25 Aug 2010 2201.00 2214.50 2180.00 2193.05 50553

26 Aug 2010 2195.95 2213.80 2172.00 2176.80 31436

27 Aug 2010 2177.00 2192.00 2125.25 2139.70 45458

30 Aug 2010 2156.00 2160.00 2118.00 2130.55 43011

31 Aug 2010 2124.00 2140.80 2115.35 2132.45 21699

01 Sep 2010 2140.00 2155.00 2122.00 2149.80 22223

02 Sep 2010 2150.00 2193.00 2150.00 2181.25 31125

03 Sep 2010 2204.50 2204.50 2170.00 2193.60 20719

06 Sep 2010 2201.00 2217.50 2187.00 2205.75 44932

07 Sep 2010 2200.00 2207.20 2182.00 2197.20 29328

08 Sep 2010 2187.00 2197.90 2170.00 2182.25 21158

09 Sep 2010 2196.50 2245.00 2185.00 2240.45 181725

1994 - e Bank was Incorporated on 30t August. A new private sector Bank promoted by ousing Development
Corporation Ltd. (HDFC) a premier ousing finance company. e bank is te first of its kind to receive an in-
principle approval from te RBI for establisment of a bank in te private sector. Certificate of Commencement of
Business was received on 10t October 1994 from RBI.

- e Bank transacts bot traditional commercial banking as well as investment banking. HDFC te promoter of te
YYbank as entered into an agreement wit ational Westminister Bank Pc. and its subsidiaries (atwest Group) for
subscribing 20% of te banks issued capital and providing tecnical assistance in relation to te banks proposed
banking business.

- 70 o. of equity sares issued to subscribers to te Memorandum & Articles of Association on 30t August 1994.
On te same date 50000000 equity sares were allotted to HDFC promoters. 50920000 sares were allotted to
HDFC mployees Welfare rust and HDFC Bank mployees Welfare rust on 22nd December 1994.

- On 16.1.1995 9079930 o. of equity sares were allotted to Jarrington Pte. Ltd. Anoter 40000000 equity
sares were allotted on private placement basis to atwest Group on 9.5.1995. 50000000 sares were allotted to
te public on 9.5.95 (all were taken up).

- e Bank opened its first branc in Ramon House at Curcgate Mumbai on January 16t.

- e Bank as created an efficient operating system using well tested state-of-te-art software.


- HDFC Bank as entered te banking consortia of over 50 corporates including some leading multinational
companies flagsip companies of local business ouses and strong public sector companies.

- HDFC Bank as set up a state-of-te-art dealing room to andle all transactions possible in Indian financial

- e Certificates of Deposits were awarded a PP1+ rating wic is te igest rating for sort term instruments
indicating superior capacity for repayment.


- e bank is one of te largest mobilisers of retail deposits troug its network of 20 brances. Its credit deposits
ratio was 53.8%.

- e bank as set up a ultra-modern ub at Powai in Mumbai were te bank's central computer is oused. is
ub oused in 35000 square feet of space ouses data of all te brances and facilitates te introduction of new
products and services.

- HDFC as installed state-of-te-art systems to facilitate inter-connectivity between brances and link up wit on
line system.

- e bank as also recently signed up as a depository participant under te newly set up SDL werein te
members clearing accounts settlement for dematerialised sares can be done troug te bank.

- HDFC Bank one of te nine new-generation private sector banks as planned to set up an all-India on-line
automated teller macine (AM) network.

- HDFC Bank proposed to launc tele-banking for te first time in June in Mumbai at its Candiveli branc.

- HDFC Bank as drawn up plans to become a nice player in corporate banking by sticking to top-rung corporates.

- HDFC Bank as become te first private sector bank to conclude a structured interest rate option deal.

- HDFC Bank as launced its ersova branc te 11t branc in Mumbai.

- HDFC Bank as part of its expansion plans in te Sout as opened anoter branc in Cennai.

- HDFC Bank as entered into strategic alliances wit 10 overseas banks to provide customers wit a wide range of
derivatives including interest rate and foreign currency swaps.
- HDFC Bank on October 14 introduced AMs tat converse in a regional language.

- HDFC Bank as introduced te Freedom Account for te average retail customer located in te major metros as a
means to wean away te middle-income market from nationalised banks.

- HDFC Bank as launced an account in all its 28 brances across India tat seeks to free depositors from
minimum balance requirement for te first time in te country.

- HDFC as introduced a new loan product for te payment of betterment fees announced by te Bangalore
Maanagar Palike. - HDFC Bank is all set to launc its debit card by April 1998.


- HDFC Bank as tied up wit te Amedabad Stock xcange (AS ) to act as its clearing bank.

- HDFC Bank proposes to strengten its branc network in Calcutta wit te addition of two new brances in te first
quarter of te next fiscal.

- HDFC Bank as signed an agreement wit te ational Stock xcange (S ) wic will give it a second carge
over te brokers deposit for providing loan against sare facility to S brokers.

- e bank as also entered into a similar understanding wit te Bombay Stock xcange (BS ) wereby te
bourse will provide support for recovery of money against te card for loan against sare facility.

- e bank as also entered into `Cirrus' arrangements by wic all master card olders across te globe will be able
to transact at HDFC Bank in India.

- e bank will also provide pone-banking facility in Bangalore. HDFC as tied up wit isa International to offer its
Debit Card. - HDFC Bank Ltd as entered into a memorandum of understanding for a strategic business
collaboration wit Case Manattan Bank.

- HDFC Bank as become te first bank in India to link up its automated teller macine (AM) network wit all te
tree major payment systems world-wide.

- HDFC Bank will be te first bank in te Asia-Pacific region to connect te American xpress (Amex) payment

- e HDFC Bank is expanding its AM network to connect to American xpress Intercange based in Poenix
Arizona USA. Wit tis connectivity HDFC Bank as become te first bank in te Asia-pacific region to connect to
te Amex Intercange.

- HDFC Bank was te first to sign up wit AM  in December of 1998.

- e Bank as tied up wit IC readneedle Mutual Fund to provide its investors wit te Hig Interest Fund (HIF)
a facility to encas teir units troug te bank's Automated eller Macines in addition to a ceque book facility
also to be provided by te bank.

- Sony India Ltd (SIL) as joined ands wit HDFC Bank to work out an innovative car finance package under wic
a sony car audio system would be installed to a new car for no additional upfront cas outflow.

- e bank as decided to issue 13310000 equity sares of Rs. 10 eac to HDFC and a wolly-owned subsidiary
of it at a price of Rs. 94 per sare.

- e bank will also issue 1370000 equity sares to India Private quity Fund and 5120000 sares to Indocean
Financial Holding te two equity funds controlled by Case Manattan Bank.

- HDFC Bank as tied up wit BPL Ltd to offer Internet-enabled supply-cain management and business-to-
consumer (B2C) e-commerce services to corporates.

- Hutcison Max elecom and HDFC Bank introduced te country's first-ever mobile-banking services in te city.


- HDFC Bank also signed a memorandum of understanding wit Singapore elecom's e-commerce arm
Sesami.Com Pvt Ltd. - e Bank latter also entered into a partnersip agreement wit ational Computer Systems
te e-commerce unit of Singtel.

- A new company called S SAMi.com (India) as been formed by a strategic alliance between HDFC Bank and
Singapore elecom's e-commerce company S SAMi.com to offer e-commerce solutions for te Indian market.

- HDFC Bank as a tie-up wit Maxtouc for giving te facility to te latter's customers in Mumbai. is is te first
and only service of tis sort in te country e said.

- HDFC Bank is also launcing an online electronic banking solution called net wic will allow corporates to
access teir accounts over te net and carry out trade related transactions and cas management functions.

- HDFC Bank entered into a tie-up wit elco by wic te bank would provide preferential financing options for
ata's range of passenger cars including te Indica Sumo Safari state and Sierra.

- HDFC Bank allotted 1.98 crore sares of Rs 10 eac at an issue price of Rs 94 per sare to promoters and
strategic investors on Marc 29.

- HDFC Bank is also set to become te first bank in te country to offer wireless application protocol (WAP) services
to customers.

- SkyCell Communications Ltd one of te two cellular service providers in Cennai as launced `Sky Banking' for
wic te company as tied up wit ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.

- e bank as tied up wit 12 utility companies nationwide including BS S MS B B S Orange BPL and

- e Bank as tied up wit financial portals e-brokerages and te ational Stock xcange to enable broker
payments for e-broking ventures. - e Bank as set up 100 new electronic data capture ( DC) terminals in
Mumbai. - HDFC Bank as launced its first B2C payment gateway wic allows isa and MasterCard credit card-
olders to do transaction online and realtime. - C0B RIMALL.COM as joined ands wit HDFC Bank to provide
ISA/MasterCard users wit an online payment gateway solution to enable tem to ave a secure esopping
experience. - HDFC Bank plans to extend its mobilepone banking services introduced in select metros to
mobilepone broking wen it introduces its Internet on-line trading in July. - HDFC Bank and portal clickforsteel.com
ave signed a memorandum of understanding for offering online credit and services to facilitate `post transaction'
activities troug te portal's `allied services providers' programme. - Indianfoline.com signed an agreement wit
HDFC bank for te use of payment gateway to enable online financial transactions.

- HDFC Bank in association wit cellular service provider Orange as launced te entire range of mobile banking
services and mobile commerce services using wireless application protocol (WAP) tecnology.

- e Company as introduced a new sceme wereby it will provide loans to individuals for payment of self
assessment tax on teir properties in Bangalore.

- e Foreign Investment Promotion Board as cleared te proposal of te HDFC Group to enter into a joint venture
wit Singapore elecom's e-commerce company for providing a compreensive range of business-to-business e-
commerce solutions to companies in India.

- e Company proposes to pick up an equity stake in Softcell rade and ecnologies Ltd. a Mumbai-based
software company.

- BPL Mobile as tied up wit HDFC Bank to offer Internet banking troug te mobile pone.

- HDFC Bank launced `eInstant Car Loans' a new sceme for offering customers a range of net-enabled loan

- HDFC Bank launced depository services on te net.

- HDFC Bank tied up wit S .I a wolly owned subsidiary of te ational Stock xcange for providing payment
gateway services for te latter's Internet trading operations.

- HDFC Bank as been identified as te best domestic commercial bank for te second consecutive year by
FinanceAsia.com wic provides a network for financial decision makers.

- e Mumbai-based Geojit Securities Ltd. as tied up wit HDFC Bank for Internet trading of sares.

- Calcutta's cellular services provider Modi elstra and HDFC Bank ave entered into a collaboration to provide
mobile commerce in Calcutta.

- HDFC Bank as got te Kerala-based edungadi Bank as its first customer for its new joint venture company wit
I-Flex Solutions.

- HDFC Bank as set a target of attaining a business of over Rs 15000 crore tis fiscal mainly troug expansion
and new product launces including a credit card.

- HDFC Bank in association wit ata Cellular as launced Mobile Commerce Service for customers in
Hyderabad and isakaptnam.

- HDFC Bank as tied up wit about 25 equity brokerages for enabling tird party transfer of funds and securities
troug its business-to-business portal -- `e-et'.

- e Bank as entered into an alliance wit Deloitte Haskins and Sells a member firm of Deloitte and ouc to
offer banking services to its non-resident Indian customers.

- HDFC Bank as launced its 123rd outlet at Deli Stock xcange building at Asaf Ali Road.

- e Bank proposes to acquire up to 24.5 per cent stake in te MI L e-Security Pvt. Ltd. wic is engaged in te
business of developing and marketing of security products and services for a range of e-commerce and enterprises
security applications.

- e Bank as tied up wit Rajan Raeja-owned Hatway for providing banking at ome as part of te et-over-
cable initiative of te latter in Mumbai. - HDFC Bank launced its on-line bill payment facility in alliance wit te
Maarastra State lectricity Board as also begun to offer bridge loans against fixed deposits of parent Housing
Development Finance Corporation te financial institution.

- HDFC Bank as tied up wit portal brainvisa.com to retail education loans to students. - e Gujarat Cellular
operator Fascel as signed up wit te HDFC Bank to introduce mobile commerce for te first time in te State.

- HDFC Bank as tied up wit BPL Mobile for mobile commerce facility.

- Cricketext.com a sports e-commerce site as tied up wit HDFC Bank to provide an on-line payment gateways
and marketing opportunities for a wide range of cricket sports gear on its on-line sop Batext.

- Singapore-based Growasia.com as entered into an understanding wit HDFC Bank and credit rating agency Icra
for picking up equity in te company's Indian subsidiary Gasia.com.

- e Bank as launced `Freedom - e e-Age Savings Account' for cellular pone users.

- Spice Cell as tied up wit Citibank  A HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank for mobile bill settlements.

- HDFC Bank and Cosmos Bank launced a co-branded AM card.

- e Catterjee Group-promoted Captec Online Ltd. as signed memorandum of understanding wit HDFC Bank
and UI Bank for setting up a payment gateway for its debt negotiation platform Riskxpress.com.

- HDFC Securities Ltd. promoted by te HDFC group wit equity participation from te Housing Development
Finance Corporation Ltd. HDFC Bank and Case Capital Partners as launced its brokerage services for retail
investors in te Capital.

- e HDFC Bank and Airtel launced teir mobile-banking service troug WAP in Deli.

- HDFC Bank as launced wireless application protocol-based mobile-banking in Coimbatore and ricy in
association wit Aircel.


- e Bank as opened its first branc in Aurangabad.

- HDFC Standard Life Insurance as entered into a memorandum of understanding wit te Cennai-based Indian

- e Bank as launced te international Maestro debit card in association wit Master Card.

- HDFC Bank will launc its credit card in June troug link-ups wit MasterCard and isa.

- Ltrade.com as entered into a strategic tie-up wit HDFC Bank to provide et banking services to online

- Standard Cartered Bank HDFC Bank and Barat Petroleum Corporation ave joined te eCas Forum wic as
been set up by te Smart Card Forum of India.

- HDFC Bank as launced a new campaign for its eage savings account.

- HDFC Bank entered into a strategic tie-up wit ally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to offer online real time accounting services
to small and medium enterprises.

- e Bank as opened four AMs outlets in Bangalore at Coles Road R agar Rajaji agar and Jaya agar on
Marc 26.

- HDFC Standard Life Insurance as launced a `Development Insurance Plan' a low cost life insurance product
developed specifically to meet te needs of economically weaker sections.

- wo Directors Mr. S.S. akur and Mr. Amit Judge ave resigned from te board of te bank effective from Marc

- HDFC Bank files wit US regulators to list more tan 11 million American Depositary Sares on te ew 0ork
Stock xcange.


- HDFC Bank unveiled a new online account aggregation service `Oneiew'.

- HDFC launced 'One iew' service to customers

- HDFC Bank launced its 9t branc in Karnataka.

- HDFC opens its branc in Mangalore.

- HDFC Bank unveils Silver card in Hyderabad.

- HDFC Bank opens first overseas representative office.

- HDFC Bank unveils gold card

- Mediclaim facilities to HDFC Bank gold cardolders.

- HDFC Bank Ltd as informed BS tat Mr Deepak Satwalekar as submitted is resignation as Director of te
Bank. e Board of Directors as accepted te same. e Board of Directors as co-opted Mrs Renu Karnad as
Additional Director of te Bank.

- Mrs. Renu Karnad as been co-opted as an Additional Director of te Bank. Mrs Karnad sall represent te
promoters of te bank i.e. HDFC Ltd. Also Mr. Deepak Satwalekar Managing Director of HDFC Standard Life
Insurance Company Ltd as been on te Board of te Bank as nominee of HDFC Ltd since September 12 1994
and sall complete te period of 8 yrs before te next sceduled board meeting. In view of te provisions of te
Banking Regulation Act 1949 Mr. Satwalekar as submitted is resignation as Director of te Bank and te Board
as accepted te same.

- HDFC Bank launced new products to its wealt management programme to increase its customer base. e bank
introduced a non-interactive product named "Financial Planner" wic would be available for all its customers for an
annual fee starting from Rs 10000. e bank is offering fee based advisory programme to te "mass affluent"
segment wic was earlier offered to ig net wort customers. e wealt management programme would cater to
individual needs taking into account various factors suc as customer's age financial goals and risk profile wic
includes equity MFs and debt instruments suc as RBI Relief Bonds.

- Orange J wit HDFC Bank.


- HDFC Bank unveils resident foreign currency account.

- HDFC Bank unveils co-branded credit card wit e-Seva.

- e Board of Directors of HDFC Bank Ltd at teir meeting eld on January 15 2003 approved te appointment of
Mr. Arvind Pande as an Additional Director pursuant to section 260 of te Companies Act 1956.

- PFO J wit HDFC Bank for its pension distribution.

- HDFC enters into agreement wit HDFC Bank to source ousing loans.

- HDFC Bank IRCC in tie up for online railway booking.

- HDFC Bank inks pact wit AB for remittance service

- HDFC Bank introduces 'HDFC Bank Healt Plus Credit Card'.

- Uma Krisnan resigns HDFC Bank as country ead.

- scotel ties up wit HDFC Bank for Global Debit Card.

- HDFC Bank launces India's first mobile payment solution.

- HDFC Bank's debt programme of Rs 400-crore as received triple A (ind) rating from CR DI rating agency

-Mumbai - HDFC Bank in collaboration wit ally Solutions is planning to launc electronic data intercange ( DI)
system for small and medium enterprises (SM s).

-Warburg Pincus sells 2% stake in HDFC for Rs 235 cr

- HDFC Bank began selling ome loans of its promoter Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC).

-Board approved to allot 416400 equity sares to te employees of te Bank under te mployee Stock Option


-Mr Ranjan Kapur & Mr Bobby Parik appointed as Additional Directors

-MC inks pact wit HDFC Bank for wareouse receipts

- HDFC Bank as entered into an alliance wit Clearing Corporation of India Ltd (CCIL). e tie-up offers te latter's
collateral borrowing and lending obligation (CBLO) product to cooperative banks tat are not direct members of te
negotiated dealing system (DS).

-HDFC Bank repurcases HDFC loans wort Rs 208 cr

-Launces Quickremit a unique online service tat enables RIs in te US to send money to teir relatives in India
from te comfort of teir omes.

-Andra Bank as entered into an alliance wit HDFC Bank for saring its network of automated teller macines
(AMs). On Marc 29 2004

- HDFC Bank and Baraini Saudi Bank (BSB) ave announced an alliance to cater to service te needs of te non-
resident Indians (RIs) in Barain.

- HDFC bank Ltd as informed tat Dr (Mrs) Amla Samanta as ceased to be a director of te Bank wef April 25

- HDFC Bank launces new sceme for Maruti 800 buyers providing 85 per cent finance on te on-road price of te
car for seven years.

-HDFC Bank wins Asiamoney award for Best Domestic Bank

-HDFC Bank managing director Aditya Puri as been awarded te management man of te year by te Bombay
Management Association (BMA)

-HDFC Bank as entered into an agreement wit Sraci Securities Ltd te flagsip company of te Kolkata-based
Rs 300-crore Sraci Group for financing of multi-utility veicles all over India

-HDFC Bank as launced an online bill payment facility for its customers wo are also subscribers to ata

-HDFC Bank join ands wit CR Corporation to offer managed AM services

- IKF Finance Ltd as entered in to a Joint Lending Arrangement wit HDFC Bank Ltd


-MB forges alliance wit HDFC Bank

-HDFC Bank inaugurates first AM in Hotel

- HDFC Bank ties up wit te International Bank of Qatar (IBQ) to launc banking services in Qatar.

- HDFC Bank launces loyalty rewards programme for its debit and credit cardolders under te name

-HDFC Bank along wit MasterCard International launced credit card targeted at small and medium-sized

-HDFC Bank as tied up wit US-based WL Ross and company LLC for investing in corporate restructuring

-HDFC Bank unveils credit card for farmers


-HDFC sets up two more brances in AP

- Osim to join ands wit HDFC Bank for consumer loans

- HDFC Bank inaugurates b facility for online sopping

- HDFC sets up two more brances in AP


-HDFC Bank as signed an agreement wit ata Pipes to offer credit facilities to farmers across te country.

-Hdfc Bank Ltd as appointed Mr. Pandit Palande as an additional Director of te Bank at te Board Meeting eld
today i.e. on 24t April 2007.

- HDFC Bank Ltd as informed tat te Board of Directors of te Bank at its meeting eld on October 12 2007 as
been appointed Mr. Pares Suktankar & Mr. Haris ngineer as xecutive Directors on te Board of Directors of
te bank. Mr. Suktankar & Mr. ngineer ave been senior employees of te Bank since 1994 and ave eld
various positions of responsibility.

e above appointments as xecutive Directors of te Bank are subject to approval of Reserve Bank of India and of
te Bank's sareolders.

2008 - HDFC Bank ies Up Wit Postal Department xtends Rural Reac

- HDFC Bank Wins `asscom I User Award e 0ear'

- HDFC Bank Opens Its First Overseas Branc In Barain

- HDFC Bank and Centurion Bank of Punjab merger at sare swap ratio of 1:29

- HDFC Bank Launces India's First Rural Banking BPO At irupati

- HDFC Bank Launces India's First "Online Market Linkage Programme" For Self Help Groups

2009 - HDFC Bank Bags Asiamoney Award for te "Best Domestic Bank" - HDFC Bank offers electronic payment
collection facility to Guruvayoor Devaswom. - HDFC Bank launces `Meritus' Scolarsip Programme. - e Asian
Banker declares HDFC Bank te Best Retail Bank


- Wit a view to attract long term deposits and prevent premature witdrawal wen te interest rates peak HDFC
te ousing finance major as decided to pay variable interest rate on recurring deposits.

- HDFC Bank on Feb 19 increased te fixed deposit rates by up to 150 basis points across maturities a move tat
follows te Cas Reserve Ratio ike of 75 basis points by te Reserve Bank of India last mont.

Historic Data since 23 Aug 2010 - 09 Sep 2010




23 Aug 2010 1024.00 1025.00 1005.90 1014.60 414312

24 Aug 2010 1014.50 1019.75 1007.00 1010.15 351855

25 Aug 2010 1006.00 1013.80 983.50 991.80 695638

26 Aug 2010 993.25 1018.00 985.00 997.65 966382

27 Aug 2010 1000.00 1012.00 987.50 990.70 456367

30 Aug 2010 996.00 1010.00 980.80 991.45 432446

31 Aug 2010 986.00 1012.00 982.85 1007.45 951987

01 Sep 2010 1015.00 1019.60 1002.00 1008.55 520825

02 Sep 2010 1018.20 1032.50 1014.10 1017.05 585999

03 Sep 2010 1022.00 1024.10 1010.05 1012.55 248110

06 Sep 2010 1016.55 1039.00 1016.55 1034.75 429659

07 Sep 2010 1030.00 1060.70 1030.00 1038.05 408692

08 Sep 2010 1033.00 1043.05 1026.00 1031.80 5061930

09 Sep 2010 1038.70 1042.70 1008.60 1015.50 374486


- e Company was incorporated on 1st September at Mumbai to manufacture diesel veicles for commercial use
excavators industrial sunter dumpers eavy forgings and macine tools.

- e commerical diesel veicles wic were known `ata Mercedes Benz' (MB) are now called `ata' veicles
after te expiry of te collaboration agreement wit Daimler-Benz AG West Germany. e company also used to
YYmanufacture pulp and paper making macinery.


-ata nginering undertook manufacture of 5000 'KC' broad gauge open wagons for te Indian Railway.

-e Managing Agency ata Sons was transferred to ata Industries on July 1 1946. e Managing Agency system
continued till it was abolised by an act of Parliament in 1970.


-Steam Road Roller introduced in collaboration wit Marsal Sons (UK) 1950 Collaboration signed wit M/s Krauss-
Maffei W. Germany for manufacture of steam locomotives 1954 Collaboration wit M/s Daimler -Benz AG
W.Germany for te manufacture of medium commercial veicles at Jamsedpur.


- Steel foundry set up in collaboration wit Usines mile Henricot of Court St. tienne Belgium.


- Researc and Development Center set up at Jamsedpur.


- e company's name wic was ata Locomotive & ngineering Company Ltd.was canged to ata ngineering
& Locomotive Company Ltd.


-Collaboration wit M/s Pawling & Harniscfeger (P&H) U.S.A. for manufacture of cable type excavators and


- A project for te production of large press tools and complex dies was undertaken in collaboration wit Raymond.
F. ompson ( ngineers) Ltd. UK.


- Wit effect from 1st July te Investa Macine ools and ngineering Co. Ltd. was amalgamated wit te company
and it became te Macine ool Division.


-eicle manufacture facilities steadily built up at Pune 1968 Collaboration wit M/s Hueller Hille Gmb W.
Germany for te manufacture of unit construction special purpose macines.


- Consequent to te amalgamation of Central Bank of India Ltd. tecompany issued and allotted to te
sareolders of erstwile CentralBank of India Ltd. 1139208 - 7.75% mortgaged debentures of Rs.100eac on 1st
October. Option was given to convert 50% of teir facevalue of a block of 5 debentures into one equity sare of te
Companyat a premium of Rs.150 per sare.

- Consequently 319825 debentures were submitted to convert 50% of teir face value into 63965 o. of equity
sares. ese sares were issued on 31st Marc 1975.

- Subsequently 319824 debentures of Rs.50 eac were consolidated into 159912 debentures of Rs.100 eac. As
per te terms of issue tese debentures were to be redeemed at par anytime between 1.10.1975 to 30.9.1982.

- Central Bank of India Ltd. was merged wit te Company wit effect from 24t April. Allotment of sares and
debentures as per te terms of te sceme of amalgamation to te sareolders of Central Bank of India Ltd. was
completed during January-Marc 1972.


- During te year company made a sale of know-ow to ata Precision Industries Pvt Ltd in Singapore for te design
and production of macinery and tools. e company was also appointed te tecnical consultants to PIL for a
period of 10 year for wic te Company was to receive a royalty of 3.5% of net sales for seven years commencing
from te date PL start making profit.


- e company entered into a joint venture wit ata Industries Sdn.Bd. of Malaysia for te assembly of te elco
veicles in Malaysia. 1979

- e company issued 1050000-11% 7 year unsecured convertible bonds of Rs.450 eac at par at an aggregate
value of Rs.47.25 crores as follows: 254701 bonds as rigts to sareolders oter tan Daimler-Benz AG West
Germany: 144444 bonds to Daimler-Benz Ag West Germany; 115355 bonds to employees and directors of te
Company and 535500 bonds to te public. e public offer as made during October 1980 and it was
oversubscribed by five times. Conversion of bonds into equity sares will took place in 1983-84 and 1987-88.


- e company issued 15% secured non convertible debentures of Rs.100 eac aggregating to 30 crores in order to
augment te long-term funds for working capital requirements and to meet te capital expenditure on its
modernisation and replacement programme. is issue was made under te scemes viz.

- (i) Cumulative interest payment sceme and

- (ii) non-cumulative interest payment sceme wic te applicant could coose. It also offered tese debentures
simultaneously to oter categories of persons like te resident convertible bondolders debenture olders
depositors preference sareolders directors and te Company's employees teir friends and relations and
business associates of te Company. ese are redeemable at a premium of 5% on 1st ov. 1997 under te non-
cumulative interest payment sceme and in tree equal annual instalments starting from 1st ovember 1997 under
te cumulative interest sceme. e interest rate as been reduced to 14%. e company also privately placed
5500000-15% CD's of Rs.100 eac of te series.

- 183839 o. of equity sares issued (prem. Rs 14.79 per sare) to olders of 10.5% deb. 1010696 o. of quity
Sares allotted (prem. Rs 60.70 per sare) in conversion of 11% bonds (I Option).


- e Govt. approval was received for increasing te veicle manufacturing capacity to 35520 veicles per annum
tereby bringing te total licensed capacity to 78000 veicles. A letter of intent was received for setting up a new
plant for te manufacture of 9000 veicles per annum in U.P wic was later converted into an industrial licence.

-Collaboration wit M/s Hitaci Construction Macinery Co. Ltd. Japan for manufacture of ydraulic excavators.
xpansion of capacity at Pune.


-Collaboration wit M/s Hitaci Construction Macinery Co. Ltd. Japan for manufacture of ydraulic excavators.

- All te dies and many of te macine tools and production devices required for te new `AA 407' and `AA
608' series were produced by te Company in Capital Goods Division. e company started making CC macines
in Capital Goods Division and its engineers were receiving know-ow and training from aci-Fujikosi and iigata
of Japan wit wom te Company was collaborating in tese fields. A new electronics centres was also
commisioned at Pune to support te manufacture and maintenance of tis new generation of CC macines.

-Collaboration wit iigata ngineering Co. Ltd Japanfor C / CC Horizontal Macining Centers and wit aci-
Fujikosi Corp. Japan for C /CC In line Macining Centers and flexible manufacturing systems.


- e company issued 4000000 15% CD's at te rate of Rs.100 eac for Rs.40 cr on rigts basis. Subsequently
2000000 additional debentures were issued to retain over-subscription. ese were allotted on 31 Dec. 1986 and
are redeemable in 3 equal instalments off Rs 35 eac at te end of te 7t 8t and 9t year at a premium of 5%
being included in te 1st instalment.


- e Company offered during August/September 1115790-12.5% secured convertible debentures of Rs.950 eac
as follows: (i) 887368 debentures to te existing sareolders in te proportion of 1 debenture for every 6 equity
sares eld: (ii) 175789 debentures to te older of 11% convertible bonds in te proportion of 1 debenture for
every 6 bonds eld and (iii) 52633 debentures to te employees (including Indian Working Directors)/workers of te
Company on an equitable basis (only 35864 debentures were taken up). Additional 265789 convertible debentures
were issued to retain over subscription in te cartegories (i) and (ii).

- 1010196 quity sares allotted (prem. Rs 60.70 per sares) in con. of 11% bonds in 1987-88. 4069573 o. of
quity sares allotted in con. of 12.5% deb. in 1988-89.


- e ata mobile pick up entirely designed and engineered by elco was launced in July 1988. It also obtained
know ow for te manufacture of tin walled automotive aluminium castings from Klot Senking Metallgiesserei
Stal Gmb West Germany. A portion of Rs.550 of eac debenture issued in 1987 got converted into 2 equity
sares of Rs.100 eac at a premium of Rs.175 on 1st April 1988. A part of te remaining debentures were converted
into 1339953 equity sares on 1st October 1988. e balance was eiter retained by te olders as debentures or
sold back to te company by tem at face value.

- During te year company undertook to set up a new forge sop a ig output foundry line a new paint sop as
well as augmentation of engine and gearbox manufacturing facilities all at Jamsedpur. est facilities suc as
specially constructed gradient track to ceck te climbing capability of veicles and teir ability to start on an incline
was added to te ngineering Researc Centre at Pune.

- During te year company negotiating wit Daimler-Benz for manufacturing teir World Concept ruck in India.
ese veicles were to be marketed overseas by Daimler-Benz under teir brand wic would lead to tecnological
upgradation of te existing range of veicles in India.


- e company acquired 25% of te market sare in te ligt commercial veicles. e company signed an
agreement wit Hitaci Construction Macinery Co.Ltd. Japan for te manufacture of a more advanced series of
ydraulic excavators ie ` 'series.

- During te year aci-Fujikosi a collaborator of te Company agreed to buy te online macinery centres made
in elco's macine tool division. A letter of intent was also received for supplying veicle aggregates to Mercedes
Ben 355 Indonesian Partner. - During te year company obtained know-ow for te manufacture of tin-walled
automotive aluminum casting from Klot Senking Metallgiesserei GmbH a subsidiary of Salzgitter Stal GmbH
West Germany.

- 57000-13.5% pref. sares redeemed. quity sares sub-divided on 5.1.1990. 8590 o. of equity sares of Rs 10
eac issued (prem. Rs 30 per sare) in part conv. of 12.5% debs. (Part B)>

- e Company entered into an agreement wit Cummins ngine Company Inc. USA for forming a 50% - 50% joint
venture to produce fuel efficient engines wit low-commission caracteristics for powering te Company's range of
Medium/eavy veicles. e Company was incorporated in October 1993. Its factory is to be establised at


- A new model of eartmoving equipment te WK-3036 ata Front nd Weel Loader was introduced.

- 57000 - 13.5% pref. sares redeemed.


- During te year te company entered into a collaborative agreement wit an internationally renowned engine
researc and development organisation to jointly develop iger orsepower fuel efficient diesel and petrol engines
to meet te future requirements of te company.

- e last quarter saw te company launcing two new passenger veicles te SI RRA and te SA totally
designed and manufactured in India. e company acquired a BIFR company M/s oduron Founders Maarastra
Ltd. e total cost for elco worked out to Rs.18 crores as against setting up of similar critical castings foundry.

- During te year company launced a new eart moving equipment WK-3036 ata Front nd Weel Loader.

- During February 1991 te company issued 20734603-12.5% secured partly convertible debentures of Rs.150
eac on rigts basis to te equity sareolders in te ratio of 5. Additional deb. 3065092 were allotted to retain
oversubscription. Simultaneously 1036730 deb were offered to employees and an additional issue of 155510 deb
was made to retain oversubscription. All deb. were alloted on 25 April 1991. Part `A' of Rs. 50 was to be converted
into 1 equity sare of Rs 10 eac at a premium of Rs 40 per sare at te end of six monts from te date of
allotment. e balance of Rs.100 of part `B' of eac debenture would be redeemed at te end of te 8t year from
te date of allotment.

- All Pref. Sares redeemed. 24824008 equity sares allotted in conversion of debs. (3340 sares-prem. Rs 30 per
sare; 2760868 sares (fully paid) prem. Rs 40 per sare and 22059800 sares (partly paid) prem. Rs 20 per
partly paid sare.

- wo new models in te  series of ydraulic excavators were launced. A 10 tonne pick and carry articulated
crane designed and developed in-ouse was also introduced.


- During tis period two new models in te  series of ydraulic excavators were launced. And a 10 tonne pick
and carry articulated crane designed and developed in-ouse was also introduced. Wit te elp of Hitaci
Construction Macinery Co. Ltd. -400 model Hydraulic excavator was introduced during te year.

- e Company undertook to estabis a joint venture wit Mercedes-Benz to manufacture automobile products for
sale in India and to meet te needs of export markets. e project also included te possibility of manufacture of a
Mercedes Benz passenger car for te domestic and foreign markets. Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd. was
incorporated on ovember 1994 wic commenced initial assembly of cars in Marc 1995.

- During te year company entered into an agreement wit aci-Fujikosi Corporation Japan to manufacture arc
and spot welding robots suitable for automobile manufacturing applications.

- During te year company undertook to set up a joint venture wit Asian Glass Co. Ltd. Japan to manufacture float
glass to be used as wind sields for automobiles. ACC along wit ata xports Ltd. participated in te joint venture.
e joint venture named as Floatlass India Ltd. te Company would ave a stake of 16.33%.

- ata Cummins Ltd. Mercedes-Benz (India) Ltd. ata Holset Ltd. ata Precision Industires Singapore and ita
Company Ltd. are te joint entures of te Company.

- 183823 equity sares allotted witout payment in cas to members for oduron Founders Ltd. on its merger.
Anoter 154809 equity sares allotted (prem. Rs.40 per sare) in conversion of debentures.


- Production of MC's commenced at Lucknow.


- During te year company introduced te ata full forward 609 LP bus and ata 609 SFC semi forward version. It
was proposed to introduce new four cylinder petrol engine during mid 1995.

- During te year elco entered into an agreement wit Cummins ngine Company Inc. USA for forming a 50%-50%
joint venture to produce fuel efficient engines wit low-commission caracteristics for powering te Company's range
of Medium/eavy veicles. Its factory is to be establised at Jamsedpur for an annual output of 67000 engines.

- ata veicles were launced in Argentina Cill Paraguay etc.

- Joint enture Agreement signed wit Cummins ngine Co. Inc.to manufacture ig orsepower and emission-
friendly diesel engines for medium and eavy commercial veicles.


- During te year company introduced te ata SUMO and LP 709. ecompany developed a new fuel injected 4
cylinder petrol engine witte assistance of AL Austria.

- During te year company manufactured 4 basic robot for spot welding sealant application and arc-welding. Also
manufactured a 3 axis copy milling macine a 2 station 2 spindle fine boring macine and a crank pin milling
macine. - On 22nd April an agreement was entered into between Daimler-Benz AG and Merceded Benz India to
manufacture ` ' Class paneyer cans and engines in India. e project is to be located at near elco's factory in Pune
wit capacity to manufacture 20000 cars and 30000 engines.

- ata ecnologies (India) Ltd. Seba Properties Ltd. and Matrucaya Capital and Finance Ltd. are all
subsidiaries of te Company.

- On September te company jointly wit ata xports Ltd. and ata Industries Ltd. signed an agreement wit
Holset ngineering Ltd. UK to set up a joint venture company to manufacture Holset turbocargers. Accordingly ata
Holset Private Ltd. was establised on 20t December. - During te same year a new foundry was commissioned at
Pune to produce ig pressure die cast and granting die-cast aluminium components for automobiles. Production
commenced from Marc.

- During July te company offered 3611758 Global Depositary sares and 3611758 warrants along wit
international units purcase 1 ac warrant entitiled te older to sare of US $ 15.46 (Subject to adjustment in case
of bonus/Rigt issue) during te period of 8t Marc.
- ffective 25t July te Company allotted 8214288 sares of Rs 10 eac against te GDRs.

- e Company successfully launced ig performance low emission and fuel efficient medium commercial
veicles wit cummins engines in Kuwait Kenya Zambia and Gana.

- e Company also proposed to introduce veicles wit cummin engines in te eavy commercial veicles

- aking advantage of te broad banding policy announced by te Government of India te Company entered into a
collaboration agreement wit Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Japan for te manufacture of teir `ACCORD' model of cars in

- A sovel version of model  300 LC was introduced.

- A 6 tonne mini excavator was launced.

- On 22nd April an agreement was entered into between Daimler-Benz AG and Mercedes Benz AG Germany to
setup a joint venture company Mercedez-Benz India to manufacture ` ' class paneyer cans and engines in India.

- ata ecnologies (India) Ltd. Seba Properties Ltd. and Matrucaya Capital and Finance Ltd. are all
subsidiaries of te Company.

- 8214288 sares allotted against GDR.


- During te year a new double pick-up and Army ersion of various elco eicles were developed. A new pero
engine and turbo diesel engine an up-graded 709 LC new sports utility veicle Safari expected to be launced

- A 25 tonne 6  2 truck and a bus wit cummins engine were launced.

- ata ngineering and Locomotive Company ( LCO) as acquired a second and paint sop macine line and
cylinders from te Australian unit of te Japanese auto giant issan.  LCO is believed to ave picked up te unit
for Rs. 70 crore. e total cost of import duty would be Rs 100 crore.

- During te year a macine tool division was expanded so as to double its macine building capacity and
significantly reduce production times.

- During December company issued 5886697 warrants to ata Companies and Daimler Benz AG wit a rigt to
subscribe to one ordinary sare per warrant at Rs.362 per sare before 27t. 3084414 sares were allotted.

- 86049140 bonus sares issued in prop. 3:5 18773487 o. of equity sares allotted on exercise of warrants.

- A new double pick-up and army version of various elco eicles were developed.


-  LCO as decided to launc a new indigenous family car by te middle of 1996. e company seeks to
manufacture a 900cc engine car. e car would cater to te domestic as well as te export market. Initially a
production of 150000 cars is envisaged. e production would be significantly increased in te next few years to
make  LCO te largest producer of small engine cars in te country. - During te te company introduced te 70-
tonne ata-Hitaci x-700 Sovel te largest in te value of x series of ydraulic excavation fielded by eleco.
Also a back-oc version of x-400 model was launced and te x-300 LC model was specially modified for use in
granite mining operations.

- During te year a new collaboration agreement was signed wit aci-Fujiksi Corporation Japan to manufacture
and advanced generation of Robots.

- e Company allotted 14035086 o. of equity sares of Rs 10 eac troug Global Depositary Receipts (GDR's)
in te international market aggregating US $200 million.

- e Company as launced "ata Safari" in its Multi utility veicle segment.

-ata Holset's turbo carger plant inaugurated on ovember 25 1996.


- o meet te planned long-term capital requirement of funds te Company issued unsecured 10 year 0ankee
Bonds totalling US $ 200 million in te overseas market in July 1997.

- o meet its working capital needs te Company issued Commercial Paper (CP) of Rs. 300 crores for te first time.
e CP programme was given te igest rating of `A1 +' by te Investment Credit Rating Agency (ICRA).

- In ovember 1997 te Company made a private placement of 7-year Secured on-Convertible Debentures of Rs.
115 crores @ 12.25% - one of te lowest rates for any suc issue in te market.

- e Company made into auto related joint ventures promoted by ata Industires Ltd. viz. ata Auto Comp
Systems Ltd. and Concorde Motors Ltd. (CML). CML estabised in associations wit Jardine Mateson Group
Hongkong would set up sowcase dealersips in India for retaining automobiles.

- A new information tecnology company ata ecnologies (India) (IL) providing solutions to engineering
manufacturing and distribution industries as been set up as a subsidiary of elco.

- e atas are all set to establis a unit for producing trucks and eart moving equipment at Darwad.

- e ata ngineering and Locomotive Company Ltd. ( LCO) as emerged as numero uno in te Review 200
survey conducted by te Far astern conomic Review in association wit Citi Bank.

- elco proposes to develop and produce various new models at an investment of Rs.20 billion over te next few

- Automobile giant elco will be installing an electronic data intercange ( DI) network tat will connect te elco
plants wit its vendors.

- e ata ngineering & Locomotive Company (elco) will pick up a 7.2 per cent stake and ACC Ltd 18.8 per cent
in te revised equity structure of Bridgestone-ACC tus paving te way for a fres round of speculation on weter
te cement major is actually out of te ata fold.

- elco became te first Indian private company to reac te sales of Rs.10000 crore.

- elco as entered into an alliance wit Bridgestone to promote a new company in wic Bridgestone will old a 51
per cent equity stake to manufacture automotive tyres.

- e company will set up a 1.5-lak per annum capacity car unit. e proposed plant will be part of a
compreensive facility being set up by elco wic will ave flexible lines capable of manufacturing te small car
te Sumo and oter models wic are being worked out.

- elco's collaboration wit Jon Deere is for te manufacture of 2.5 cum backoe loaders wic te company
proposes to introduce in domestic markets later tis year. e company's tecnical agreement wit Hitaci is for te
manufacture of a 60-tonne ydraulic excavator wic is slated to it te market tis year itself.

- e agreement wit Le Moteur Moderne is for te development of diesel and petrol engines for its passenger car
project. Wit aci-Fujikosi elco plans to make an advanced generation of robots to be used to weldline for te
manufacture of Bodies-in-Wite (BIWs) and to perform oter operations during te manufacture of small cars to
ensure quality accuracy and fatigue-free ig volume production. - elco's $200-million 0ankee bond issue as
been awarded a AIC 2 by te insurance companies rating standard in te United States. elco is only te second
0ankee bond issue from India after Reliance Industries and is te country's lowest-priced international bond. elco is
rated Baa3 by Moody's and BB+ by Standard & Poor's wic are also India's sovereign ratings.

- e ata ngineering & Locomotive Company (elco) management as signed a wage agreement wit te elco
mployees' Union at te Pimpri-Cincwad manufacturing facility conceding a wage ike of Rs.1701 per mont.

- e Karnataka plant is being set up to build special purpose and eavy duty veicles. It will owever initially
assemble company's 4021 trucks and eart moving equipments and excavators.

- elco is sowcasing its sportscar `elsport' 44 for te first time at te fourt Middle ast International Sow
opening at Dubai on 10.11.97.

- elco is te second Indian four weel maker after Maindra and Maindra to participate in te sow wic as
attracted 200 exibitors from 28 countries including world market leaders like BMW and Mercedes.

- elcosport will be  LCO's first entrant in te passenger veicle segment to be followed by a five-door SU in te
later part of next year.

- e Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) as entered into a Rs 167-crore structured deal wit
elco. is is te largest asset securitisation deal in te country.

- ata Industries Ltd (IL) is setting up a 50:50 joint venture in alliance wit Jardine International Motors Ltd (JIML)
for establising an automobile retail and after-sales service company wic will operate dealersips for elco
passenger cars in certain cities in India.

- e Company introduced a 9-tonne veicle wic was well received in te market. A 40 tonne tractor trailer
powered by a ata Cummins ngineering was introduced.

- e Company developed a low floor bus cassis to meet te specific needs of urban transport.

- e Company signed a new agreement wit Hitaci for manufacture of upgraded versions of existing range of


- elco proposes to set up autorised service stations every 100 km on every igway.

- elco is proposing to commercially produce compact efficient and economically viable veicles wic use
alternative fuels witin te next two years.

- e ata group as signed a joint venture wit Jardine International Motor Mauritious (JIMM) to establis a
passenger car dealersip network in te country.

- Jardine International Motors (JIM) wic recently set up a Rs.86-crore joint venture veicle dealersip network
called Concorde Motors Pvt. Ltd in league wit ata Industries and elco as sown interest in representing te
latter in export markets.

- ata ngineering and Locomotive Company Ltd (elco) announced a tie-up wit ata Finance Ltd and AZ
Grindlays Banks as te official financiers for its small car "Indica" to be launced in December.

- ata ngineering Locomotive Company Ltd (elco) is selling its construction equipment business into a new
subsidiary company elco Construction quipment Company Ltd.

- e Company in its small car segment as launced "ata Indica" wic evoked an overwelming response in te
Indian market.

- A new range of cummins engine powered veicle wic include a 35 tonne and a 40 tonne articulated truck and
two variants of buses.

- o make substantial improvement in te quality of bus bodies available wit AA veicles te Company
encouraged a collaboration between Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan and te Automobile corporation of Goa. e
new project undertakes production of bodies on AA cassis conforming to te most exacting international
standards. - Concorde Motors Ltd. a Joint enture between ata ngineering and Jardine International Motors
(Mauritius) Ltd. was appointed as dealer for te Company's passenger cars in several cities across te country in
Feb 1998.


- elco is te first Indian manufacturer to offer commercial veicles meeting euro-I emission norms a year before
tey are due to be introduced in te country. - It is proposed to make C CL a one-stop sop for construction
equipment and eartmoving macinery.

- AA ngineering and Locomotive Company Ltd (elco) will receive a consideration of Rs 200 crore as equity and
sare premium and te rest as loans valued at Rs 400 crore from te sale of its construction equipment division.

- In Oct 1999 te Company won te ational award for R&D fforts in Development of Indigenous ecnology in
te Mecanical ngineering Industries Sector instituted by Department of Scientific and Industrial Researc Ministry
of Science and ecnology for te year 1999.

- e company obtained sareolders' approval for iving off te division into a 100 per cent subsidiary elco
Construction quipment Company Ltd (C CL) at an extra general body meeting ( GM) eld ere in Mumbai

- ata ngineering & Locomotive Company Ltd. Spun off into a joint venture company te C BU would be able to
make a range of products besides maintaining dominant market sare in existing products.

- ata Holset is a 50:50 joint venture between elco and its foreign partner.

- SKF Bearings India Ltd as signed an agreement wit elco to supply ub bearings for its latest model ata

- elco presently as a joint venture wit Daimler-Crysler in India Mercedes Benz India wic manufactures te
top-of-te-line Rs 26 lak-plus Mercedes Benz Class. elco as reduced its stake in te venture to around 14 per

- ata ecnologies a elco subsidiary as launced a value cain management (CM) system designed to enable
value-based interaction between business partners and manufacturers.

- Macine ools and Growt Divisions Axle Division and ransmission Division of ata ngineering transferred to
newly formed subsidiaries elco Automation Ltd. H Axles Ltd.


- e Company as declared a lockout at its Lucknow plant following employee unrest and policy firing. mployees
ave been demanding parity in wages wit teir counterparts in te elco establisments at Jamsedpur and Pune.

- e Company is working towards introducing two new petrol-driven variants of its small car Indica powered by a
multi-point fuel injection engine.

- e Company as launced te Indica 2000 te uro II Complaint 75 BHP multi-point fuel injection (MPFI)
version of Indica.

- e Company as won te ational ecnology Award for indigenous development and commercialisation of te
ata Indica car.

- e Company as launced its new i-tec Indica 2000 car wit MPFI petro engine in Guwaati.

- ata ngineering is all set to become te first company in te group to offer SOPs to employees.

- e ngineering is exploring marketing tie-up wit global automobile firms.

- e Company is decentralising te marketing operations of its commercial veicle business.

- e Company as sut down its commercial veicles assembling unit at Lucknow following persistent labour

- elco as decided to defer te launc of its mid-sized passenger car Magna to around June 2002.

- ata ngineering & Locomotive Co. is renamed as ata ngineering Ltd. It as replaced its tree-sift production
line wit a one-sift daily scedule starting from 26t June.

- e Company as launced a programme `Super bazar' for owners of commercial veicles wereby tey can get
teir veicles evaluated on te spot as to present value and investment required for upgradation.

- e Company as appointed ICICI as a preferred financier for customers buying its range of veicles including te

- ata ngineering as seen a marginal increase in its market sare in te utility veicle segment to 26.1 per cent for
te period April-July.

- R B Kadikar vice-president of engineering centre telco as been presented te "outstanding automobile engineer
of te year award" for 1999.

- e five-mont-old lockout in te Lucknow unit of eavy automobiles giant ata ngineering and Locomotive
Company as been lifted an agreement between e management and employees.

- ICRA as revised te rating assigned to te Rs 600-crore long-term CD programmes of auto majorelco from
`LAAA' indicating igest safety to `LAA+' indicating ig safety.

- FICCI-S DF- Businessworld-Compaq award for social responsiveness was awarded to te company.

- e Central Pollution Control Board for nvironmental ecnology award as been presented to ata ngineering
in recognition of its contributuon towards efforts to conserve te environment.

- e Premier veicle manufacturer of te country  LCO as closed down its unit for maintenance for seven days
from 27t ovember for te first time in its 47-year istory.

- ata ngineering as joined ands wit Daimler-Crysler te world's tird largest auto conglomerate forming a
consortium to bid for an order of 60000 ligt commercial veicles from te Sout African government.

-  Krisnan as been appointed as ice-President of elco.

- e Company as bougt a group pension insurance sceme for its employees from te Life Insurance


- ata ngineering as decided to go in for a strategic alliance wit world leaders of engines gearboxes and axles.

- Crisil as downgraded te Rs 177 crore non-convertible debenture (CD) issue of ata ngineering to AA from

- Despite te slowdown in demand elco is targeting an 18 per cent growt in its passenger car and utility veicle
volumes in te current fiscal.

- elco and PSA Peugeot Citroen ave called off te proposed venture for developing a mid-size passenger car.

- AA ngineering on September 10 announced te addition of MPFI petrol version to te Indica 2 range. e
model will be available at an ex-sowroom price beginning Rs 3.22 lak outside Mumbai.

- ata ngineering and Locomotive Company passing troug its most difficult pase in recent years is planning to
raise about Rs 300 crore troug te sale of investments.


-Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) ike stake in te company to 13.34%

-Launces six new products in ligt medium and eavy veicles segments on Jan 15 during Auto xpo

-Announces financial restructuring

-Displays its ata Sedan car at te Geneva Motor Sow

-Indica adjudged top selling B-segment car in 2002

-Launces two new motorsport cars (e Zero and Double Zero Pace cars)

-Hig Court Approves ata ngineering's Financial Restructuring

-ata ngg BPCL tie up to market co-branded lubricants

-ata Steel's investment in ata ngineering as been iked to Rs 117.98 crore over te last year

-elco names Sedan as ata Indigo

-Unveils ' ' series of medium and eavy commercial veicles

-Signs agreement wit Depository for two way fungibility of GDRs wit Ordinary Sares

-Begins work on its new second generation platform wic would replace te existing car wit te utility veicle
platforms in all its products
-Uses ata Safari in Ram Gopal arma's film 'Road' spends close to Rs 1 crore for te in-film product placement

-Indica sales cross two-lak mark

-Collaborates wit ippon-Arcelor for tecnical knowow on CR steel

-Increases its equity in Concorde Motors to 49%

-Mops up Rs 100 cr troug debenture issue

-Unveils te 207 DI te first of its small commercial veicles (SC) in Maarastra wit a focus on te LC

-Launces new range of ata Safari

-Acquires 5.91% stake in ata Precision Industries Pte Ltd. Singapore taking te stakeolding in te company to

-ies up a manufacturing & supply agreement wit MG Rover Group of te UK

-Floats division to develop used car market

-Releases medium size segment car Indigo in Andra Prades


-Unveils ata 207 DI in Andra Prades

-elco's sedan debutes at te top of te C-segment sales

-Receives eri's (e nergy and Resources Institute) CoR -BCSD (Corporate roundtable on development of
strategies for sustainable development and environment-business council for sustainable development) corporate
social responsibility (CSR) awards for '01-02

-Brings down price of passenger car following te excise duty reduction in te Budget

-Unveils Indigo Station Wagon at te Geneva Auto Sow

-Signs distribution agreement wit Rover for Safari in UK

-Standard & Poor's Ratings Services revises te outlook on its `BB-' rating for ata ngineering to stable from

-Overtakes Hyundai in passenger veicle market

-Unveils 'ata 207 DI' in Deli

-For te first time in te auto industry ata ngineering outsources te manufacturing activities of its special fully-
built veicles range tat includes ambulances tippers produced at Darwar unit in Karnataka

-Company turns around posts profit of Rs 300.11 crore as against te loss of Rs 53.73 crore te previous
corresponding period
-Unveils 'ata 207 DI' in Mumbai

-International Finance Corporation (IFC) te private lending arm of te World Bank inks $50 mn loan agreement
wit elco

-Company name canged from ata ngineering & Locomotive Company Ltd. (elco) to ata Motors Ltd. (ML) wit
effect from July 29 2003

-Successfully completes Foreign Currency Convertible Bond offering aggregating $90 million wit a green sop
option of $10 million

-Issues 1% convertible notes due 2008

-ata Motors IOC tie-up for joint marketing services

-Unveils a customer care campaign called Project iswaas for its commercial customers across te country

-Crosses production milestone of 3 million

-Unleases Safari's petrol version; priced at Rs 9.35 lak

-Unveils CityRover

-ata Motors Ltd signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) wit Deawoo Commercial eicle
Company Ltd (DWC) Korea for te acquisition of tis company.

-Introduces ata SFC 407  urbo Ligt Commercial eicle (LC)

- e Company sall be canged from ' LCO ' to 'AAMOORS' w.e.f December 24 2003.

-ata Safari ranks o 1 in MU/SU segment


-ata Motors launc an upgraded version Indica on January 15 2004 in a bid to sore up sales of te small car.

-Auto xpo: ata unveils new version of Indica

-ata Motors unveils Indica 2

- ata Motors launces new Indica 2 in Kerala

-ata Motors introduces new 'Indicab' for tour operators

-e muc yped Rs one lak passenger car project of ata Motors was going aead as planned.

-ata Motors in talks wit bus body builders to francise manufacturing

-ata Motors enters agreement wit Ukraine bus building firm

-ata Motors enters into agreement wit talon

-In a move to consolidate its presence in te ligt commercial veicles segment ata Motors as launced a new
variant of its 407 series wit increased pay load capacity called SFC 407 .

-ata Motors buys Daewoo truck unit for Rs 465 crore

-ata Motors unveils ata SFC 407  in Kerala

-ata Motors inks agreement wit Austrian Frenc companies

-Acquires Daewoo Commercial eicle Company Ltd (DWC) Korea.

-ata Motors launces new 6-tn truck

- ata Motors forays into used truck biz wit ata Preowned

-ata Motors te country's largest commercial veicles manufacturer unveiled te new LP 909  urbo ruck in
amil adu.

-ata Motors and ata Africa unveiled a range of passenger cars utility veicles pick-ups trucks and buses for te
Sout African market

-ata Motors as launced a facelifted version of its multiutility veicle ata Sumo

-ata mototrs rolls out ata SFC 407  BS II turbo ligt commercial veicle

- HR-training division of ata Motors bags te prestigious and internationally recognised "Golden Peacock ational
raining Award" in te category of `Large mployer'.

-ata Motors launces Indigo Marina on September 14 2004

-ata Motors joins ands wit Magma Leasing Ltd

-Barat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) as entered into a marketing tie-up wit automobile manufacturer ata
Motors for marketing of engine oils as co-branded lubricants for teir commercial veicles

-ata unveils Indigo Marina in Kerala

-Andra Bank ties up wit ata Motors

-ata Motors unveils 2 new versions of Indica

-ata Motors as tied-up wit Corporation Bank to offer finance options for passenger car veicles at nine per cent
interest for a tree repayment period and 9.5 per cent interest for five year repayment

-ata Motors on December 7 2004 signs an MoU wit State Bank of India (SBI)


-ata Motors inks agreement wit Hispano Carrocera for 21 pc stake

-ata Motors & Hispano Carrocera SA sign Investment Agreement

-ata Motors partners wit IOC for bio-diesel pilot project

-ata Motors launces AC

-ata Motors unveils ata Safari DICOR in Kerala market on August 11 2005.

-ata Motors rolls out 2 luxury variants of Indigo

-Sumantran quits ata Motors

-ata Motors unveiled new Indica 2 urbo wit a price tag of Rs 4.10 lak for DLG variant and Rs 4.31 lak for

-ata Motors unveils ovus

-ata Motors ropes in Cec to make parts for its small car

-ata Daewoo inks pact wit Pakistan co.


-ata Motors launces Cliffrider

- ata Motors unveils new long weel base premium Indigo & -over concept at Auto xpo 2006

- Indica 2 eta launced

- Passenger eicle sales in India cross one-million mark

- ata Motors and Marcopolo Brazil announce joint venture to manufacture fully built buses & coaces for India &
markets abroad


- ata Motors as been presented te Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in
te Large Business category by te Institute of Directors.

- ata Motors buys issan facility in S. Africa.

- ata Motors as got a prestigious order from te Deli ransport Corporation (DC) for 500 non-AC CG-
propelled buses.

- ata Motors Ltd as appointed Mr. P M elang as xecutive Director (Commercial eicles).

- ata Motors Ltd as informed about te appointment of Dr. R A Maselkar Independent Director as an Additional
Director of te Company wit immediate effect.

- ata Motors as rolled out te Sumo icta urbo DI te new advanced range of its entry-level utility veicle te
Sumo Spacio.


-ata Motors signs deal wit Crysler electric veicle unit.

- ata Motors launced out te new generation of its flagsip passenger car Indica on Aug 23. e new model called
'Indica ista' 3.8 m long and 1.7 m wide is larger tan te existing Indica and as more interior space tan te
original one.


- ata Motors as entered into an agreement wit Andra Bank for financing its range of passenger veicles wic
will provide an added facility of car finance to its customers.

- ata Motors Ltd as appointed Mr.  K Jairat Independent Director as an Additional Director of te Company wit
effective from Marc 31 2009.

- Bank of India as entered into a pact wit ata Motors for financing Fiat cars wic are available troug te ata-
Fiat dealer network. For availing te loans te customers can get loans at special interest rates of 9.75 per cent to
10.25 per cent for loans up to Rs 10 lak for te Linea Palio and soon-to-be launced Grande Punto.

- ata Motors one of te promoter group companies of ata Steel as pledged its entire olding of over 1.04 crore
sares in te steel major


- ata Motors on June 2 opened its brand new plant in Sanand set up at a cost of Rs 2000 crore to manufacture
wonder car ano. e Sanand plant was inaugurated by ata Group Cairman Ratan ata and Gujarat Cief
Minister arendra Modi. According to ata officials te Sanand plant will ave an initial production capacity of 2.5
lak ano cars a year wic will be gradually increased to 5 lak cars a year.

- IndusInd Bank and ata Motors inked an agreement. As per te deal IndusInd Bank will provide cannel finance
facilities to ata Motors' dealers. Meanwile te dealers of ata Motors will now ave access to ready upstream
finance from IndusInd Bank.

à ÿ
Historic Data since 23 Aug 2010 - 09 Sep 2010




23 Aug 2010 2761.00 2806.80 2760.00 2792.35 39223

24 Aug 2010 2785.00 2792.35 2756.00 2765.50 47530

25 Aug 2010 2760.00 2788.00 2755.00 2771.85 37236

26 Aug 2010 2778.00 2778.00 2748.00 2763.50 47555

27 Aug 2010 2757.00 2757.00 2690.00 2708.85 79702

30 Aug 2010 2722.00 2738.10 2666.00 2696.00 66615

31 Aug 2010 2680.00 2718.00 2675.00 2707.10 60366

01 Sep 2010 2707.00 2783.15 2707.00 2775.75 88066

02 Sep 2010 2777.10 2790.00 2745.20 2750.65 41932

03 Sep 2010 2765.00 2802.00 2763.00 2771.65 45059

06 Sep 2010 2770.00 2840.00 2770.00 2831.50 75466

07 Sep 2010 2822.90 2867.00 2809.00 2855.55 107067

08 Sep 2010 2855.00 2878.25 2827.00 2872.05 87925

09 Sep 2010 2872.00 2895.90 2859.25 2891.30 82428


- On July 2nd te company was incorporated as Infosys Consultants Private Limited at Mumbai.

- IFOS0S was promoted by software professionals iz Mr. S. Gopalakrisnan Mr. K. Dines andan M ilekani
Mr. S.D. Sibulal Mr. .R. arayana Murty & Mr.  S Ragavan.

- e company is engaged in software development in te form of services turnkey projects and products for te
YYdomestic and export market. e software development is targeted towards te distribution banking
telecommunication and manufacturing sectors worldwide.


- On April 21st te name canged to Infosys ecnologies Private Limited and te Registered office was moved to

- On June 2nd te company was converted into a Public Limited Company under te name Infosys ecnologies
Ltd. - e company provides software maintenance re-engineering and downsizing of software applications in tese
market segments. It also markets internationally two well-known packages one for te distribution industry (DMAP)
and one for retail banking (Bancs 2000).

- e company as a joint venture in USA wit KSA (Kurt Salmon Associates). KSA is a $40 million management
consultancy company operating in ten cities of te USA and also in eigt different countries. e company also as
an offsore software development centre for General lectric USA. 0antra Corporation is an wolly owned
subsidiary of te Company.


- e Company turned up wit ISO 9000 certification.

- 1976100 o. of equity sares of Rs 10 eac issued subscribed and paid-up (1584000 sares to directors
promoters; 268100 sares to employees of te company and 124000 sares at a prem. of Rs 70 per to
sareolders on rigt basis).

- 68600 sares reserved for allotment in preferential basis to employees of te company and group company (only
103000 sares taken up). Balance 1307200 sares along wit 58500 sares not taken up by employees were
issued to te public (all were taken up).

- e Company is entering into an agreement wit Analog Devices Inc. USA under wic ADI will sell GAMAA
ector utorial software package (G) GAMAA Motion Control Development System (GMCDS) boards
GAMAA cip-sets and related software.

- During te period company undertook to expand its activities by setting up a software tecnology park on 100%
OU. For tis purpose Co. acquired 5 acres of land at lectronic city near Bangalore.

- o part finance te Company's project for setting up a Software ecnology Park Company made a public issue of
1376000 equity sares of Rs. 10 eac at a premium of Rs. 85 per sare in February.


- During te year marketing offices were opened in San Francisco Cincinnati ew 0ork and Dallas.

- During te year company proposed to make a preferential issue of 750000 warrants convertible into sares to te
Infosys ecnologies Ltd. mployees rust to form te basis of employee stock offer plan.

- 3352100 bonus equity sares issued in proportion 1:1. 550000 o. of equity sares of Rs 10 eac allotted at a
premium of Rs 440 per sare to FIIS Mutual Funds and oter on preferential basis. Of tese some sares were


- On 11t February te new SP at lectronics City was officially inaugurated. is is te largest single-location
software development center available in India. - During te year BACS 2000 was installed in Kenya opening up
te export market for te banking product group.

- ecessary permissions were received for selling up wolly owned subsidiaries in te USA urope & Asia-pacific.

- During te year te company establised 0antra Corporation a wolly owned subsidiary in USA investing US $
500000 in te equity of te said subsidiary. 1996

- e company recorded six new installations of BACS 2000 in Africa & Asia. A new strategic business unit (SBU)-
5 was added to concentrate on Internet and Internet consultancy. 1997
- e Institute of Cartered Accountants of India awarded te Silver sield for te Best-Presented-Accounts
amongst te entries received from te non-financial private sector companies for te year 1995. - e readers of te
well-known Asia Money magazine ave voted te company as India's best-managed Company for te year 1996.
Company also won several awards for export performance.

- In December te Company announced its plans for an ADR issue up to US$ 75 million.

- e World conomic Forum selected Infosys as one of India's most remarkable and rapidly growing
entrepreneurial companies in ovember.

- 8008600 bonus sares issued in propr. 1:1 734500 o. of equity sares at a prem. of Rs 90 per sare allotted on
convertion of warrants. 14500 forfeited sares issued.


- During te year te issued subscribed and paid-up capital increased by Rs. 87576000 consequent to te issue
of 749000 sares of Rs. 10 eac fully paid to employees of te Company and te mployees Welfare rust under
te SOP and a bonus issue of 8008600 sares in te ratio of 1:1 to te members as of te record date. Of te
total paid-up capital of Rs. 160172000 Rs. 129269000 (81% of te paid-up capital) as been issued as bonus

- During te year te company received several AWARDS. 1. For te second year in succession te Company
received te Silver Sield from te Institute of Cartered Accountants of India for te Best-Presented-Accounts
amongst te entries received from non-financial private sector companies for te year 1995-96.

- e readers of Asia Money magazine once again voted Infosys te best in Strategy and Management from
among te listed companies in India and among te best in Asia for te year 1996-97.

- BACS 2000 received te CSI-WIPRO award for te Best-Packaged-Application in December 1997 at te
S ARCC '97 Conference in Deli.

- A Certificate of Merit was received from te Ministry of Commerce Government of India for meritorious
performance in te field of exports during 1995-96.

- A special award for "Innovation of new products in computer software and related services during 1995-96" was
given by te lectronics and Computer Software xport Promotion Council Deli (sponsored by te Ministry of
Commerce Government of India).

- e Bangalore Stock xcange rated te Company as te Best Regional Company for all-round quality
management and as a company wic gives top priority to sareolder interests. e Company is te first to
receive tis award.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd as signed up wit te US-based Copeland companies to set up a client services
workstation (CSW) for providing retirement planning products and services to non-profit organisations (POs).

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd as entered into an agreement wit te US-based CyberSop International Inc. Under te
pact Infosys will develop a complete electronic commerce system for CyberSop wic is a leading upscale online
retailer wit more tan 40000 products from over 400 manufacturers of upscale mercandise.

- e conomic imes Awards for Corporate xcellence was won by Bangalore-based software giant Infosys
ecnologies of te 0ear.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd (Infosys) is evaluating te possibility of setting up a software development centre eiter in
te Pilippines or in Cina. It is also looking at setting up a centre eac in urope and te US in te next six

- Alpa Data a leading information services company in te UA  as tied up wit Infosys ecnologies to market
and support banking software products from Infosys in te UA .

- Infosys ecnologies as taken te American Depositor Receipts (ADRs) route wit te US public offering of
1800000 ADRs at $34 eac. e ADRs will represent 900000 equity sares and will go public on Marc 11.
Infosys is te first ever India registered company to be listed in te asdaq stock market in USA.

- After becoming te first Indian company to get a US listing Infosys ecnologies as emerged as one of te most
precious companies listed on asdaq in terms of market capitalisation in its category of software consulting and
services companies. - Infosys ecnologies Ltd Bangalore-based Software consulting firm announced a strategic
alliance wit CyberSource Corporation USA for providing -commerce transaction processing services for tax
calculation risk management including fraud screening fulfillment management and distribution control.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd cairman  R arayana Murty as been awarded te first-ever Sir M isvesvaraya
Memorial Award instituted by Federation of Karnataka Cambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) to coincide
wit 138t Birtday of Sir M isvesvaraya.

- Infosys ecnologies cairman and cief operating officer R arayana Murty as been presented wit te
lectronics Man of te 0ear Award by te lectronic Component Industry Association ( lcina) for is outstanding
contribution in elevating te Indian electronics industry in te global circuit.


- Indian Information ecnology giant Infosys ecnologies as confirmed its plan of setting up a centre for exports
in Moali twin city of Candigar.

- During te year a new metodology and toolkit to port applications from OS/2 to WIDOWS  was developed.

- e Company it ad tied-up wit Japan's osiba Corporation to provide enterprise resource planning ( RP)
software solutions for osiba's business processes.

- Jammu and Kasmir Bank as tied up wit Infosys ecnologies to offer internet banking and for its e-commerce

- Websetu a suite of products for enabling internet-based electronic commerce using traditional on-line transaction
processing (OLP) application engines was introduced.

- Infosys ecnologies as signed an agreement wit Quintessent Communications Inc by wic te two will work
togeter to develop and test selected applications tat automate data excange between telecom carriers.

- e Company proposes to provide local support to banking product customers in Mauritius.

- e Company ad tied up wit German e-commerce firm Preis24.com to develop solutions for business-to-
business e-commerce.

- e Company as launced BankAway - It offers end-to-end mobile banking services to all customer segments
including retail and corporate clients.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd as tied up wit Franklin empleton Investments (FI) for interactive information

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd as spun off te California-based Onscan Inc incubated by it as an independent entity.

- e Company as entered into an e-commerce partnersip agreement wit ational Bank of Abu Dabi to provide
e-commerce and Internet banking services to te bank's retail and corporate customers in te United Arab mirates.

- e Company as launced Finacle an integrated centralised multi-currency and multi-language-enabled and
functionally ric banking solution to address retail and corporate banking requirements.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd. as establised a strategic partnersip wit Delpis Bank Limited (DBL) one of te
leading commercial banks in Mauritius to revamp te existing Information ecnology infrastructure wit software
solutions from Infosys.

- e Company as entered into a strategic alliance wit volving Systems a software consulting and integration

- e Company Global Development Centre is set up in London.

- e Company as establised a strategic tecnology partnersip wit First Atlantic Bank te erstwile Comet
Mercant Bank of igeria.

- e Company proposes to increase its software professional strengt to 2400 from te present 1200.

- e Company as re-emerged as India's second most valuable company replacing te FMCG eavyweigt HLL.

- e Company is expanding operations in Pune. e Company is doubling capacity at a cost of 60 crore at its
facility in te software tecnology park at Hinjewadi.

- e Company expand its presence in te overseas market by setting up an offsore development centre in te UK
by ovember.

- e Company as entered te ot markets of te Asia-Pacific region by setting up sop in Hong Kong for tapping
te burgeoning e-commerce business.

- Infosys as signed an MoU wit te Sarja Airport International Free Zone Autority to ave a base tere.

- Microsoft Corporation and Infosys ecnologies are joining ands to form an alliance marking te coming togeter
of a global software giant and a wannabe global information tecnology major.

- Goldman Sacs as rated Infosys ecnologies and HCL ecnologies as market outperformers and amongst te
best quality names in te industry.

- e Company issued on September 30 667 o. of equity sares pursuant to te exercise of stock options by
certain employees.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd. te Bangalore-based global I company entered into a strategic partnersip wit te
US-based 0ada0ada Inc. te frist integrated wireless service provider and personalised mobile web portal to
launc te first business and consumer mobile web portal for personal device assistants worldwide.

- e World's leading automotive systems major Delpi Automotive Systems as entered into a tie-up wit infotec
leaders Infosys CS and CG Smit for embedded software development for its worldwide operations.

- ortel etworks is joining ands wit te company to set up a Wireless centre of xcellence in Bangalore.

- e Company as signed a strategic partnersip wit Standard rust Bank igeria ot deploy its Financle core
banking e-platform along wit te BankAway e-commerce platform.

- e Company as allotted 460 o. of equity sares of par value of Rs 5 per sare to te Bankers rust Company
ew 0ork. - Infosys ecnologies as signed a pact wit Oceanic Bank of igeria allowing te latter to use its
Finacle a web-enabled core banking solution.

- e Company as allotted an aggregate 500 equity sares of Rs 5 eac to individual optionees pursuant to te
exercise of te employees under te 1999 option plan on receipt of payment of te subscription monies in respect of
te said sares aggregating Rs 2032525 .


- Infosys ecnologies as signed a MoU wit te Andra Prades Government for establising a software
development campus at Hyderabad.

- e Company is setting up its biggest software development centre in Bangalore.

- e Company as been awarded silver sield for te best presented accounts competition for te sixt consecutive
year by te Institute of Cartered Accountants of India.

- e Company as allotted 100 equity sares of par value of 5 per sare to te Bankers rust Company ew 0ork
te depository to te company's ADS issue as underlying sares in respect of 200 ADR's to be issued and allocated
to te purcasers.

- Infosys ecnologies is to set up its second software centre at Pune in Hinjewadi.

- Infosys ecnologies board as allocated 67050 o. of equity sares at a par value of Rs 5 par to employees of
te company.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd. as entered te Canadian market wit te inauguration of its oronto Global
Development Center.

- e Board of Directors allocated an aggregate of 41050 stock options exercisable for equity sares of par value
Rs 5 per sare to employees of te company pursuant to te company's 1999 option plan.

- Infosys ecnologies Ltd as appointed of Dr G K Jayaram as director of te Infosys Leadersip Institute.

- e Company as informed te BS tat te Company as received a disclosure from merging Markets Growt
Fund Inc stating tat tey old 3404880 o. of equity sares representing 5.15 per cent of te paid-up capital of te

- Infosys ecnologies setting up of four fellowsip scemes in association wit te Institute of Cartered
Accountants of India Accounting Researc Fund (ICAI-ARF) to encourage researc in accounting auditing finance
fiscal and corporate laws capital markets and information tecnology. - Infosys and CS ave emerged as te
leading Indian software exporters during 2000-01 clocking exports wort Rs 2870.26 crore and Rs 1852.94 crore

- Infosys ecnologies te provider of Information ecnology (I) consulting and services and Burlington ortern
and Santa Fe Railway Company (BSF) te second-largest rail network in ort America announced a strategic
relationsip designed to improve operations and customer service.

- e first and biggest employees' stock option plan ( sop) by an Indian software company as matured wit te
lock-in of Infosys ecnologies' 1994 sop ending last week giving eligible employees te option to convert it into
ard currency.

- Intel president Craig Barrett on August 3 inaugurated a researc and development laboratory set up jointly wit
India's Infosys ecnologies in Bangalore.

- Receives Motilal Oswal Award for Wealt Creation for 1996-2001

- Mr. andan ilekani becomes te new C O of te company. Mr. arayanamurty assumes te role of Cairman &
Cief Mentor

- Announces a strategic tecnology partnersip wit First Bank of igeria Plc. (FB) te largest Bank in West
Africa to deploy Infosys nterprise Banking e-Platform suite of solutions

- Partners wit Citadon te leading provider of online solutions for collaboration on te design construction and
operation of large complex capital projects to Develop Citadon CW

- nters into self-governing software-testing services

- ops among I exporters wit exports of Rs 1900 crore in te period April-December 2001

- Airbus Industrie ires Infosys for wing design

- Acquires 12 per cent stake in Onmobile a software services company based in USA

- Adjudged best Indian employer in a study conducted by Hewitt Associates and Business oday

- Signs Joint enture Agreement wit Punjab ational Bank for te implementation of Centralised Banking Solution

- ies up wit ortwestern Mutual to build up and begin an online funds transfer coice for ortwestern Mutual's
variable life and annuity policy olders

- ies up wit ordstrom to install and launc an Oracle Financial system tat increases flexibility and back-office

- ies up wit Citigroup for formation of a new company Progeon for Business Process Management (BPM)

- astman Cemical Company a leading International cemical supplier eadquartered in Kingsport enn cooses
to expand its work wit infosys in order to take greater advantage of te consulting and I service provider's global
delivery model

- Records 35 per cent increase in te value of its brand to Rs 7257 crore as of Marc 31 2002

- Company tops te survey by financial magazine "Finance Asia" as te best managed company

- ational Commercial Bank Jamaica enters into tecnology partnersip wit Infosys' Banking Business Unit

- Progeon te BPM arm of te company bags $30m order from GreenPoint Mortgage

- Infosys ec bags prestigious Corporate University cange xcellence Award for 2002

- asdaq selects Infosys as te best value reporter

- Infosys abandones Cina offsore centre plan

- Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) signs contract wit Infosys for transfer of Autolay Software

- Acquires rade IQ Product Division of IQ Financial Systems Inc. USA

- Partners wit Concours Group a boutique strategy consulting firm

- Becomes te first company to acieve CMMI Level 5 for offsore & onsite operations

- RBI permits 100% FII purcase in Infosys

- ies up wit Avaya Inc. a leading global provider of voice and data networks to businesses for integrated CRM

- ies up wit IBM for knowledge saring arrangement

- Sales cief Panees Murty resigns to pursue a lawsuit filed against im and te company alleging wrongful
termination and sexual arassment

- Developes a process engine to demonstrate Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) tecnology

- Assessed at Level 5 on te PCMM model by KPMG Consulting becoming te first company in te world to be
assessed at te Optimising level on te updated version 2.0 of te model

- Infosys Panees agree for off-court resolution of sexual arassment suit

- e banking division consolidates all its products under one brand and pases out one product

- Starts a new practice in life sciences

- Announces Global Development Centre in Melbourne

-  R arayana Murty receives te rnst & 0oung ntrepreneur of te 0ear award for 2002

- Company declares tat it as won Most Admired Knowledge nterprises (MAK ) award in te Asia region for

- Implements `Balanced Score Card' (BSC) a unique concept wic entails establisment of strategic objectives and
a measurement system wic not only targets on financial measures but also non-financial measures

- nters into alliance wit Kakawa Discount House igeria a discount ouse formed by a consortium of key banks
in igeria

- Builds a new intra day comparison system for equities for te American Stock xcange (Amex)

- Bank of Barain and Kuwait B S C (BBK) one of te premier banks of Barain selects Finacle Core Banking te
new generation core banking solution from Infosys for its operations in India

- Mr Aksaya Bargava appointed as C O & MD of Progeon Ltd. te Business Process Management subsidiary of
Infosys ecnologies

- Infosys and Sun introduce new revenue generating opportunities wit retail banking reference arcitecture

- Progeon issues 4375000 sares to Citicorp

- Signs MoU wit Union erritory of Candigar to acquire land for expansion

- Infosys and BSF selected by Aberdeen Group to exemplify best practices in Offsore Software Outsourcing
- merges as te country's most valuable company in market capitalisation

- nters ailand troug Partnersip wit Local Companies


- Floats development center in Hyd

- Fortune names arayana Murty andan ilekani as `Asia's Businessmen' of te year 2003 making tem te first
Indians to win te award

- Wins Pune regional round of te IG ysya Brand quity Quiz

- Hosts Banking CO summit in Bangkok

- ICRA te credit rating agency gives "CGR1" rating for te company's corporate governance practices making it
te first company in te country to get te igest rating for corporate governance

- Infosys ecnologies felicitated by SU Microsystems wit Strategic Partner Award

- Wins order from US telecom service provider Sprint

- Launces etics code to ceck financial frauds

- Infosys ecnologies certified for L 9000 for telecom services by BQI (Bureau eritas Quality International)

- Infosys' brand valued at Rs 7488 cr

- Bags $60-mn order from US telecom company SBC Communications

- .R. arayana Murty Cairman and Cief Mentor bags te prestigious rnst & 0oung World ntrepreneur Of
e 0ear award

- Wins lectronics & Computer Software xport Promotion Council ( SC) award for Computer software and services

- Appoints Mr. Deepak Satwalekar te Independent Director as te Lead Independent Director of te company

- BusinessWeek ranks te company in te 74t place among te world's top 100 best performing infotec companies
making it te only Indian company in te list.

- ational Commercial Bank Saudi Arabia selects FinacleM suite of banking solutions for its delivery cannels

- Infosys ecnologies offers ADR prices at $49 eac

- Acquires 100 acres of land at Pune Infotec Park Hinjewadi in addition to te 25 acres already acquired

- Deploys Finacle at Jammu & Kasmir Bank

- Post Bank Uganda (PBU) becomes te first bank in ast Africa to go live wit Finacle Core Banking

- xpands operations in Cennai by adding 129 acres of land in Maindra City for its second campus
- Gets order of $50-m from Australian telecom firm elstra Corporation

- Finacle emerges as te world's most scalable open systems based core-banking solution

- Infosys & Oracle join ands to provide Pre-integrated solutions for Banks in Asia Pacific

- Infosys ecnologies as been alloted te igest governance and value creation(GC) rating of `CRISIL GC
Level 1.

-Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) cooses Finacle eCorporate te web-based cas management and corporate e-
banking solution from te Finacle suite on Microsoft .  software for its strategic e-banking initiative

-Infosys' Banking Business Unit and Sun Microsystems Inc. December 10 2003 revealed a new performance and
scalability test result acieved in core banking transaction-processing tests

-Infosys ecnologies Ltd as announced tat MB Bank Ltd a leading Bank from Zimbabwe as selected its
Finacle suite of enterprise banking solutions

-Signs an agreement to acquire 100% equity of xpert Information Services Pty Ltd Australia for A$ 31.0 million
(US$ 22.9 million)

-e Board of Directors at its meeting eld on December 20 2003 ave allotted 22439 equity sares of par value of
Rs 5/- to te optionees pursuant to te exercise of te options granted to te employees under te Company's 1999
Stock Option Plan.


-Infosys ecnologies as announced an upward revision in guidance for bot revenues and per sare earnings for

-Software major Infosys ecnologies said on January 09 2004 it ad incorporated a wolly-owned subsidiary in
Cina at Sangai wit a capital outlay of five million US dollar.

-Infosys eyes ig growt for software testing unit

-Infosys greets Karnataka Bank for deploying Finacle

-andan ilekani ranks 35t in te world business leaders

-Infosys gets ICAI award for te year '03

-Infosys Microsoft and Intel join ands to provide ext Generation eBanking solutions to banks in Pilippines

-Infosys inks pact wit Britis elecom

-Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank (MPCB) signs up for Finacle its universal banking solution

- xport-Import Bank of ailand ( IM Bank) and 0ip In soi & Co Ltd ailand sign up for using Finacle te
universal banking solution from Infosys

-FMR Corp. and its direct and indirect subsidiaries and Fidelity International Limited (FIL) and its direct and indirect
subsidiaries acquire 144221 sares (0.22%). eir sareolding after te said acquisition is 3358318 sares
-Infosys completes five yrs on asdaq

-Suspends sop sceme

-Infy joins billion dollar club

-Infosys becomes first Indian listed I firm to net Rs 1000 cr

-Indian Mercants Cambers (IMC) as announced tat Infosys ecnologies cairman R arayana Murty is te
winner of te IMC's prestigious Diamond Jubliee Award for 'eminent businessman of te year.'

-Infosys ecnologies Ltd join ands wit Arab ational Bank one of te ten commercial banks in Saudi Arabia

-Infosys Cief arayana Murty joins D Board

-Infosys ecnologies Ltd announced te availability of Item Data Integrity (IDI) a new solution tat enables retail
companies and teir partners to reduce time to market associated wit te introduction of new products and

-Infosys receives ISO 14001 Certification for nvironmental Management System

-Infosys ecnologies Ltd today (June 2 2004) announced tat its universal banking solution Finacle as won te
prestigious 'e Banker ecnology Awards 2004'

-Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) as roped in Infosys and Wipro for implementing its Rs 300 crore nationwide I
upgradation project

-Comes out wit a bonus issue in te ratio of 3:1

-e American Society for raining and Development (ASD) as rated Infosys ecnologies Ltd as te world's
best in employee training and development

- e founder of Infosys Mr  R arayana Murty is among ime magazine's 10 global leaders elping sape te
future of communications. Mr Murty is listed nint among te 10 Global ec Influentials in te latest issue of te

-Infosys gets first place in Asian corporate governance score list

-Infy ties up wit Australian company in R&D projects on ovember 02 2004

-OASystems Inc a Boston US-based radio frequency identification (RFID) company ties up wit Infosys


- Aspis Bank one of te leading medium size retail and commercial banks operating in Greece signs up for Finacle
universal banking solution to power its core banking and treasury operations across 66 brances.

- e Sop Floor Control System developed by te Company and Arrow lectronics a global provider of electronic
components and computer products and services as won te 2004 InfoWorld 100 award for being one of te top
100 best I projects of te year.

- On May 03 2005 voluntarily furnised etensible Business Reporting Language (BRL) data to te United States
Securities and xcange Commission (S C) electronically in a 6-K exibit.
-Infosys ecnologies and B-Source on June 29 2005 announces partnersip to provide `pay-as-you-transact'
services known as Business Service Provisioning to uropean banks in te private and asset management

-Infosys ecnologies and Microsoft Corp unveiled te Catalytic I concept centre at te Infosys campus in
Bangalore on ov 29.

2006 - Infosys & Microsoft Sare ision for ffective nterprise Information Management

- Infosys Implements PeopleSoft nterprise Applications at issan ort America

2007 - Infosys to Open Development Center in Mexico its First in Latin America

- Infosys Receives te Higest Score in Strategy in Independent Researc Firm's Report on te Applications
Outsourcing Market

2008 -Infosys & ion Unisys sign MoU for Strategic Business Deployment & Joint Development for Sales &
Solution Service

- DSB Bank Partners wit Finacle from Infosys for Core Banking-led ransformation


- Infosys ecnologies as bagged a five-year outsourcing and support agreement from BP were Infosys will
manage and operate a large portion of business systems for BP under te terms of te agreement.

e company as announced successful implementation its first I enabled end-to-end business transformation
program for ermax.