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Cues Nursing Scientific Objective Nursing Intervention Rationale Evaluation

Diagnosis Background

Subjective: Ineffective Perfusion is the After 8 hours of  Monitor  To Goal met. After
“Parang iba ang tissue ability for blood to nursing neonate’s determine 8 hours of
kulay ng anak ko” as perfusion circulate through the intervention the condition the need nursing
verbalized by the related to body unimpeded. patient will for intervention the
mother Within the blood, demonstrate interventio patient was able
increase perfusion n and to demonstrate
transport hemoglobin binds
Objective: effectivene increased tissue
of oxygen with oxygen through perfusion
 Skin or  Monitor vital ss of
across the act of respiration
temperature signs therapy
changes alveolar at the capillary level
 To have a
 Body and in the lungs. Four baseline
 Assess skin for
weakness capillary oxygen molecules changes in data
 membrane bind to every one color,  To assess
hemoglobin cell. If temperature for
the hemoglobin cell and moisture compensat
is unable to bind at  Elevate head of ory
this rate or if the bed mechanism
oxygenated blood  Provide a quite, of
cannot freely travel restful vasodilatati
to all parts of the atmosphere ons
body, a state of  To promote
inadequate tissue circulation
perfusion exists.  Administer  Conserve
oxygen as energy and
ordered lower
 To
for cellular