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Adult Learner Assessment Scores

Learning for Life Program

For Staff Use Only Please write scores, name & DOB on answer sheet  folder for data entry.
Birth Date:
Washington 13 Score: Adaptation(s):

TABE Survey Scores

Date Form Level Subject Raw SS GE
9 10 E M D A Reading
9 10 E M D A Math Computation
9 10 E M D A Applied Math
Total Math
9 A Algebra/Geometry
9 10 E M D A Language
9 10 A Writing (2 Scores)
Total Language A
9 10 E M D A Language Mechanics
9 10 E M D A Vocabulary
9 10 E M D A Spelling
9 A Science
9 A Social Studies

WRAT Scores Age: Years Months

Date Subject Form Raw Absolute Grade
Reading Blue Tan
Spelling Blue Tan
Arithmetic Blue Tan

Official GED Practice Test Scores

Passing Standard Score: 410 Passing Average: 450
Date Subject Form Raw Standard
Social Studies
Writing Part 1 Combined
Writing Part 2
Passing Total Score: 2250

Data Entry: Please write a checkmark to the left of the date after score entered in data base.

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