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Tyler’s alienation

Tippycanooe dies. He goes against every policy program or initiative of the

Whig party. They put him on there to balance the ticket. Every member of
Tyler’s cabinet resigns except for Webster. Tyler was a man with no party. In-
ternal slave trade is all the US has after 1808.

Creole Incident

In 1841 slaves aboard the creole stage a mutiny. The British help by freeing
the slaves after they arrive in the Bahamas. The US British relations get
much worst because of this.

Webster Asbury Treaty.

Daniel Webster and Richard Ashburton offer a treaty. We get more land
around lake supior. The British appolge for he Caroline Affair. In 1837 Americ-
ans tried to help Canada revolt against Britain. The creole incident - the two
countries agree to jointly patrol the African coast for Slave Runners.

Manifest Destiny

The Aristook war came to a end. John L O’Sullivan first says MAnifest Destiny.
God wants America to touch the Pacific even if it meant America had to take
land from Mexico. Oregon is jointly occupied by America and Britain. We want
Texas because there are thousands of Americans. You must become Catholic
to settle in Texas/Mexico. The are 3x times more Americans in Texas than
there are Americans living in texas.