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Dollar floated Bicentennial High Gulf War US lifts Doubts on US

12 December 1983 tourist boom interest (Jan-Feb 91) Howard interest recovery; Mining
rates. becomes rates 3pct boom/China
Keating Concern
US dollar strengthens Strong Prime Minister points from buoys Aust
becomes over rising
against all currencies. commodity (Mar 96) 2005-mid economy Oct 10
Prime Minister current
Aust interest rates
Aust.interest prices. 2006
(Dec 91) account
fall 300 basis points. deficit. Strong US sub-prime
Monetary policy Interest rates fall. economy, crisis, China
Money Relatively high
easing begins Recessions/weak weak US boom, strong
supply interest rates,
(Jan 90) recoveries in dollar, rising Aust economy
targets Samurai bond
major economies commodity 2007
abandoned issuance in Japan
(1991-93) prices
((Jan 85)) (1995-96).
(1995 96). (2003)
Monetary Commodity Interest
"Banana Republic"
policy prices rates raised
tightens strengthen from 4.75%
(May 1986)
(Aug-Dec as world to 6.25%
Moody’s 94) recovers (Nov 99-
g from Asia Aug 2000)
Australia to crisis
MX (1999). ‘Old economy’
Aa2 (Aug Asia crisis Rates
missile Australia out
1989) begins US dollar lifted 2pct
crisis. of favour in
Share with rebounds points
Public tech boom
markets US dollar Thailand early 2004 from May
servants Annual (1999-2000)
crash weak. Interest forced to as Fed 2006-Aug
strike ((Oct 87)) CPI at prepares to
rates rise. float baht Rates
a es lifted
ed 2007
(F b 85)
(Feb 30 llow
30yr lift rates Investors
Commodity (July 4.25% to
of 0.3% return to
prices rise. 1997) 4.75% (May-
GST risky assets
Commodity Jun 2002) Lehman
introduced War with on prospects
prices slump. Moodys downgrades 90 day Brothers
Commodity Russia (Jun 2000) Iraq (Mar for recovery
Industrial Australia from Aaa to bills at fails
prices weak. default Sydney 2003), Mar 09; RBA
unrest. Aa1 (Sept. 86) 20yr Sep
Senate (Aug 98), Olympics SARS cuts rates to
Withholding lows 2008
bl k
blocks LTCM (Sep 2000) (April
(April- 59-year low
tax changes.CPI June
Budget crisis Apr 09
rises above 9%. 2003)
measures. (Sep 98)
Sharemarket strengthens. September 11 2001
Low point Balanced Budget (Sept 87). Record low terrorist attack
US 57.1 cents Current account improves. Interest rates cut from 6.25% to US47.73c
28 July 86 US48.14c (Sep 21
4.25% (Feb-Dec 2001) (Apr 2 2001) 2001)