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Philips Road Lighting Luminaire
General Description
Road lighting luminaire suitable for use with high pressure sodium vapour SON-T
150W/250W, ceramic discharge metal halide lamp CDM-TT 150W/250W, and
metal halide lamp HPI-T 250W lamps
? Housing made of high pressure die cast Al for sturdiness and excellent corrosion
All electrical accessories such as ballast, ignitor and power factor improvement
capacitor are prewired up to terminal block and mounted on a removable gear
Dimensions (mm) ?
The canopy has ribs for additional structural strength and impact resistance.
SPP335 ?
“Twist and Release” lamp replacement & removable gear tray for easy
Strong folded arm for safe locking in open condition during maintenance.

High purity Aluminium reflector for good lighting performance.
Breathing filter and heat sink for better heat dissipation.
Ingress protection of IP66 for lamp compartment.

The lamp compartment consists of a heat resistant toughened bowl glass.
City Roads
Industrial Areas
Junctions and round abouts
? Suitable for side mounting with pole dia 48-60 mm OD.
? IP 66 (Lamp Compartment)
Class I

Technical data
Nominal Nominal

Type For Lamp Voltage (V) Mains current (A) Power factor

SPP335 1XSON-T 150W GB SON-T/CDM-TT 150W 240 0.85 >=0.85

SPP335 1XSON-T 250W GB SON-T/CDM-TT 250W 240 1.40 >=0.85

SPP335 1XHPI-T 250W GB HPI-T 250W 240 1.38 >=0.85

Ordering Data
Net weight Gross Volume

Type Ordering Data Quantity per box Dimension in mm (kg) Weight(kg) (m3)

SPP335 1XSON-T 150W GB 1350 3108 5 1 710x330x240 4.5 5.6 0.0562

SPP335 1XSON-T 250W GB 1350 3109 5 1 710x330x240 4.5 5.6 0.0562

SPP335 1XHPI-T 250W GB 1350 3110 5 1 710x330x240 4.5 5.6 0.0562

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