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Please join us, Sunday October 10 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at Hall’s Pumpkin Farm in By Grapevine, to kick off the Annual Fund Campaign benefiting The Highlands School! Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the process. Please do not @esitate to call me or Cris Hannis in the Development Office if you have any questions. What is the purpose of the Annual Fund Campaign? e \ ‘The campaign is to raise funds that will go directly to cover the operating expenses of the school. » Simply put, the tuition does not cover the full cost of educating our students. Part of the gap is e .\ made up through this campaign. The remaining shortfall is funded by a third party and external » ov ‘Senefactor’s contributions. In order to achieve our THS goal, we need 100% participation in the © campaign from all families including our faculty members. m ¥ ° ye hy should everybody contribute - why don’t you target just a few families? order to secure third party funding we must demonstrate 100% participation from every fanffly a rno matter how large or small the contribution. The school recommends a $1,000 donation per 7, family (not per student). However, there are families who may not be able to give at this level or @ cliaversely; there may be families who might wish to give more. We ask each family to give © what they can afford. All contributions will count toward our participation goal. . } e How does the process work? Y Each family will receive a “pledge card” prior to the event on Oct 10" either in the mail, or your Re cyle’s folder from school. The pledge card is a promise to contibute a certain amount by a e ©” ¢ cetiain date. You choose the amount and you choose the date. ° » 4 There are a variety of ways that you can give — for example: af 1) A one-time gift cash/check or credit card/Pay Pal - gift can be made now or you can specify 2 @ NJ Jater date during the school year oe ) You may choose to give a certain amount each month over a specific number of months e.g. © $100/month for 6 months = $600; and you can charge it to your credit card “ft 3) You can solicit from others or from your place of business to match your gift for a tax- -ductible donation I these details are included on the pledge card. You will be recognized as a donor in the THS ‘Annual Report or you may choose to make an anonymous donation. Our goal is to collect all pledge cards by October 10th. Collecting the pledge cards doesn’t mean you need to contribute by that date, You choose when you wish to contribute and you fmrve until the end of the 2010-2011 school year ie. June 30", 2011. ***Turn in your card to the development office and this confirms your spot for the family fun at Both parents and kindergarten child are included, and if you have an older > W1OJOf e ajenpZOpe yoeay +000'01$ | funo> s,zapunog +000'S§ anBea7 drysropeay deg ayy Suispiig uBiedwe puny jenuuy 110Z - 0107