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● Over 6 years of software experience including 4 years in Business Objects 5.x/

6.x/ XI R2 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter, Desktop Intelligence, Web
Intelligence, Info View, Central Management Console & Broadcast Agent).
● Proven track record of successful implementation of Full Lifecycle (Requirement
gathering through implementation and enhancement) of Business Objects reporting.
● Extensive experience in building and managing Universes, creating Complex, Ad-
hoc Reports and/ or Charts using Business Objects.
● Expertise in using various data providers like Universes, Personal Data Files,
Stored Procedures and Freehand SQL to generate reports.
● Proficiency in Scheduling, Publishing and Distribution of Business Objects reports
using Broadcast Agent server.
● Experience in creating Repositories, Folders, Groups, Users, assigning privileges
to users and maintaining the Repository.
● Experience in providing Administrative Support for Business Objects products
including monitoring of WebI and Broadcast Agent servers.
● Demonstrated understanding of Dimensional Modeling (Star Schema and Snow
Flake) and other Data Warehousing Concepts.
● Extensively worked on PL/SQL and T-SQL.
● Able to work on own initiative or as part of a team, backed by excellent
organizational and communication skills along with the capability to solve problems
as they arise.
● Diversified domain experience in Telecommunications, Banking,
Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing.


BI Tools Business Objects 5.x/ 6.x/ XI/ XIR2 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter,
Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Central Management Console,
Info View & Broadcast Agent).
Data Modeling ERWin 4.0/ 3.x
ETL Tools Informatica 7.1
Databases Oracle 8i/ 9i/ 10g, SQL Server 2000 and MS Access 2002
Languages PL/SQL, SQL, C and C++
Testing Tools WinRunner 7.0, LoadRunner 6.0, TestDirector 5.0 and QTP 6.5
Platforms Windows NT/ 2000/ Server 2003/ XP and UNIX


Bachelors in Computer Sciences, JNTU, India.

Masters in Computer Applications, Osmania University, India.


McKesson Corp. Jan’08 – Till Date

Business Objects Developer
McKesson's vision is to help create a healthcare system where quality is higher, mistakes
are fewer and costs are lower. As the nation's leading healthcare services company, they
provide pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and technologies that make healthcare safer
while reducing costs. McKesson touches virtually every aspect of healthcare. It is the largest
pharmaceutical distributor in North America. Every day they distribute one-third of the
medicines used in North America, supplying more than 25,000 U.S. healthcare locations
from Wal-Mart to the Department of Veterans Affairs to community pharmacies.

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● Business Objects XIR2 Installation and Configuration.
● Creating new reports in BO from existing crystal reports version10.
● Managing universe.

ENVIRONMENT: Business Objects XI R2 (Administrator, Designer, Reporter, Desktop

Intelligence, Web Intelligence, CMC & Info View), SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2005 and
Windows 2003.

Carolinas Healthcare System, Charlotte-NC June’07 – Nov’07

Business Objects Administrator
It is the largest hospital system in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, and the third largest
public system in the nation. It took a national leadership role in finding ways to create
healthier communities. CHS’s overall economic impact for 2006 was estimated at $1 billion
for Mecklenburg County and $3 billion for the state of North Carolina. And CHS expenditures
generate or support literally thousands of jobs beyond the 19,000-plus payroll positions
located within the Charlotte Metropolitan Service Area.
● Designed new Universes and modified the existing Universes based on the business
● Created new events, folders, profiles, users and groups in CMC.
● Created custom calendars in CMC according to different dates in a month that the
report was supposed to schedule.
● Created User Objects including Dimensions, Details and Measures.
● Created various reports on Deski as well as in Webi and created publications to
distribute the Reports to different users.
● Involved in Migration of BO reports and universes from 6.5 to XI R2.
● According to the user rights, used to give security to the folders, Universes and
● Used to deactivate the account if any User leaves and created Aliases.
● Created new AD (Active Directory) Groups and then authenticated the AD Groups.
● Solved complex issues in Reports by working with Business Objects team.
● Involved in documenting the project.
● Involved in creating new Templates for the Report.

ENVIRONMENT: Business Objects XI R2 (Administrator, Designer, Reporter, Desktop

Intelligence, Web Intelligence, CMC & Info View), SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i, Windows 2003.

Sprint Nextel, Reston-VA May’06-June’07

Business Objects Developer

Sprint Nextel is one of the nation's leading online provider of wireless services. Developed
various universes and reports using business objects for operations group that enable them
to run canned or ad-hoc reports on sales activity, subscriber usage, customer base and
Customer Experience.
● Involved in interacting with users, gathering and analyzing requirements, logical and
physical design of the reporting system.
● Designed new Universes and modified the existing Universes based on the business
● Used Designer Module to design Universes, joining the tables, creating prompts and
queries and applies Contexts and Aliases to remove loops.
● Created User Objects including Dimensions, Details and Measures.
● Imported/ Exported the Universes from/ to repository to make them accessible to
● Created reports using various data providers such as universes, stored procedures,

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free hand Sql and personal data files (excel sheets and text files).
● Involved in creating the reports as per the business like Customer information Usage
of Off peak minutes and Peak minutes, Long distance call and Prepaid services
(BOOST Mobile).
● Created reports for Subscriber Usage, Billing, Account, Subscriber Status and
Equipment Information.
● Created the reports for marketing group based on the Customer Experience data,
which was collected by an application called n-view.
● Generated the Business Objects reports involving complex queries, sub queries,
Unions and Intersection.
● Involved in creating Dashboards by using dashboard builder in Performance Management.
● Extensively used various techniques like Sectioning, Ranking, Filtering, Slice and
Dice to develop the reports.
● Created reports on the web using Web Intelligence and distributed them to different
users through info view portals.
● Used Broadcast Agent for scheduling and distributing the documents.
● Involved in Migration of BO from 6.5 to XI R2.
● Supported the application by solving the trouble tickets, which was created by the
● Monitored and solved the issues encountered in Universes and reports while
migration and tested before moving to production.
● Coordinated with Business Objects Deployment and documented the entire project.
● Involved in installing Business Objects, creating Repository, Users, and User Groups
and prioritizing Security Levels for Users and User Groups.

ENVIRONMENT: Business Objects XI R2/ 6.5 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter, Desktop

Intelligence, Web Intelligence, CMC & Info View), SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i, Windows 2003.

State Dept of Texas, Austin, TX Feb’05–Apr’06

Business Objects Developer

Data ware house has been create using the data feeds from various legacy customer,
billing, and Employee database systems, different data staging areas, and OLAP (On-line
Analytical Processing). Data is extracted from different data sources and various data marts
are created to answer different queries using Business Objects.

● Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional

requirements and data specifications about the financial system for Business Objects
Universes and Reports.
● Designed, developed and managed Universes in Business Objects Designer for
generating the pay roll reports for HR officials and also sales, marketing and product
reports for marketing group users.
● Created New Classes like Employee history Information includes Hire data, Grade,
Expected Retire date, total year to date Hours worked and vacation information and
created measure Objects like Total Year to date earning, Total Year to date Hours,
Total hours per pay period for designing the Universes.
● Imported/ Exported the Universes from/ to repository to make them accessible to
● Defined Aliases and Contexts to resolve loops in the universes.
● Used Designer functions like @Aggregate Aware to make use of aggregated table
like year to date employee information, Total Funds allotted to employee for Each
Fiscal Year (FY) and @Prompt to allow the users to enter the values like Pay period
Number, Fiscal year and calendar year when refreshing reports.
● Created User Conditions and Filters to improve report generation & readability of
report and displayed the summary of data by creating Charts.
● Defined Hierarchies in Universe to provide the users with Drill down option in reports
and Predefined Conditions to use in Business Objects.

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● Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Break Points, Drill, and Slice and Dice for
generating reports.
● Involved in creating various reports by extracting data from Data Marts like Pay Roll,
Sales, Marketing, Production
● Generated Reports based on time like Pay Period Number, Fiscal Year, Quarter,
Month, Week, and Comparative Reports.
● Used Broadcast Agent Publisher, which enables distribution of information via email
using an easy-to-use, subscription-based mechanism.
● Created reports using Oracle Databases and Personal Data File Providers.
● Involved in Migrating the reports and Universes from Business Objects 5.1 to 6.1.
● Monitored and solved the issues encountered in Universes and reports while
migration and tested before moving to production.
● Coordinated with Business Objects Deployment and documented the entire project.

Environment: Business Objects 6.1/ 5.1 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter, Broadcast Agent,
Web Intelligence and Info View), MS Access, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL and Windows 2003.

Providian Financials, San Francisco, CA Jan‘04 – Nov’04

Business Objects Consultant

The Group's principal activity is to provide credit card and deposit products throughout the
United States. Providian Group markets consumer loans and deposits using distribution
channels such as mail, telephone, and the Internet. The present project included
development and deployment of a Business Intelligence System for Global E-commerce
division. Business Objects was used to support the middle management and executives for
their planning activities.

● Interacted with customer support regularly, in order to generate the reports required
and to resolve the existing issues.
● Created Universes by defining connections and retrieving data from database.
● Used Built-in and External strategies for creating components of a universe.
● Created Aliases and Contexts for solving the Join Problems in Business Objects.
● Created New Classes and User Objects in designing the universes.
● Exported the universes to the Repository to make resources available to the users.
● Generated various reports on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis.
● Created and modified the WEBi Reports for various financial groups using the
Universe as a main data provider.
● Created custom reports like Gross Margin, Account Query, Aging, Balance Sheet,
Income Statement, Bad Debt and Payment Reports in response to user needs. Some
of these reports are extremely complicated and retrieve data from multiple data
● Created Charts to display summary data using universe as main data provider.
● Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Drill Down and Slice and Dice for creating
Business Objects reports.
● Planned, coordinated and executed Business Objects Deployment for end-users.
● Published reports using Info View, and training users for ad-hoc reporting.
● Examined and transformed the business logic behind the existing Crystal Reports
into Business Objects environment.

Environment: Business Objects 6.1/ 5.1 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter, Broadcast Agent,
Web Intelligence and Info View), MS Access, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL and Windows 2000.

Wyeth pharmaceuticals, Plainsboro, NJ July‘03– Dec’03

Business Objects Report Developer

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Wyeth is a research-based, global pharmaceutical company responsible for the discovery
and development of some of today's most innovative medicines. A Data warehouse has
been developed for maintaining customer, employees and service data. The system
monitors the information such as services provided to the customers, receivable, etc. This
system integrates the sales, marketing, and finance departments. The project required
development of various analytical reports using Business Objects.

● Involved in Installation and Configuration of all products of Business Objects.

● Created Repository and assigned privileges to users and groups using Supervisor.
● Analyzed the existing database and designed Universes using Designer module for
generating reports.
● Used various data providers like Freehand SQL and Stored Procedures to extract data
from different sources and tuned for better performance.
● Resolved loops by creating Aliases & Contexts and checked integrity of universes.
● Exported universes to the repository to making resources available to the users.
● Created reports using the Universes and Free-hand SQL as data providers.
● Worked on Query Panel, Prompts, Report Layout and Re-formatting.
● Involved in development and deployment of Complex Reports.
● Created Reports showing the sales of various Drug products in a particular Year,
Quarter and Month using Business Objects and reports based on DDD (Drug
Distribution Rx Data).
● Created the reports to monitor the 21CFR PART 11 Compliance information of
various Drugs’s provided to Physicians.
● Generated analytical reports using Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Cross Tab, Master
Detail and Formulae features.
● Automated document Scheduling, Publishing and Distribution for WebI and Info View
clients using Broadcast Agent server.
● Involved in Informatica mappings using Expressions, Aggregators, Filters, Lookup
and PL/ SQL Stored Procedures to develop and feed data mart.

Environment: Business Objects 5.1 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter, Broadcast Agent, and
Web Intelligence), Informatica 5.1, SQL, PL/SQL, Erwin, Oracle 8i, Windows NT 4.0

Visual Soft Technologies, Hyderabad, India Jun‘02- Dec’02

Oracle Developer

Visual Soft Technologies is a leading software solutions and Outsourced Product
Development company. This System takes cares of all activities that are taking place in
the Purchase Department & Stores, Enquirer, Quotations and Comparative statements,
Purchase Orders, Bill booking Accounts. Payments, Issues, receipts, re-order level, Danger
level, etc., of the same system, System can manipulate huge amount of data efficiently.

● Maintained comprehensive information on all inventory items, gave up-to-date
status on their availability, usage, receipts, on-order, pending inspection, committed
quantities, etc.
● Attended several business sessions with the business users and created Views and
altered some of the dimensional tables to satisfy their reporting needs.
● Involved in the Requirement Analysis and Preparation of System Requirement
Specification Document.
● Involved in the Database Design Preparing the Codification Schemes.
● Preparing the Data Dictionary.
● Designing the Screen, Report and Query layouts. Involved in Coding Using
Developer/2000 (Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5) PL/SQL Stored Procedures and
Database Triggers.
● Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing.
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● Involved in Acceptance Test by the Customer.

Environment: Oracle 8i, Developer /2000 (Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5), MS Access

Sreeven Infocom, Hyderabad, India Jan’02–Jun’02

Programmer/ Analyst

Sreeven Infocom (P) Ltd provides the entire project implementation, including project
design, development, testing, deployment and support. Human Resource Management
System enables any consultancy firm to maintain human resource details effectively. This
application is divided into 3 modules. Admin, Client, Employee. Admin module enables the
admin of the consultancy to add new employee’s new contracts. Client module enables
the client to monitor employee timesheets and payments. Employee module allows the
employee to add daily activities.

● Requirement analysis and design of system and database using a structured

● Involved in design, development, and implementation of the application.
● Developed GUI for Account Information System.
● Participated in database Normalization.
● Created database objects such as tables, views and synonyms.
● Scripted stored procedures and functions implementing business rules.
● Also involved in Testing Phase of the application

Environment: C, Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000, SQL, PL/SQL and Windows 98.

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