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A collection of operations that S
none of the
performs a single logical function is schedule transaction DBA 2
does not orders records
orders record imposes a
define by the first
A table by key field in logical order 1
logical order field of a
a record on record
of records record
Atomicity means 1
.complete commit 2. complete
1 only 2 only 1 and 2 3 and 4 3
rollback 3. partial commit 4. partial
roll back
Which of the following property
ensures that the state of database is
Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability 2
same when it ends as it was at the

operation of
one Once a The state of
transaction transaction is database is the
What is isolation does not completed the same when it none 1
affect the results will ends as it
operation of persist begins

In strict relational terminology , an

a record an entity a field a table 3
attribute is
In which of the model(s) strictly
require the relationships be
predefined. 1. Network model 2. 1 only 2 only 1 and 2 4 3
Hierarchial model 3. Relational
model 4. none
The type of the datastrucure that is none of the
Table Tree Node 1
used in relational model is above

The data in the database that cannot

Persistent In consistent
be removed by other process until Transient data none 1
data data
and unless it is requested is
corresponding record in the primary
table 2.)no key can be null 3.)the 1 only 2 only 2,3,4 1,2,3 and 4 4
key in a record must be unique 4.)a
Ensures that
there cannot be
Is capable of
more than one Is made up of
A COMPLEX KEY FIELD is one storing more Is a numerical
record in a more than one 3
which than one data field data type
table with the
type in it
same key field

The practice The practice of

A process of
of ensuring running a check A separate
filtering out
that only valid on existing data program that
Data Validation is data is input to confirm that checks existing
invalid data on a 1
weekly or
into a there is no data for errors
monthly basis
database invalid data

the smallest
can store any capable of
amount of either true or
A field is type of data storing many 3
data DBMS false
at any time facts
can store
Which of the following is a valid Initials+fami
Student name registration Streetname 3
primary key field. ly name
Which of the following is a valid
database. 1. A telephone directory 2.
The northern college record system 3. 2 only 1 and 2 2 and 3 4 2
box of flowers 4.none

A Database Management System

can 1.Delete data 2. Retrieve data
3. Add new data 4. Edit Data 1 and 2 1,2 and 4 1,2 and 3 1,2,3 and 4. 4

Is a special
Is a special
field that Is a special
field that has
identifies a field that each
A unique key field is to be a none 2
particular database has
record in a data to have.

consists of Consists of can only store

Cannot be
A table rows and Alphanumeric data of one 2
columns data type.
Which of the following statements
are true 1. All records in a data
table need not necessarily have the
same fields in them
2. A data table is made up of
1,2 and 4 2,3 and 4 1,3 and 4 1,2,3 and 4 2
3. Fields must contain specified
types of data
4. A record is made up of fields

The person who is having central

control over data and programs DBA developer none 1
accessing that data
The users who use the database by
Sophisticated Specialized end Naïve end Native end
writing special database application 1
end user user user user
programs are called
The persons who interact with the
system through DML calls System Application
System analysts DBA 4
embedded in a program written in developers Programmers
host language
This level of abstraction is concerned
with the physical storage of the

i)Physical level i only i and ii i,ii and iii none 1

ii)Conceptual level
iii)View level

Physical level is also known as internal level external level view level 1

Storage allocation and access paths

are considered in this level.

i)Physical level i only i and ii i,ii and iii none 1

ii)Conceptual level
iii)View level
The level which has the view of
whole enterprise without concern of internal level external level view level 3
physical storage
View level is also known as internal level external level physical level 2
The highest level of abstraction of conceptual
internal level external level physical level 2
data occurs in level
Which of the following schema internal external conceptual
none 2
defines the view level schema schema schema
Which of the following schema internal external conceptual
none 1
defines the physical level schema schema schema

The ability to modify the internal Physical data

Logical Data External Data
schema without causing any independenc none 1
independence independence
change to the external schema e

The ability to modify the conceptual Physical data

Logical Data External Data
schema without causing any change to independenc none 2
the application program independence independence

The information about data in a

Meta data Tera data hyper data none 1
database is called _____

One of the following is not a Object Object Oriented Network

ER model Binary Model 4
Based logical model model model

.___________ is an association
Cardinality Mapping Relationship class 3
among several entities
Objects that contain the same types
of values and same methods are relations classes attributes tuples 2
grouped into
Which model(s) is(are) implementation
data model s

i)ER model
ii)Relational i only i and ii i ,ii and iii i ,ii ,iii and iv 1
iv)Hierarchical model

To store both numbers and

characters in database which data Number Character Varchar String 3
type u prefer?
The following is not a level of
conceptual view persistent internal 3
What is the language used for
Perl Cobol SQL None 3
queries in RDBMS
State True or false , != ,<>,^=
TRUE FALSE Cannot say None 1
denote the same operation
The data model that is widely Hierarchical
RDBMS Network model Cannot say 1
accepted and used is model
A _________ is a collection of
System Data star none 2
A _____________is a data repository
along with a user interface providing
for the manipulation and administration
DBMS TBMS SDMs Nothing 1
of a database.

for any two
model for any two
tuples, the
supports tuples, the all tuples in a
A relation (from the relational multi-valued values particular
database model) consists of a set of attributes associated with relation may 3
with one or
tuples, which implies that whose values all of their have different
more of their
can be attributes may attributes.
represented be the same.
must differ.
in sets.

a user query a database a security and

Components of a DBMS includes and reporting access sub integrity sub All the above 4
facility. system. system.
The (ii) level gives a user oriented
(i) (i) external
description of the data elements and (i) internal (ii) (i) internal (ii)
conceptual (ii)
relationships. external (iii) conceptual (iii) 2
(ii) external conceptual
The (iii) level provides all users conceptual external
(iii) internal (iii) internal
information needs and definition of
Protecting a database from
data concurrent
unauthorized or malicious use is data security. data recovery. 1
integrity. processing

Deciding the
What are the tasks which database To enter
Performance Graphical User
and/or delete Enhancing the
administrators may be called upon data in the monitoring and Interface (GUI) 2
maintenance necessary for SQL queries
to specifically perform? database
data entry
“Data Redundancy”

(a) is a problem with traditional file

(b) is reduced by normalization.
(c) has no effect on cost and
a,b,d a,c a,b,c none 1
maintenance of a system.
(d) can lead to inconsistency of

(ii) Total income of Glucorala has Statements Statements (i) Statements (i)
increased by 1.5% compared with that
of the previous year. (i) and (ii) and (iii) and (iv) Statement (i)
(iii) A. Chandran is a supplier to represent represent data represent data represents data
Glucorala and his email address is data while while while and the other
achan@yahoo.com. statements statements (ii) statements (ii) statements
(iv) A. Chandran had supplied 24% of (iii) and (iv) and (iv) and (iii) represent
the total sugar requirement of the
represent represent represent information.
information. information. information.
Which of the following is a/are true
amount of time required
time required for the disk to
expected time to time required
in transferring rotate the
access a disk
data from/to activating a
Data transfer time refers to the address and sought-for 2
the disk
transfer a block read/write
to/from record under
of data. head.
primary the read-write
memory. head.

The functions of a database

administrator include(s):

(a) Defining database schema.

(b) Defining backup and recovery
a,b b and c a,b,c and d a,b,c 3
(c) Granting authorization for data
(d) Managing storage structures and
access methods.

recognised as a set of data.

(c) Meta data allow database a,b a,b and c c, d a,c and d 4
designers and users to understand
A software
application that
tools (CASE) Application Database that
is used to
used to programs that contains
define, create,
A database management software design are used to occurrences of
maintain and 2
(DBMS) includes: databases provide logically
and information to organised data
application users. or information.
access to user
(b) presentation software for
documenting the design of the a,c and d a,b and c c, d b,d 1
which are separate
departmental databases or as an
a,c and d a,b and d c, d b,d 2
The data type of a field is usually one
of the standard data types used in
Floating String of
programming. Which of the following Boolean Date and time 4
data types may result in use of point characters
variable-length records?
(ii) Sub-schema DDL
(iii) Data Manipulation Language (i) and (ii) (ii) and (iii)
(i) only (iii) only 2
only only
Two different types of people (users
Insulating the
Handling of
data by the Separation of Allowing
program from
DBMS data application
software descriptions programs to be
changes such as
Data Independence refers to: entirely from the executed at a 2
inclusion of a
independent application node different
new data item
of the programs that to the database
into an existing
operating uses the data. server.

A _________ is a logically coherent

collection of data with some inherent Data
Database data none 1
meaning, representing some aspect of dictionary
real world
A __________ is a collection of
programs that enables user to create DBMS data none 1
and maintain a database. dictionary
The database and DBMS software Database Database Database Database
together is called as_________ collection method system repository
Unauthorised Providing
The following is /are the Advantage(s) Redundancy
access is multiple user All the above 4
of DBMS? is controlled.
restricted interfaces
The level of abstraction that
Physical External External Conceptual 2
describes only part of entire data
The ability to modify the schema
definition in one level should not affect Data
Data Conceptual
the schema definition in the next Independenc none 1
higher level is known as dependence Independence

Physical data
Modification in physical level should Logical Data Conceptual
independenc none 1
not affect the logical level.This is independence Independence

Physical data
Modification in logical level should not Logical Data Conceptual
independenc none 2
affect the external level.This is independence Independence

________ model is based on Object oriented

collection of objects Data model. model both A & B none 2

._______ is an association among

Relation Association Collaboration none 1
two or more entities.
An attribute or attributes that
uniquely identify each row in a field pointer column. primary key. foreign key. 3
relation is called a(n)

data The data in a

characteristics system are
are important generally more Data are less
Data modeling may be the most
in the design complex than
important part of the systems
of programs processes, and stable than A and B. 4
development process because processes
and other play a central
systems role in
components. development.

A database is an organized collection

of _____ related data.
not badly physically logically 4

Which of the following is an entity

type on which a strong entity member. weak. unary. owner. 4
Which of the following is NOT an better data program-data ) redundant standards
advantage of database systems? quality independence data enforcement
data storage,
Which of the following is NOT a logical data recovery integrity
retrieval, and 2
function of a DBMS? dependence. services. services
Data in the database that represent a
description of the database structure Indexes User Data Metadata 4
are called: metadata
Collection of
Collection of Which stores
What is Database? meaningful real All the above 2
Information Data
world data
Advantages of DBMS. Which
statement is true?
(i) security
(i),(ii),(iii) (i),(ii),(iii) and
(ii) Redundancy is controlled (i) and (ii) (iii) and (vi) 4
(iii) Providing backup and recovery and not (iv) (iv)
(iv) Providing multiple user interfaces.

It is the
It is an The collection
number of
association (or set) of None of the
What is degree of a Relation? attribute of its 1
among two or similar above
more entities relationships
It is the
It is an
number of The collection (or
None of the association
What is Relationship? attribute of its set) of similar 4
relation relationships above among two or
more entities
The particular property which
describes the entity is called as
Integrity Table Database Attribute 4

Which language of database specifies SDL (Storage VDL (View DDL (Data Data Storage -
user views and their mappings to the Definition Definition Definition Definition 2
conceptual schema Language) Language) Language) Language
Which translates DML statements in a DDL DML None of the
evaluation 3
query language? Interpreter Compiler above
Which abstraction existing in the Physical
Logical level View level All the above 4
DBMS? level
The 'thing' in the real world with an
independent existence is called as. Entity set attributes degree entity 4

A database with single table Hierarchical Relational data Flat file Network data
structure is called a _________ data model model structure model
____________ data models are
Logical data Physical data Network data None of the
used to describe data at the lowest 2
model model model above
Once the DBMS informs the user that
a transaction has successfully
completed, its effects should persist
even if the system crashes before all
its changes are reflected on disk. This
consistency isolation durability atomicity 3
property is called.

How do you communicate with an

using SQL using ORACLE using VC++ none 1
transactions the DBMS a transaction
the user
compete for cannot decide cannot decide
Deadlock occurs when requests a 1
the same what to do what to do
cascade abort
resource. next. next.

User Supporting all Loading data,

interfaces, programming evaluating Installing
The role of a DBA includes which of salary languages new database databases, C++
the following topics? budgeting, which might be systems, programming,
performance used with a performance user support.
monitoring. database. monitoring.

removes removes
is only
changes changes made
possible in results in
Aborting a transaction made so far in a transaction 2
Microsoft deadlock.
in the current after it has
transaction. committed
_________ is the person having
data base data base data base
central control over data and programs none. 3
accessing that data. manager designer administrator

the following are the roles of data base storage schema and
designer. schema structure and physical
all the above. 4
definition access method organization
definition modification

Which of the following statement(s) is Allow
for data
(are) true for database management maintenance of Keep data and
against the programs
systems? high quality, that manipulate both a & b 4
consistent and it together.
loss, damage
up to date data.

Which of the following statement(s) is Data

Security and
(are) components of DBMS? dictionary/di Database
integrity both a & b 4
rectory administrator
tuples and
a table consists of ________ spread sheet descriptors none 2
an approach
intended to an approach an approach
which logicaly
readily deal based on
an RDBMS is_____________ views data as a both b & c 4
with many to collection of relational
many tables. algebra
a two dimensional structure with
set tables spread sheet group 2
data is called_____
new data
object types are used to create data base object schema meta data 1
The characteristics of the database Can be related can be
all the above 4
are sharable logically protected
The functionalities of the RDBMS execute
Store data Security all the above 4
are transactions

Entities and
The Entity Relation Model models Entities Relationships Relationships 4
and Processes

a "thing"
which has a real physical
a real
either a real "thing" or a
physical conceptual
"thing" that is any physical
existence "thing" that is
specific to a "thing" that
An entity is (e.g. a car or specific to a 1
particular exists in the
a student) or particular
database real world
a conceptual database
existence management
(e.g. a system

An ER An ER model
An ER model is An ER model
model is concerned
concerned is entirely
provides a primarily with
primarily with concerned
Which of the following statements view of the a logical view
a physical with
best describes the function of an logic of the of the data and 1
implementation modeling the
entity relation model? data and not secondly with
of the data and physical
the physical the physical
secondly with implementatio
implementati implementatio
the logical view n
on n
._________ is a collection of
entity instances that are of same Entity Type Entity Value Entity Set none 3
If every entity E1 of R participates
Total Partial Empty
with every other entity E2 of R then none 1
Participation Participation Participation
such a participation is
If some entity E1 of R participates
Total Partial Empty
with some other entity E2 of R then none 2
such a participation is Participation Participation Participation
When participating entity types are
not distinct in the relation ship Distant Recursive Iterative
none 2
types then such a relation ship is relationships relationship relationship
A key for which no subset is a Composite
Primary key Candidate key none 2
super key is called key
The following is an example of
name age Birth Date Phone no 4
multi valued attribute

._________ represents an entity set Rectangle Ellipse Diamond Circle 1

._________ represents an attribute Rectangle Ellipse Diamond Circle 2

._________ represents a relation . Rectangle Ellipse Diamond Circle 3

If one instance of an Entity set E1 is

associated with exactly one instance
of another entity set E2 then the type
One to One One to Many Many to One Many to Many 1
of relation is

If zero or more instances of an Entity

set E1 is associated with exactly one
instance of another entity set E2 then
One to One One to Many Many to One Many to Many 3
the type of relation is

If one instance of an Entity set E1 is

associated with zero or more
instances of another entity set E2 then
One to One One to Many Many to One Many to Many 3
the type of relation is

.________ is concerned with

identifying some common
characteristics of a collection of entity Specializatio
Generalization Aggregation Normalization 2
sets and creating a new entity set that n
contains entities possessing the
common characteristics.
.________ allows us to indicate a
relationship set participates in Generalization Aggregation Normalization 3
another relationship set.

Each relation
in a database There can be The sequence
Which of the following statements is Each row is
schema will multi-valued of columns is
correct, regarding a relation of the identified 3
relational model? not have a attributes in a not
unique a relation significant.

They are not They are

Which of the following statements They can be They are not
physically always found
is/are correct in relation to derived used as a found in the 2
attributes stored in the in ‘Weak’
primary key. ER diagrams.
database entity types.

When the Physical design stage is Personnel

A relational An ER An ER
being done, which of the following should be
database diagram diagram
tasks should be done in relation interviewed for 1
to the ‘database’? should be should be should be
their data
created. drawn drawn.

Any multi-
(also called A status of
The process of
Decomposing relations
groups) have transforming
relations with where any
been normalised
Which of the following is/are true with anomalies to partial
removed, so relations into 4
respect to denormalisation?
that there is a
produce smaller functional
well-structured unnormalised
single value at dependencies
relations physical record
the have been
intersection of specifications
each row and
column of the

Consider the following SQL functions.

(i) ROUND(12.75)
(ii) TRUNC(13.53) (i) 12.7 (ii)
(iii) TRIM(computer,2) 13 (iii) (i) 12.8 (ii) 14 (i) 13 (ii) 13 (i) 12 (ii) 14 (iii)
(iv) UPPER(database)
computer2 (iii) comput (iii) co computer
(v) YEAR(‘15/06/2002’) 3
(iv) (iv) database (iv)DATABASE (iv)DATABASE
DATABASE (v) 2002 (v) 2002 (v) 02
What will be the correct output of
these SQL functions? (v) 02
borrowing books will have to be
extended to cover this new video c,d and e a, c and d a,b, c and e a,b,c,d and e 2
An entity set may not have sufficient
attributes to form a primary key, and
its primary key compromises of its Weak entity
partial key and primary key of its set
Strong entity set Small entity set Both A and B 1
parent entity, then it is said to be

86. _______ is a 'thing' in the real

Weak entity
world with an independent set
Entity Small entity set none 2
_________ is a collection of all entities Strong entity
of particular entity type in the database
Entity set Weak entity set
none 1

.______ is a particular property,

Relation Attribute Entity none 2
which describes the entity.
Which one of the following are Referential
Entities and
parts of an entity relationship integrity Triggers Both A and B 2
diagram? constraints
Consider the following relation and its
sample data. (Consider that these are
the only tuples for the given The
relation) functional The functional The functional The functional
EmpNo DeptNo ProjNo dependency dependency dependency dependency
1001 01 12
1001 01 13
(EmpNo, DeptNo -> EmpNo-> ProjNo -> 3
DeptNo) -> ProjNo holds DeptNo holds DeptNo do not
1002 01 12
ProjNo holds over R. over R. holds over R.
1003 01 14
Which of the following statements over R.
is/are correct?

Which of the following sets of

operations represent a complete set of { σ, π, U} {÷,x} { σ, π, ∩ } {π , ∩, σ, -} 1
relational algebra operations?
It do not
It increases There in no
Which of the following statements reduce It minimizes
insertion zero normal 3
is/are correct regarding normalization? update redundancy.
anomalies form relations.
(c) When too many joins are
necessary condition
to accessdiscarding
frequently some
usedof a and b a,b and c b,c and d a and c 2
the rows.
column is single valued. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) 1
(iii) Relational algebra
relationis should
non- be
(c) Primary key of a a,b and c c, d and e a,b and d d,e and b 3
the first column.
The information about the tables
created by the Data Definition Data
Schema Meta data Data file 4
Language (DDL) statements are dictionary
recorded in the:
Synonyms A foreign key
Which of the following should always Homonyms may can be Default values
may be used
be true for attributes in a relational be used in
in naming defined on can be
model? naming 1
attributes of
attributes of the attributes assigned to
different used as any attribute.
same relation.
(c) Increasing update anomalies.
b and d a and d a,b and d b,d and e 2
(c) Maximising
Null value isthe stability
a blank of thevalue
or zero data
given to an attribute value when its
b and e c and d a,b and d b,d and e 1

Provide a
Ability to deal
Facility to with
Supports language for
Which of the following is a (are) issue unstructured
aggregation query, data 1
feature(s) of the relational model? declarative data for CAD,
relationships. manipulation,
queries. CAM
definition and
including updating, inserting, modifying
and retrieving data. a,b and c a,c ,d and e a,b and d b,d and e 1
The primary key cannot have null
value” .Which integrity rule Referential Entity Domain none 2
specifies this.
Foreign Key can be either a NULL
value or should be Primary Key value
of other relation.. Which integrity rule Referential Entity Domain none 1
specifies this.

a coherent set
a specific
defined by a of similar
type such as
entity type is__________ database objects that none 3
integer,text etc. we want to
store data
by using __________modelling we
entity entity entity
can build the conceptual model of none 1
relationship representation integration
the degree of relation ship is also
power height depth cardinality 4
called as _________
E-R modelling technique is top-down bottom-up left-right right-left
_________ approach approach approach approach
which of the following are the conceptual visual
integrity both a & b 4
advantages of E-R model simplicity representation
strong entity weak entity
Err:508 small entity set none 3
set set
the number of attribute of a degree of a cardinality of a
both A & B none 1
relation schema is known as relation. relation.
__________is an association weak entity
entity set strong entity set relationship 4
among two or more entities set
___________ defines a set of
associations or a relationship set
. relation degree of the
among a given set of entity both A & B none 1
ship type relation

structured programmed
.. relational algebra is ________ query query none 2
query language.
language language
Costings for
Transaction Support for the
The Data Dictionary provides future None of the
deadlock SQL interface 2
which of the following features? database above
detection. to the database
The process of combining entity
types from an ER diagram into a
specialise generalise consume assume 2
single relation in a relational
database is to
as a Many to
In a relation, an instance is stored
a Column a Row many as an index 2
Which one of the following is NOT data about includes user
self describing none 4
a characteristic of metadata? data data
_____________ is the
implementation independant list of logical conceptual
physical design none. 1
database objects (tables) that design design
represents the Conceptual model

The data model in which data is

represented by collection of records
Hierarchical Network Relational both a & b 4
and relationships among data are
represented by links is (are) called?

Which of the following The complete data flow

statement(s) can be considered as a metadata set of data diagram of none. 1
part of data dictionary? records. the system
a data base on relational model james
kim thomson . e.f.codd berkely 3
developed by goosing
in relational model column values
atomic related unique equal 1
__________ data base design
allows us to generate a set of
schemas that allows us to store relational hierarchical network none 1
information with minimum
redundancy of data

The term used to identify a row of a

Cardinality Data Data Set Tuple 4
table in the relational data model is

__________is a thing that exists

entity domain entity set all the above 1
and is distinguishable.
On an entity-relationship diagram, a
ellipse. square diamond pyramid. 3
relationship is documented with
the rule that says that there should
be no repeating fieds and tthose 1 NF . 2 NF 3 NF 4 NF 1
fields should be atomic is called
Most RDB designers will accept
that in order to deal with the
Standard of
complexities of "real life" 1 NF . 2 NF 3 NF 4
flat file
transactions, a design needs to

The rule that requires that each

non-key field (attribute) should be
1 NF . 2 NF 3 NF 4 NF 2
fully functionally dependent on the
primary key is
a key that
a single a numerical
An atomic field is contains only a a key field. 1
valued field field
single field
The rule that prohibits the transitive
3 NF . 2 NF 1 NF NONE 1
dependencies is

A (non-key)
A key field that
A secondary A key field field in a table
matches a key
key field that exists that matches a
A foreign key is field in a 4
within a outside of the key field in a
table database second
(foreign) table
(foreign) table)
ensure that
ensure that a there are no
table that is transitional ensure that
in second dependencies, ensure that there are no
normal form i.e. to ensure the database dependencies
3 NF is designed to 2
is that there are conatins three between keys
decomposed no tables and foreign
into two or dependancies keys
more tables between non-
key fields.

ensure that all ensure that that there are

ensure that of the data in a there are no no repeating
First Normal Form is designed to data is held RDBMS is duplicate key fields in atable 4
accurately represented in fields in a (i.e. the fields
one data table table are atomic)

ensure that
ensure that
every non ensure that a . ensure that a
every non key
key field in a table that is in table that is in
field in a
record has a first normal first normal
record is fully
Second Normal Form is designed to correspondin form is form is 4
g foreign key decomposed decomposed
in at least into two or into two
upon the key
one other more tables tables
for that record.

a process
whereby the
design of a the process of a process
the process
table (relation) ensuring that whereby a
of ensuring
is decomposed a relational limit is put on
Normalization is that each 2
into more database has the number of
table has a
tables that more at least two fields a record
precisely fit the tables in it. can contain

is where field A is where field is where a field

is allowed in depends upon A depends does not
A transitive dependency is third normal field B and upon field B always depend 2
form field B is not a and field B is upon the key
key field a key field. field
have a
have either a
matching not contain the
matching value
value in the same value
A foreign key is in the referring Not be NULL 2
referring more than
(primary) table
(primary) once
the domain of attributes must only
include atomic values. This is _______
1 NF . 2 NF 3 NF 4 NF 1

if every non prime attribute fully

functionally dependent on primary 1 NF . 2 NF 3 NF 4 NF 2
key then it is called _______

if every non prime attribute is non –

transitively dependent on primary 1 NF . 2 NF 3 NF 4 NF 3
key then it is called ________

______ come under update insertion deletion modification

all the above 4
anamolies anomalies anomalies anomolies
. _________ condition is to be fully
transitive functional
satisfied by non key attributes to be functional none 1
dependency dependency
in 2NF. dependency
______ is a process of converting a
relational design into an equivalent joining normalization none 2
design in the desired form. normalization
no attribute value represents a set of
values or repeating values this 2 NF 3 NF 1 NF BCNF 3
property is _______
what is the process controlled
normalizatio denormalizatio
introduction of anomalies into the filtering none 2
n n
data base
A foreign key
can be an
attribute in a
A primary relation of a
A composite
Select the correct statement(s) key is an database that
key is a
describing the keys used in a attribute that draws values
primary key
Relational Data Model. uniquely from the same all the above. 4
that consists of
identifies domain as a
more than one
each row in a primary key
relation. of another
relation in the

Which of the following

splitting of a merging of
activity/activities may happen creation of
table into several tables both a & b 4
during the process of new tables,
several tables, into one table,
a single a composite . a foreign
attribute that key that could key that could
a candidate key is _________ both a & b 4
could be a be a primary be a primary
primary key. key key.
errors or inconsistencies that may
result when user attempts to update functional
anomalies normalization none 1
a table that contains redundant data dependency
are called
primary key is a combination of the
default unique not null both b & c 4
following constraints
a table is said to be in __________
if it doesnot contain any repeating 1 NF 2 NF 3 NF BCNF 1
groups of columns
the intentional introduction of
________to a table to improve reorganizatio
redundancy . repeatedness atomicity 1
performance is called n
has multiple . has candidate
3 NF is inadequate is situations
candidate keys that are both a & b none 3
where the relation
keys composite
___________data base design
allows us to retieve information relational hierarchical network none 1
easily ansd effectively
In Relational Database the relations
tuples attributes column tables 4
are called as
Identify the attributes of a Relation
roll_number student_name DOB All the above 4
The number of attributes in a
cardinality degree both of them none of them 1
relation is
The set of all possible values that none of the
order domain table 2
an attribute takes on is above
Every row in a relation is a attribute order tuple degree 3
------------ restricts the values that
constraint view index none 1
may present in a data base
The key in a tupple which uniquely
determines is
(i) primary key
(ii) candidate key
) i, ii only ii, iii only i, ii, iii ii only 3
(iii) Super Key

------------- is a set of attributes of

one relation whose values are
primary key candidate key Super Key Foreign Key 4
required to match values of some
key attributes of another relation
In relational algebra to get
particular information based on the projection union Selection intersection 3
condition we use
If the values in the relation instances
first normal second normal third normal
are atomic for every attribute in the BCNF 1
form form form
relation then it is in
if no non-key attribute is
first normal second normal third normal
functionally dependant on just part form form form
of key then it is in
In a relation R if whenever an
functionally dependency ,X-> A holds first normal second normal third normal
in R then X is a super key of R then it form form form
is in
The transitive dependency should first normal second normal third normal
not exist in form form form
to avoid to avoid eliminate the
Normalization is used for partial transitive functional all the above 4
dependencies dependencies dependencies

The schema R is divided into R1,

R2 where R1, R2 are having the schema schema schema schema
similar schema of R. This is called refreshment dependency diligence refinement
The big table is divided into two or Decompositi
Normalization Refinement All the above 4
more small tables is on
X->Y and Y-> Z then X->Z is Transitive
Dependency Refinement All the above 3
called Dependency

A table is in the second normal form if

all its _________ attributes are fully
Candidate None of the
dependent on the whole attributes. Non key Foreign key 2
key above

Normalization reduces need to

_____ data when design is Re-Schedule Re-design Re-organize 4

relationship A value in the
A value in the Two
between two database can
database can be attributes in
Which of the following is NOT an entity types be derived by
derived directly the database 4
example of data redundancy? can be performing a
from another have the same
derived from calculation on
value. value.
another other values.

To transform a relation from

All inverse
second normal form to third normal All transitive All repeating All partial-key
partial-key 1
form we must remove which one of dependencies groups dependencies
the following?
A _____________ is a single or
multiple attribute which can primary key foreign key candidate key none 3
uniquely identify one row in a table
Which of the following
characteristic(s) is (are) not suitable Employee Address of
Date of birth both b & c 4
for use as the primary key of an identity no employee
Check for Introduce
Reduce Data Increase Query
Denormalization is done to Data Security 4
Redundancy performance.
Integrity Check
Normalization generates row table Set of rows all the above 4
Only one
The characteristics of the primary Primry key is Required to
values are not (A) and (C) 4
key is allowed in a create a table
The characteristics of Foreign Key They are They are (a) and (b)
values are 4
is optional mandatory only
How do u refine relation among Define a Define a Define both
Both b) and c) 4
tables Primary key Foreign key keys
Data base
Non procedural
SQL is _________________ programmin Both A & B None 3
g language
ALTER command is a DDL DML DCL TCL 1
UPDATE command is a DDL DML DCL TCL 2
Commit Insert Update All the above 1
come under TCL
Create and Create and Assign users
DCL commands perform
maintain maintain to databases All the above 4
___________ functions
databases partitions and tables
The process of combining two
tables in a relational data base is a Relate a Construct a Join a Combine 3
known as
The notation for the difference
B-A B+A A+B A-B 4
between two sets A and B is

When querying a relational data

base which actions are important A.
Deleting data
B. Querying data Only A Only B Both A & B A,B,D 4
C. Modifying data
D. Adding and inserting data

In relational algebra the UNION of

two sets (set A and Set B). This A+B A or B A–B A and B 2
corresponds to
In relational algebra the
INTERSECTION of two sets (set A A or B A and B A–B A+B 2
and Set B). This corresponds to
Where each
Where each Where each
record in table Where each
record in record in table B
A can have record in table A
A one to many relationship (of Table B is can have one or
one or more is required to 3
table A to Table B) is required to more matching
matching have a match in
have a match records in table
records in table table B
in table A A
displays all displays rows
rows displays all (records) only
is when table
(records) for rows (records) when the
B contains
Assume that Table A is joined to table A and for table B and values of the
only one
Table B. A one to one join (an only those in only those in Key in table 3
inner join or equijoin) table B that table A that A and the
record for each
have a have a foreign key in
key in table A.
matching matching value table B are
value equal

a database
one that
that is able to
consists of
one that process the same as a
two or more
A relational database is consists of two tables, flat file 1
tables that
or more tables queries, database
are joined in
forms, reports
some way
and macros

is not allowed
is use only in a practical
is a way of Is a way of
when all of the implementatio
A many to many relationship (join) joining three joining two 4
tables is in third n of a
tables tables
normal form relational

not be used
in conjuction
only be based be based on a be based on a
with a set of
A query can directly on one set of other set of joined 4
data table queries (related) tables

Structured Sequential Stuctured

SQL stands for Question question query None 3
Language language language
SQL was developed as an integral Relational Flat file Datawarehous
None 1
part of database database e
Which of the following are elements of
1.Data modification language
2. Data query language only 1 Both 2,4 1,2,3 2,3,4 4
3. Data manipulation language
4. Data definition language
Consider the table (STUDREC).
Which of the following statements FROM FROM studrec FROM 1
FROM studrec
will list all columns and all rows? studrec; * studrec *;

Consider the table (STUDREC).

Which of the following statements SELECT dob,
init, sname, sname, dob sname dob
will list columns INIT, SNAME sname, init 1
and DOB (in that order) for all FROM studrec;
studrec; studrec studrec;

__________command signals the

successful end of a transaction
__________command signals the
unsuccessful end of a trnsaction
__________command is used to
Drop Delete Remove None 2
delete rows in the table
__________command is used to
Drop Delete Remove None 1
remove a table from the database
._________command can store the
result of a query in a file as well as Print Spool Store None 2
print and display them on screen
___________clause specifies the
tables containing the data to be select from order by group by 2
retrieved by a query.
. _________ clause selects the rows
to be included in the query results by
applying a search condition to rows of
the database. where from select none 1

When a single entity is related to

itself then the relationship is termed RECURSIVE 3

The primary characteristic of a key OPTION
field as that it must be LISTED FOR
What kind of relationship exist
between customers and
salespersons if each customer may
one-to-one one to many many to many many to one 3
have one or more salespersons, and
each salesperson may have one or
more customers?
A relation R is said to be in
________________ if it is in BCNF
and there are non-trivial multi valued
1st NF 2nd NF 3rd NF 4th NF 4

Entity- h1
is / are sample(s) of data model. Relational Rational None
relationship &

Joins An equality
between two join based on A table joined A Cartesian
The term “inner join” refers to: 2
tables in the one column with itself product join
same schema from each table

._____________ join returns those

rows from a table which have no Outer join inner join Equijoin Self join 4
direct match in the other table

.__________ are standard

avg min max all the above 4
aggregate functions
which of the following commands
are auto commit commands
Which of the following commands
alter create delete drop 3
are not auto commit commands
Which of the following commands
Commit Rollback Savepoint Save 4
is not a TCL command
cannot be
can be rolled
What is the difference between rolled back,
back, DELETE No difference None. 1
cannot be
be rolled
rolled back

_____________ is a subquery
Related Correlated
which has reference to the main Both A & B None. 2
subquery subquery
Using Using
What is the fastest way of accessing Using row id
Using JOINS correlates column id 4
a row in a table. constraints
subqueries constraints
State true or false, EXISTS,
cannot be data
SOME ,ANY are all operators in TRUE false 1
determined insufficient
What will be the output of the following
(LTRIM( RTRIM( ’!! ATHEN !!’,’!’),’!’) HETROUBL NONE 1

displays salary
salary of
of employees
what does the following query do. employees
and the null
SELECT SAL + and the null
values in the displays null
NVL(COMM,0) FROM EMP; values in the none. 1
commission values.
column will not
column will
be replaced by
be replaced
by 0.

The privilege
The privilege receiver is
receiver can given with the
what is the advantage of specifying grant the privileges
Both A & B. None. 1
grant option in the grant command. privileges to permanently
any other and the owner
user cannot revoke
them back

which command displays the sql

command in the sql buffer and then RUN EXECUTE SHOW NONE 1
executes it.
which command is used to getback
which date function is used to find MONTHS_I MONTHS_F MONTHS_BE
difference between two dates. N ROM TWEEN
what operator performs pattern
what operator tests column for the
absence of data
used to drop used to drop
what is the use of DROP option in constraints constraints
. both A & B None 1
ALTER table command specified on specified on the
the table column
which function is used to find the
largest integer less than or equal to floor ceil round none 1
the specific value

what is the subset of sql commands

used to manipulate oracle database DDL DML DCL TCL. 1
stuctures , including tables

what command is used to create a
table by copying the structure of 1
another table.


data not
Will the output of the above YES NO none 2
commands differ sufficient

what are the wild cards used

forsingle character pattern % Both A & B none. 1
( underscore)
what are the wild cards used for _
% Both A & B none. 1
multi character pattern matching. ( underscore)
a maximum of how many save
2 6 7 5 4
points can be used in a transaction.
it is possible to use LONG
cannot be data
determined insufficient
what are the data types allowed in a
CHAR VARCHAR2 LONGRAW all the above 4
can a primary key contain more cannot be data
yes no 1
than one column. determined insufficient
what are the various privileges that RESOURCE ALL THE
a user can grant to another user. S ABOVE
a permanent
name given
name given to a
what is the difference between to a table or BOTH are
table or column None 1
RENAME and ALIAS column and false
and ALIAS is a
ALIAS is a

what are various constraints used in ALL THE

which data type is used for storing
graphics and images
.__________ clause is used when
we want to specify a condition for a WHERE HAVING ORDER BY NONE 2
group function.
__________ clause is used to
specify a condition for columns
what is the return value of EXISTS CHARECTE
clause R
what keyword is used to avoid
duplicate records in a query
a table can have _______ number
. only one more than one two three 1
of primary keys
any number
a table can have ________ number
one two of unique none 3
of unique keys.
the columns containing primary key
are automatically defined as NOT NULL NULL IS NULL NONE 1
__________operator is used to
return multiple rows

_______ is a user command that is

program code language query 4
used to interact with the data base

what is the output of SELECT

TRUNC(1234.5678,-2) FROM 1234 1200 5678 none 2
The number of
where c has 10 records and d A table with A table with 10 A table with
records cannot 4
has 10 records results in 0 records records 100 records
be predicted
a transaction
fails and its
A database can be left in an data is roll-forward
deadlock changes are 4
inconsistent state due to entered into after a failure
applied to the
the database.

identify the correct syntax of "column_na
FROM both A & B none 1
SELECT statement me" FROM
"column_name DISTINCT
identify the correct syntax of "
" FROM none 2
FROM "table_name"

"column_nam "table_name"
identify the correct syntax of FROM "column_name
"table_name" none 1
WHERE clause "table_name"
"condition" "condition"

"column_nam SELECT
e" "column_name"
"table_name" "table_name"
identify the correct syntax of IN
WHERE WHERE both a & b none 1
operator. "column_nam "column_name"
e" IN ('value1', IN (value1,
'value2', ...) value2, ...)
"column_nam "column_name
e" "
"table_name" "table_name"
identify the correct syntax of WHERE
BETWEEN operator "column_nam
'value1' AND
value1 AND 'value1' AND
value2 'value2'

identify the correct syntax of LIKE "table_name"
WHERE both a & b none 1
operator WHERE


what is the order of GROUPBY,
HAVING and GROUPBY and HAVING and none. 1

FROM "column_name"
"table_name" FROM
identify the correct syntax of [WHERE "table_name"
"condition"] none 1
ORDER BY clause "condition"] ORDER BY
ORDER BY "column_name"
"column_nam [ASC, DESC]
e" [ASC,

identify the correct syntax of mn_name")
COUNT FROM both a & b none 1
COUNT operator FROM
"table_name" "table_name"
me1", SELECT
SUM("colum "column_name1" "column_name
n_name2") 1",
identify the correct syntax of FROM SUM("column_n
name2") none 1
GROUP BY clause "table_name ame2")
GROUP BY "column_name1" GROUP BY

"column_na "column_name1" SELECT
me1", , "column_name
SUM("colum SUM("column_n 1",
n_name2") ame2") SUM("column_
FROM name2")
identify the correct syntax of "table_name" FROM
"column_na none 2
HAVING clause. GROUP BY "table_name"
me1" "column_name1" HAVING
HAVING HAVING (arithematic
(arithematic (arithematic function
function function condition)
condition) condition)

"table_name" ("column 1"
("column 1" "data_type_for_c
"data_type_fo olumn_1",
identify the correct syntax for creating
r_column_1", "column 2" both a & b none 1
a table
"column 2" "data_type_for_c
"data_type_fo olumn_2",
r_column_2", ... )
... )

identify the correct syntax for TABLE DROP TABLE DROP
none 2
deleting a table "table_name "table_name" "table_name"
"table_name" INSERT INTO
identify the correct syntax for "column2", ...)
VALUES . both a & b none 1
inserting values into a table VALUES
("value1", ("value1",
"value2", ...) "value2", ...

its not
to add a column with not null dependent on
constraint the table should be empty non empty whether the none 1
________ table is empty
or not

its noe
to modify the data type of a the column dependent on
the column
column the prerequisite is should be whether the none 1
should be full
________ empty column is
empty or not

permission to
Amali,only to
retrieve data
from Grant
Consider the following SQL statement: permission to
Employee permission to
GRANT SELECT, Amali & Hiruni
table and
UPDATE(Designation) ON Employee Amali & Hiruni to update
TO Amali,Hiruni WITH GRANT to retrieve designation of both b & c 4
permission to
OPTION; data from employees in
Hiruni, only to
What does this SQL statement do? Employee the Employee
update the
table. table.

Which of the following SQL ALTER TABLE allows adding
defines a
command(s) is (are) correct with allows adding new tables to both a & b 4
new table
respect to database definitions? new columns. database at
with its
any time
displays only
select job, count(*) from emp group displays only number of
number of none 2
by job jobs. employees
under each job
which function is used to take end
Round() Ceil() Last_Day() Add_month() 3
date of the month
it places the
it groups the
rows in it places the
when we use group by in the SQL information
shadow page rows in order none 2
statement without using
and groups and then groups
the order
the data.

a query in SQL plus usually ends

; / \ none 1
with the SQL terminator
___________ is a set of commands
that is used to control a database DML DDL DPL DCL 4
which include security
in a SQL statement which of the
following statements indicate which SELECT FROM WHERE GROUP BY 3
rows are to be selected
not to be used
based on a only be used be based on set
in conjunction
a query can be _________ set of joined directly on of other 1
with set of
tables one data table queries
joined tables.
HAVING clause is associated with

during a transaction the result is not

Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability 3
visible to other transactions this is

dropping table will cause associated

indexes and ________________ privileges modification altering none 1
granted to be

adding modifying
the ALTER TABLE comand lets creating new
integrity existing all the above 4
you columns
constraints columns
___________ allow developers to
build powerful commands out of sub queries double queries inner queries outer queries 1
simple ones
LIKE operator can be used by the
* _ % both b & c 4
following symbols
which function is used to trim
specified characters from a string
multiple queries can be put together
and their output can be combined having where union group by 3
using ________ clause
the subquery which will execute
correlated complexed
once for each row returned by the sub queries nested queries 2
subqueries queries
outer query is
which of the following statements non unified procedural language for english like
are key features of SQL language language all relational language

how is the execution of DQL query first row of last row of the middle row of
none 1
perform when it is having joins the tables tables the tables

DDL consists of commands to

tables views indexes all 4
create objects like
__________clause can have
IN EXISTS both a & b none 1
multiple values
which of the following are
trunc initcap concat both b & c 4
character functions

Which of the following sets of

operations represent a complete set { σ, π, U} {÷,x} { σ, π, ∩ } {π , ∩, σ, -} 1
of relational algebra operations?

. If W, X, Y and Z are attributes of a If (X, Z) -> Y

relation, which of the following then X -> Y and
If X -> Y If X -> Y then If X -> (Y,Z)
inference rules for functional Z -> Y. 3
dependencies is/are correct? then Y-> X. (X, Z)-> (Y,W). then X -> Y.

It do not
Which of the following statements It increases There in no
reduce It minimizes
is/are correct regarding insertion zero normal 3
update redundancy
normalization? anomalies form relations
(c) When too many joins are
a and b a,b and c b,c and d a nd c 2
necessary to access frequently used
What are the anomalies which can be
present due to un-normalised
(a) insertion
(b) selection a and b a,b and c a,c and d a nd c 3
(c) deletion
(d) update
(e) none

column is single valued.

(c) Primary key of a relation should be a,b and c c, d and e a,b and d d,e and b 3
the first column.
The information about the tables
created by the Data Definition Data
Schema Meta data Data file 4
Language (DDL) statements are dictionary
recorded in the:
Synonyms A foreign key
may be used can be Default values
Which of the following should may be used in
in naming defined on can be
always be true for attributes in a naming 1
attributes of attributes assigned to
relational model? attributes of the
different used as any attribute
same relation.
relations. homonyms.

Benefits of normalisation include:

(a) Ensuring that attributes are

placed in proper relations.
(b) Increasing data redundancy. b and d a and d a,b and d b,d and e 2
(c) Increasing update anomalies.
(d) Maximising the stability of the
data model.

primary key of a relation.

(c) Null value is a blank or zero value b and e c and d a,b and d b,d and e 1
given toupdating, inserting,
an attribute modifying
value when its
and retrieving data. a,b and c a,c ,d and e a,b and d b,d and e 1
.”The primary key cannot have null
value” .Which integrity rule Referential Entity Domain none 2
specifies this.
__________defines a set of
Degree of Relationship
associations or a relationship set Extension Relation set 4
relationship type
among a given set of entity types.
.___________ the number of entity Degree of Relationship
Extension Relation set 2
type participating. relationship type
A data base schema is specifies by
a set of definitions expressed by a DDL DML DCL TCL 1
special language called _______
. _______specifies user views and
their mappings to the conceptual DDL DML DCL VDL 4
.________ consists of a set of
operations that take one or two Relational Relational
Trigonometry None 2
relations as input and produce a tuples algebra
new relation..
The domain of attribute must
include only atomic (simple, 1NF 2NF 3NF None 1
indivisible) values. This is
A relation schema R is in _____ if
it is in ____ and every non-prime
1NF,atomic 2NF,1NF 3NF,2NF none 2
attribute A in R is fully functionally
dependent on primary key..

A relation schema R is in _______if it

is in ______and satisfies an additional
constraint that for every FD X-->A, X
1NF,atomic 2NF,1NF 3NF,2NF BCNF, 3NF 4
must be a candidate key..

The description of data is stored in

a collection of relations maintained Meta Data Data Dictionary a and b none 3
by the system called _______

Once the DBMS informs the user

that a transaction has successfully
completed, its effects should persist Intereoperabilit
Acidity Consistency Durability 3
even if the system crashes before y
all its changes are reflected on disk.
This property is called _________.

A_______is a program module,

which is responsible for fetching
Storage Transaction Buffer
data from disk storage into main File Manager. 3
Manager Manager Manager
memory and deciding what data to
be cache in memory.

. Every
foreign key
No foreign key The tables
value must
should have a There should should be in
For referential integrity to be have a
corresponding be an index different 1
maintained correspondin
primary key on the tables schemas of the
value. database.
ue key value

The data-sub language which

supports the definition and DDL DCL DML TCL 1
declaration of the database objects
The data type in the SQL which
INTEGER INT SMALLINT all the above 4
specifies the exact numeric value
Which data type represents the date TIME DATE 4
Which data type represents the time TIME DATE 2
The Date should be in the format of DD-MM-YY MM-DD-YY 4
The Time should be in the format HH:MM:SS none of the
SS:MM:HH Both a and b 1
of above
Which of the following is a Column PRIMARY FOREIGN
level constraint KEY KEY
Which of the following is a Table level
ii) UNIQUE i) and iv) i),ii),iii),iv)
iv) and v) only i),ii),iii) only 3
iii) FOREIGN KEY only and v)


To delete a column from a table the
command which we use
Conditional retrieval of rows from
a grouped result is possible with the Having Order by Group by Where 1
__ clause.

The operators which are evaluated

first followed by the logical Comparison Arithmetic Logical Relational 1
operators are_________ operators.

When we need to select rows from

a table with a condition that
Complex Correlated Nested Complicated 3
depends on the data in table itself
__________ sub query is useful

In a nested
Attributes of CREATE
SQL query, Join operation
different TABLE
Which of the following the results of can be used to
relations command can
statement(s) is (are) true for the the inner implement a 1
cannot have be used to
SQL relational query language? query is selection
the same create a virtual
passed to the operation
name relation
outer query

it counts only
when we pass a column as function it counts all it counts only it counts no
rows where 4
argument in COUNT() the rows even rows rows
row is not null.
data can be retrieved from data base
control manipulation definition query 4
using _________ language.
the output of the query floor(25.99)
26 25 25.5 26.5 2
from dual is
the output of the query
is cricket cricket cricket cricket is
concat( ’cricket’,concat(’is’,’religio cricket religion 4
religion is religion
n’)) from dual is
place the
which of the following correctly place the alias
alias at the both a & b
specifies how to indicate a column after each none 2
begining of will work
alias column
the column

A query
Used to retrieves
Used to join
What is a JOIN intersect two rows or None. 3
two tables
tables. columns from

.________ join is used to join the

Self join Equi join Outer join None 1
table with itself.
What are different types of outer Left outer
Right outer join Both A & B None. 3
join join
what are the various JOINS used
self join equi join outer join. all the above. 4
while writing sub queries
by creating a different alias
self join can be used on two tables cant say 3
duplicate table name to same
outer join retrieves matched rows and matched none 3
in inner join which of the following common
foreign key equal operator both a & c 4
are required ___________ column
which of the following operators
are used to add more joining NOT OR AND both b & c 4
conditions in a multi table query
When no column is common in
between two tables then _____ join Non-equi Equi Self Outer 1
is used.
The join which is useful in finding
out all the possible combinations of
Self Cartesian Inner Full 2
columns from different tables is
________ join.
The _________ join is used to
select a row forcefully which Cartesian Inner Equi Outer 4
cannot be selected using Equi-join.
A relational operation that causes
two tables to be combined into Disjoin . join Access Algebra 2
single table is __________
A join in which the joining
condition is based upon equality None of the
Outer join Natural join Inner join 4
between values in the common above
columns is
__________ is the concatenation of
rows from one relation and related product join union intersection. 2
rows from another.

Referential Referential Referential

integrity integrity integrity
constraints constraints constraints are
Select the correct statement(s) from constraints are
check check specified
among the following on referential specified 2
whether the whether an between
integrity between two
primary key attribute value entities having
relations in a
values are lies in the recursive
unique. given range. relationships

previously defined views.

(c) A view is the
updatable if it is defined
a,b only b,c only a,b and d a,b and c 3
(c) Most of SQL commands that
can be performed on tables can be
a,e and b a and b a,c and d b,c and e 3
Combining multiple elements to
create a unique identifier for the
Super key Compound key Candidate key none 2
construct is known as creating a
.______ is a technique for
determining how quickly specific Indexing Searching sorting Hashing 1
data can be found.
null is _______ zero value unknown nothing none 2
___________ constraint is not a
not null unique primary key check 1
table level constraint
not null is what type of constraint restriction check unique referential 2

For which two constraints are indexes

created when the constraint is added?
1. Check constraint 2. Unique 3. 1 and 2 1 and 3 2 and 3 1 ,2 AND 3 4
Primary key
___________ key made up of parts
Candidate Composite Concatenated
which when combined becomes a Foreign key 4
key key key
unique identifier.
how many clustered indexes can be
2 3 1 4 3
created on a table
Can an Integrity Constraint be
enforced on a table if some existing
Yes No can’t say none 2
table data does not satisfy the
The NULL is __________ row column table all the above 1
both (a) and
The fields of an Index file is Key value Pointer Delimiter 4
absolute relative block both (a) and
The pointer in the Index file refer to none 3
address number (b)
Select the right choice
Types of indexes are
i), ii), iii) and
i) primary ii)secondary iii)clustering i), ii) only i), iii) only ii), iv) only 4
iv) multi level iv)

The index that is an ordered file

whose records are fixed length with primary secondary clustering multi level 1
two fields is
The index file of the data file
where indexing is on any field other primary secondary clustering multi level 2
than the primary key is
An SQL view
is a rowset
which Which is able
Logical structure
What is a VIEW generates its
of a table
to change the None of these 1
rows from an main table
The table can’t
We create a view VIEW1 on the table The view also drop because Still the VIEW1
Sql error occurs 3
TABLE1. If we drop the table1 dropped there is relation exists
with the VIEW1

To protect
some of the To hide To hide
what are the advantages of the
columns of a complexity of a complexity of all the above 4
table from query. calculations.
other users.
if the view is it is not
if it has only
a view can be updated on what based on dependent on
one base none. 1
condition. columns in one the above
or two tables conditions

To protect
some of the To hide To hide
Which of the following is not Occupies data
columns of a complexity of complexity of 2
correct about a View ? storage space
table from a query a calculation
other users

A view is not
A view is a updatable if it
A view can be
Which of the following statements single table is defined
derived from
is/are correct with respect to a view that is using all the above. 4
in SQL? derived from grouping and
defined views
other tables aggregate

A multi level index leads to a Transaction

Binary Tree B-tree Mapping 2
………………… Failure

does not
Hide data does not Permit
Which of the following changing the
from the use of
statement(s) is (are) correct with unit of all the above 1
unauthorised derived
respect of external views? measurement
users. attributes.
of some
stored data.

replace alter
a sequence can be modified using alter table both 2 & 3 4
sequence sequence
we cant
drop delete remove
command to delete sequence remove a 1
sequence sequence sequence
during physical
when are indexes selected logical data both a & b neither a & b 2
data modelling
which of the following operations
Group By Having Distinct all 4
are not possible through a view
a view with a clustered index is
indexed hashed join clustered 1
called ___________
You can Views do not Views can be Views can be
Which of the following statements
create a index have permanent based on one dropped without 2
is not true about views? on view data or more tables dropping tables
Every view has a
A view is a Views do not None of the
What is not true about Views Query attached 4
virtual table contain data above
to it.
Do the view contain or view can data
yes no can’t say 2
store the data insufficient
Can a View based on another View yes no can’t say 1
an optional structure associated
with a table to have direct access to
rows, which can be created to View Index synonym sequence 2
increase the performance of data
What are the different type of
i) Data Segment ii)Index Segment i) and ii) and i),ii) and iii) i),ii), iii) and
i) , ii) only 4
iii)Rollback Segment iv) only only iv)
iv)Temporary Segment

Can a Tablespace hold objects from

YES NO CAN'T SAY data insufficient 1
different Schemes
Can objects of the same Schema
YES NO CAN'T SAY data insufficient 1
reside in different tablespaces
Does the Schema objects directly
YES NO CAN'T SAY data insufficient 1
refer to the database's data?
Schema objects include
i)tables ii)views iii)sequences i) and iv) and i),ii) and iii) i),ii), iii), iv)
i) , ii) only 4
iv)synonyms v)indexes v) only only and v)

Which generates a serial list of

unique numbers for numerical Sequence Synonym Degree Order 1
columns of a database's tables
The file which records the physical
Data files Redo Log files Control files tablespaces 3
structure of the database is
________ store the most recently
used blocks of database data. It can
also contain modified data that has not
buffer segment extent none of those 1
yet been permanently written to disk

subsets of the
Occupy the disk All the views
Data integrity can be maintained by existing tables
space are updatable
Both b) and c) 4
Locks can be applicable for All of the
views indices triggers 3
__________ above
Ensure proper
minimize provided
The Advantages of the and meaning
storage optimum All the above 4
Normalization are redundancy flexibilities
full DML
Reveals new
Which of the following is not true about Un-intentional Improved None of the
requirements in 3
the data dictionary query results
performance above

Is an
Can be Is accessed via
what is the mandatory condition fo integrated set Is stored in
maintained by vendor supplied 3
the transaction to be complete of system regular tables
the users views

A rollback or
Obeys user
which of the following are the commit of
defined None of the
conditions to be satisfied by the Both a) and b) 3
integrity above
database objects transaction is
consume improve Query
Table means insert/update all the above 4
space performance performance
Hierarchical relational Network
RDBMS is based on none of these 2
model model model
Atomicity, Atomicity, Authority,
Consistency, Creativity, Consistency, None of the
ACID properties stands for Isolation and Isolation and Isolation and above
durability durability durability

Data is Index and

Which of the following statements represented in The data is views are
None 1
are for relational database rows and stored as B-tree stored in Rows
columns and Columns

Insert, Update, Insert, Delete,
Find the valid DML statements Update, None 3
Modify Update
Primary key
used for
Which are the following statements It can’t identify It can uniquely
performing None 3
are true for primary key the row identify the row

Foreign key
used for Foreign key
Which are the following statements It can’t identify It can uniquely maps always to
performing 4
are true for foreign key the row identify the row a valid primary
check key
Capability to
Capability to Capability to
change the
Transaction control means manipulate commit or
structure of the
None 2
the database rollback

Column to
maintain Column to Column to be Column to be
Data integrity means 1
datatype maintain length not NULL unique
Parent may
Child having
What is not a feature of Child having Parent having have any
more than one 4
Hierarchical model a parent parent number of
Doing Doing
Access by sequential sequential
Data concurrency means multiple 2
multiple users multiple multiple
table records
deletes inserts
to remove the
to have least to have more
Normalization main important aim redundancy
redundancy flexible All the above 2
is between the
dependency on
primary key access

To give more
To make all
To create as flexible access
To make data column
De-Normalization is required when redundancy many related in order to 1
dependency on tables avoid lengthy
primary key

Where-group Where –having- Group by – Having - order

Chose the correct sequence
by-having – order by – group having – where by – group by- 1
regarding select clause order by by –order by where

How does you represent a “may-

Solid line Dashed line ellipse none 2
be” relationship in E-R diagram
which character function is used to
return a specified portion of a Initcap Concat Substring Length 3
character string
Which dictionary view gives the
All tables User tables DBA tables All the above 2
information of the tables of user
Which of the following statements set of tables set of none of the
set of clusters 1
are from database & views synonyms above
Which way of accessing primary key Table access by access by
none of these 2
information in the database is easy access ROWID foreign key
Which command will remove all
data from the table and not able to DELETE DROP TRUNCATE 3
roll back is
Which character is used to continue
* / + – 4
the SQL* plus
none of the
SELECT ROUND (631.1250,2) 631.13 6.31 63112.5 1
Which type of row id for the
propionate does the oracle global partial full restricted Extend 4
index uses
The output of the query
( ‘ANTICIPATION’,’ON’),’TI’,’SHUN’) None 1

We can use any arithmetic

operators in any clause of sql Where having from grouping 3
The side that
On Which side the outer join
Both sides of Either side of the is deficient None of the
condition the join symbol should be the condition 3
condition condition in above
Consider the following query
D.DEPTNO=E. DEPTNO ORDER BY outer join inner join equi join normal join 3
This join is called as

What is the number of the values a

sub query using the "in" operator 1 32456 0 UNLIMITED 4
can return to the parent query
When using the multiple table to
query information , in which clause having grouping where from 4
we specify the names of tables
With out any join condition the join
eqi join self join outer join Cartesian join 4
The query given below is
E, EMP M WHERE inner join outer join self join none 3
What type of join is this

The operator which can hold

IN = > < 1
multiple values is
It effectively
It can used to
The advantages that using the improve the It allows to join
refer the None of these 2
aliases are query two tables
If we delete the foreign key row Delete Delete the Referential
from the table DEPT then the result records for the record from integrity error All the above 3
is table DEPT both tables occurs

A person’s name is an example of Record Database Byte Entity 4

Collectively, a course number,
course title, and course description record field file database 1
would be called
A characteristic or quality
describing a particular entity is record file attribute pointer 3
a student’s
a student a student’s
Which of the following is an personal a student
personal social security 4
attribute? history database
history file number
The field in a record that uniquely
identifies instances of that record so
master key master field attribute key field 4
that it can be retrieved, updated, or
sorted best describes
The smallest data element in the
byte field bit file 3
data hierarchy is a:
inability to
Problems with the traditional file data poor data share data all of the
environment include: redundancy security among above

The situation that occurs when

different divisions, functional areas, program-data
data lack of
and groups in an organization independenc poor security 2
redundancy flexibility.
independently collect the same e
piece of information best describes
Which of the following is a group
attribute database field segment 2
of files?

an approach
to data
the process of that stores a
creating small a methodology
stable data for documenting both data and representation
structures databases the of data as they
from complex illustrating the procedures would appear
A logical view is: 4
groups of data relationship acting on the to an
when between various data as application
designing a entities in the
relational database
objects that programmer or
database. can be user
retrieved and

The language associated with a

database management system that data data data
data translation
is employed by end users and definition presentation manipulation 3
programmers to manipulate data in language language language
the database is the:
A row or record in a relational
field. pointer file tuple 4
database is called a(n):
In a relational database, the
operation that creates a subset of
data consisting of columns in a join project section select
table, permitting the user to create operation operation operation operation
new tables that contain only the
information required is the:

In the relational database, the

operation that combines relational
join merge select
tables to provide the user with more grow operation 1
operation operation operation
information than is available in
individual tables is the:
An abstract model of the database
physical organizational conceptual
from a business perspective best object design 4
design view design
The process of creating small,
stable data structures from complex data
decompositio data structuring normalization. 4
groups of data when designing a transcribing
relational database defines: