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Important Notice: This PM Jobplan is intended for use on Window Type and Split Type (Ceiling Suspended, Ceiling

Concealed and Floor

Mounted) Dx ACUs only.
Direct Expansion Air-Conditioning Unit Preventive Maintenance Jobplan
Workweek No. Location
Waltermart Branch Waltermart Dasmarinas Date Performed
Equipment Code WM-CMC-ACU-01 Time Start
Equipment Name Air-Conditioning Unit Time Finish
Design/ Actual
Details Done Remarks
Rating Reading
Check and record room temperature and evaporator discharge temperature.
Check and record refrigerant suction and discharge temperature.
Check and record line voltage and current.
Remove, clean and properly re-install air intake filters.
Thoroughly inspect refrigerant piping for wear and/or abrasion due to vibration.
Visually inspect refrigerant piping for obvious signs of leaks such as oil and refrigerant.
Clean evaporator and condenser coils. Apply soap/light detergent "Joy" and thoroughly rinse.
Wipe off and vacuum dry.
Wipe-off evaporator casing. Check for damage and repair as necessary.
Clean external housing of ACCU. Check for damage and repair as necessary.
Wipe off and vacuum clean drip pan. Flush condensate piping and P-trap with compressed air.
Check all mounting bolts, screws, covers and supports. Tighten as necessary.
Wipe and clean evaporator blower and motor. Replace bearings as necessary.
Wipe and clean condenser fan and motor. Replace bearings as necessary.
Manually rotate fan/blower to check for excessive play. Check alignment of fan/blower and motor.
Inspect refrigerant piping insulation. Repair and/or replace as necessary.
Dedusting of controller and disconnect breaker. Use vacuum or compressed air.
Check and inspect electrical terminations. Clean and retighten.
Testing, simulation and calibration of controls and sensors.
Clean and inspect compressor casing and contacts. Perform motor winding insulation test.
Test run equipment and record all parameters after the PM.
Check unit for unusual noise and/or vibration. Correct as necessary.
Legend YES Note *
X NO* - Fill-up remarks field for every "NO" answer
21-24oC Desired Room Temperature Range - Indicate findings/discrepancies found
M Indicates Monthly PM Schedule

Item No. Problem Description Status Recommendation

PM Technician: Checked By:

For Waltermart Centers Use Only

Waltermart Maintenance and Engineering WM/gnorella/DxACU-APM