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1 An Accumulator—Based Test-Per-Clock Scheme 2010

2 FPGA based system for video compression and transmission over bluetooth 2010

3 A Hardware and Software Cooperative Design of SoC IP 2010

4 CPLD-based system for the quadrature digital up converter 2010

5 A harmonic signal generator based on DDS and SOPC 2010

6 The embedded measurement system for multiple motor speed based on FPGA 2010

7 Design of frequency measurement based on FPGA and MCU 2010

8 Optimization of DNA Sequences Data to Accelerate DNA Sequence Alignment on FPGA 2010

9 Time-Multiplexed Compressed Test of SOC Designs 2010

10 A comparison of pipelined parallel and iterative CORDIC design on FPGA 2010

11 FPGA-Based Design and Implementation of Reduced AES Algorithm 2010

12 Space-based wireless sensor networks: Design issues 2010

13 A time interval measurement system based on FPGA used for frequency calibration 2010

14 Accelerating Synchronous sequential circuits using Adaptive clock 2010

15 A VLSI design of sensor node for wireless image sensor network 2010

16 Hardware Implementation of RF ID Mutual Authentication protocol 2010

17 The power stability of FPGA-based microcontroller design and measurement 2010

18 OFDM baseband Modulation technology based on VHDL 2010

19 Joint code-encoder-decoder design for LDPC coding system VLSI implementation 2010

20 Practical Approach to Programmable Analog Circuits With Memristors 2010

21 Design and FPGA implementation of High speed Low power Digital up 2009
converter for power line communication system
22 An improved RC6 Algorithm with the same structure of Encryption and Decryption 2009

23 Modeling of RF- MEMS BAW Resonator 2010

24 Optical Lithography Simulation with Focus Variation using Wavelet Transform 2010

25 Passive switching of electromagnetic devices with memristors 2010