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Political Action Committee 41 State Street, Albany, N.Y. 12207 19.W. 34th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001 - (212) 947-2692 NEW YORK STATE RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE, INC, Questionnaire for Candidates for the State Legislature 1984 Part I 1. If you have the opportunity to do so, will you vote to ratify a Human Life Amendment to the U.S.Constitution returning the civil right to life to ail human beings from fertilization to natural death but permitting those medical procedures necessary to prevent the death of either the mother or her unborn offspring? YES__NO 2. Will you vote to prohibit state funding of abortion, except to save the life of the mother? YES. NO. 3. A recent court decision has ruled that. the proposed wording o£ the ERA would mandate the use of tax money for abortion and eliminate conscience clauses. Will you vote against the ERA unless abortion neutralizing wording is added? YES___NO. 4, Would you support legislation that will prohibit experi- mentation on a live fetus except when there is a reasonable expectation that such an action would be beneficial to the fetus? YES___NO. 5. Will you vote for a parental consent/notification bill? YES___NO. Part 17 Present laws protect patients by insuring ordinary medical care and necessary treatment. The choice to continue or discontinue extraordinary procedures is medically, legally, and morally a choice for the patient to make. However, bills have been introduced in some legislatures that confuse with- holding/withdrawing of ordinary care. 1. Would you continue to support the medical, legal, and moral tradition that insures and protects ordinary medical treatment for sick persons--including handicapped infants and the elderly? YES__NO, 2. Would you oppose a bill that would allow a doctor to withhold or wi-hdraw minimal care and/or medical treat- ment, includi.., food and water, in order to cause or hasten the death of a patient? YES___NO 3.:Would you oppose a bill that would allow a doctor to kill a patient intentionally eveh if requested to do so by the patient? et