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RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE, INC. 41 Stata Street, Albany, New York 12207 © 818-434-4293 PAC QUESTIONNAIRE 1996 CANDIDATES FOR STATE ASSEMBLY Please complete this form and return to: NYSATLC 41 Stete Street, Albany, New York 12207 ‘Abaution (11 Will you vote for a law what would provent abortions, except those to prevent the death of the mother? YES Nol (2) Will you vata to requlte parental notification before ebortions are performed on minors? Yes _ No (3) Wil you voto to prevent the use of tax fuids for abortion other than to save the He of the mother? 7 ves NO (4) Will you vote fr en “informed consent nw requing that ductors provide information on the development af the unborn ci, alternatives to abortion, end matical risks of abortion before an abortion is performed? YES _ no __ (5) Will you vote to prevent the use of tissue end organs from delverataly aborted children in tansplants or medical experimonts? YES NO (6) A pattiaLbith abortion involves delivering a living, Tate term aby, feet first, except forthe head, puncturing the base of the ski with ‘sasors, and sucking out the brain. Will you vote to support tegilation banning paris-bth ebortins except to save th lite of * ‘the mother? ves No (7) ‘Will you wote for a law to eliminate late-term abortions in N.Y.S.2 YES hn (8 ‘Would you vote to oppose any ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), unless it contained explicit “abortion neutralization language? YES NO ‘ (0) Will you vote to prevent involur denial of life-saving treatment by providing that when 1} & pationt has explicitly directed life-preserving medical Weatment, food, or fluids, and 2} the treatmont, food, or fluids in fact would havo w significant possibility of sustaining the patient’s lite ‘then the patient's doctor eonnot deny it pending the patient's transfer to another doctor willing t0 follow the patient's wishes? ves No (10) 1m 1891, Oregon epproved« heelh cae atoning pon for Its Medien program, The pinary basis for denial of treatment is the expected seares of disablity oc medical need, or poor “aunty oie" itis clsimed a patent would be Hkelyto have alter treatment, This is 8 form of involuntary euthanasia, Would you vote to ‘oppose any legislation in this state that, lke the Oregon plan, would impose ‘rationing that intentionally denies treatment on the basis of disability, degree of medical need, or "quality of ite" of those denied trestment? YES NO. (11) Would you support « lew to prevent "assisting a by allowing rotatives or others affected by an attempted or completed suicide, ‘83 well a8 public officiels, to sue the person who “assists” for ‘money damages? YES NO 2) Would you oppose any legelization of lethal injections or other measures to Kill a person of to “assist” in committing suicide, or “active euthanasia"? YES No. Welfare Reform Recently there have been proyoses, both on the state aid federal level wich would protibit the use of pubic funds (o provide financial ‘sistance fore chid who would otherwise qual, but was eter born oa mother aleady receiving assistance for an older child the "any cop") Gr both to an unmarid woman unde 16. The saglessueproite movement is opposed to sogragating speci groups of chiles, wha are abeady vlherale to sbaton, fora mandetory dena fai, instead of treating of poor citren equal. Some proponents of these proposals hae apeed that they would causo more abortions, {131 Would you vote to allow financial ad to a ehild whose mother is en umved minc, proved the mother stays in school and ives uader ‘approved adult supervision? YES wi... (14) If additonal cash assistance was prohibited for another cild tu a mather already receiving welfee, would you vote to allow vouchert to bo provided for goods and services suitable fur the care of the addltianal chilé in place of cash ves No sistance? Sionstre: