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Benjamin L.M. was born in Melbourne, Australia, 1976. After being accepted into art university, he
decided to live instead of study, so he left before he began. He taught himself how to paint. He then
found he could not get enough ideas out with paint, so he taught himself how to write poems.

Benjamin L.M. first began exhibiting in late 2005 and released Spark soon after, a book of art and
poems, published by his label Clear Colours. Benjamin L.M. has had several solo and group
exhibitions in Australia, USA, and UK.

Benjamin L.M. showed his Out Of Nowhere art DVD at the Massive Music Festival in Miami,
USA. He curated the virtual 808 Gallery on MySpace which featured his art along with the Urban
Expressionist Marcus A. Jansen. Benjamin L.M. founded the Chain Of 77 Art Group where he
has shown with the Digital Artist Laurence Gartel, and the Album Cover Artists Mackie Osborne
(Tool, Tricky, Melvins, Mr Bungle, Bad Religion) and J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus, Steroid Maximus,
Manorexia.) Benjamin L.M. has done 2 album covers, one for the hardcore punk band Price Of
Silence, the other for Roland Black, an electronic solo musician.