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Hunter Lots

2nd Period Heath

Country Report

Argentina is located in the southern part of South America. The capital of Argentina is
Buenos Aires with most of it’s other major cities all around it including Santa Fe, La Plata, and
Rosario. Many rivers also run through it including the Colorado, Negro, Chico, and Chubut
River. One of the most recognizable sights of South America are the Andes Mountains.
Bordering Argentina are also Chile and Brazil.

The country’s most recent estimated population was 40.9 million people growing about
1.1 percent every year. The majority of the people, 90 percent to be more exact, live in urban
areas. Their Government works much like ours with a president, currently Cristina Fernandez de
Kirchner, vice president and a cabinet. Also much like ours is Congress’ two houses with a 72
seat senate and a 257 seat Chamber of Deputies. Argentina is very famous for exporting beef,
hides, wool, wheat, corn, and cotton. Also, $1 here is about 13 pesos there. The majority of
people living in Argentina have an French background. So the main meals there are Italian foods
especially pasta. Because of the country’s production of beef, getting beef there is very cheap
and can be affordable to eat everyday for most families. School is free for all ages 6-14 which is
mandatory. Higher education is free but you have to take an entrance exam. The literacy rate in
Argentina is on of the highest in Latin America.

The live expectancy in Argentina is about 71 for males and about 79 for females. For
every 1,000 births about 11 of the children die. About 92 percent of the people in Argentina
exercise the Roman Catholic Religion but Non-Catholic churches are growing.

Argentina is 1,068,296 square miles and is the eighth largest country in the world. It’s
weather is cold, hot, and everything in between. Las Pampas is the region where the countries
main imports are because of the wide open landscapes and excellent weather for farming. One
thing also to remember is that it is in the southern hemisphere so the season are the exact
opposite from here and the toilets flush in the opposite direction.