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TENANCY APPLICATION Due to the confidentiality ofthe information provided, \we regret to inform you that no explanction will be given should you not be accepted as ¢ tenant, PLEASE, COMPLETE THIS FORM ACCURATELY IN BLOCK CAPITALS AMZ UST. Sumame | ————________ First Names a eae: Marital Status Current Address 4 Post Code Telephone Fax Are You Currently: With Parents[_] Private Tenant] Council Tenant (] Owner] Period At Address: C] Years [1] Months PV eA Name Address = Post Code Telephone Fox Monthly Rental £ a ICTS a EE Post Code Please Continue On Seperate Sheet If Necessary CURRENT EMPLOYMENT DETAILS Are You: InFull Time Employment L_] set Employed(_] Retired[] A student] Employer's Name Address Post Code Telephone Fox Posdonihaldi pee Annual Salary Time with Employer: [1] Years) Months If less than two years at current employment, please provide details of previous employments on a seperate sheet. SMT a Name Address Post Code Telephone Fox AOS ae Bank / Building Society Address PostCode = Account Name Account Number Sort Code. Telephone TNO Nome Address Post Code Telephone Fox TRA ES) Nome ee Address 7 Post Code Telephone Fox = PARKING PERMIT APPLICATION: Are you a Vehicle Owner? Yes [] NoL] Vehicle Registration Numbers: 1 2 Pa | confirm that the informotion | have supplied is to the best of my knowledge and belief true. | hereby authorize you to cory out an ‘assessment by whatever method deemed necessary. Information registered is used only te help make credit insurance, proparty and. rental decisions ond occosionell for fraud prevention or tracing a debtor Ths information may be shown te alandlord andor their lating ‘agent ond may be accessed again should you apply fora tenancy agreement in the fture, agree that TENANT CHECK LIMITED may search the lest credit reference agency whomay reiainarecord althat search. Signature Date SN AN PMNs AGENCY NUMBER AMT CHECK REQUESTED BY Telephone QLO BSH LBD -Fox OLOBSHH+ 2BIY Is This A Joint Tenancy? Yes Nol Rental Period Months Address O1 Property Applied Fo ae Post Code Description House 1] Flot No Of Bedrooms (J Monthly Rental: £__________ Proposed Commencement Date EERE By Post] Fox 2 Perwarry sevice (Premium Rate) PLEASE FAX THIS FORM TO TENANT CHECK ON TENANT CHECK LIMITED REGISTERED IN ENGLAND 3840475