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Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D.

Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 734-1642

Juris Doctor (J.D.) University of Nebraska College of Law (with Distinction)
(1985) Class Rank: First Year 5-7 (tie) out of 190 (roughly 5 of 190)
Graduation 10-11 (tie) out of 140 (roughly 10 of 140)
GPA 7.34/9.00 (7.0=B+, 8.0=A, 9.0=A+)
Honors: Law Review
Activities: Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Creighton University

Major: Philosophy, Related Course Work: Management
Activities: All University Basketball Champion, Mens, and Coed.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social Fraternity


Immediate Past Attorney in Private Practice, Pittsburgh, PA, Part time,

General Litigation,
affiliated with James V. Jordan, Esq.
2004-Present. Self-employed Author
Books: Jurisprudence for a New Age
An Anthology of Critical Thomist Jurisprudence,
Vol. 2
Law, Psychiatry, Postmodernism and Critical Thomism
Critical Thomism, Thomism, and More
An Anthology of Anthony J. Fejfar’s Poems, Vol. 1
Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald S.J., Jurisprudential
Wizard (A Novel)
Publisher Lulu Press, www.lulu.com

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Numerous Books and Essays, Published with Scribd
Over 500,000 readers online

2003-1989 Associate Professor of Law, Widener University School of Law

Assistant Professor 1989-1992
Promoted to Associate Professor 1992
Tenured 1994
Areas Taught: Property, Legal Ethics, Land Use Planning,
Legal Interviewing and Counseling
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Jurisprudence
Scholarship: Property and Interdisciplinary Jurisprudence

1989-1988 Assistant Professor of Law, Marquette University Law School

Areas Taught: Property and Legal Writing

1987-1985 Associate Attorney, Baird, Holm, McEachen, Pedersen, Hamann,

and Strasheim
Area of Expertise: Corporate-Commercial Litigation Attorney

1985-1983 Law Clerk, Lancaster County Attorney’s Office

Area of Expertise: Legal Research and Writing in both
Civil and Criminal Law

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Law Review Scholarship

Fejfar, “Insight into Lawyering: Bernard Lonergan’s Critical Realism

Applied to Jurisprudence,” 27 Boston College Law Review 681 (1986).

Fejfar, “In Search of Reality: A Critical Realist Critique of John Rawl’s,

‘A Theory of Justice,’” 9 St. Louis University Public
Law Review 227 (1990).

Fejfar, “Corporate Voluntarism: Panacea or Plague? A Question of Horizon,”

17 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 859 (1992).

Fejfar, “Landowner-Lessor Liability under CERCLA,”

53 Maryland Law Review 157 (1994).

Fejfar, “A Road Less Traveled: Critical Realist Foundational Consciousness

in Lawyering and Legal Education,” 26 Gonzaga Law
Review” 327 (1990/91).

Fejfar, “An Analysis of the Term ‘Reification’ as Used in Peter Gabel’s

‘Reification in Legal Reasoning’” 25 Capital University
Law Review 579 (1996).

Fejfar, “Permissive Waste and the Warranty of Habitability in Residential

Tenancies” 31 Cumberland Law Review 1 (2001).

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