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UNIT 8 Corporate Social Responsibility - Assignment brief

You work for an organisation that wants to do more to show that it is having a positive impact locally and
is acting responsibly. You have been asked to find out what people think about it, and how it can do more
to show that it is a responsible employer.

Activity 1a — gathering information

Working in groups, choose an organisation that has a local presence.
You need to find out about how the organisation affects its local community, and then suggest other
things it can do.
Visit the organisation and talk to staff, customers, local businesses and other nearby organisations to find
• the impacts it has locally:
– who is affected
– the positive effects
– the negative effects
• how the organisation shows that it acts responsibly. You could find out about some of the following
– environmental issues
– employees
– suppliers
– consumers and general public
– engagement with local community.

Activity 1b — current situation

For this activity, you will need to work on your own.
You have been asked to publicise what the organisation is currently doing to show it is acting responsibly.
The senior management also want to see the results of your impact assessment, along with suggestions for
other things that they could do.
• Draft a short article (approximately 400–600 words) for the senior management that shows some of
the things that the organisation is currently doing. Once they have approved it, you can send it to the
editor of the staff magazine.
Activity 2 — assessment and recommendations
For this activity, you will need to work on your own.
Write a report for the senior management (approximately 750–1000 words) which:
1 Shows the positive and negative effects of the organisation locally, giving examples to support your
LO.3 (.1)
2 Identifies and describes an issue that is relevant to the organisation. (This could be an issue that the
organisation is not addressing or that it could do more to address.)
LO.3 (.2)
3 Recommends what the organisation could do. Make sure that you:
• list the recommendations in order of priority and practicality
• include the pros and cons of each recommendation.
LO.3 (.3)
4 Explain the benefits of taking these steps: who will benefit and how.

What you need to submit

Activity Evidence
1 The article
2 The report