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Job satisfaction & Employee satisfaction questionnaire

Example of Questions / Inquiry / Market Research/ questionnaire

Introduction: questionnaire statement of employees of their organization/ company.

How would you rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5

1 = totally disagree
2 = disagree
3 = neither agree nor disagree
4 = agree
5 = totally agree

Employees evaluation of the organization in which employed.

1. The organization systematically collects information over customer needs.

2. The organization use customer information from market research
3. The organization does research into the quality of the organization.
4. The management team has barely any contact with customers.
5. The account managers communicate well with the product managers.
6. The account managers communicate well with the account managers.
7. The management team have regular personal contact with the product managers.
8. The account and product managers communicate in writing amongst themselves.
9. The middle management is superfluous.
10. The organization has tools to improve the quality.
11. The organization is directed more towards sales than customers.
12. The organization uses a system of performance indicators for products and services.
13. The organization gets specific quality targets for the services.
14. The employees have the specific knowledge to provide for the demands of the
15. There the feeling that you are part of a team.
16. Everyone within the organization contributes towards attending the customers.
17. I feel responsible in helping my colleagues to do their work well.
18. My colleagues and I work together rather than in competition with one another.
19. I feel that I am important with the organization.
20. I feel comfortable within the organization and because of that I am able to work to
21. The organization employs qualified personnel to produce good work.
22. The organization provides the materials and facilities that I require to produce good
23. I spend lots of time solving problems that are not covered by my competences.
24. I have the freedom to work in the direction of the customer.
25. I have regular problems with my planning.
26. One of my frustrations is that I am sometimes reliant on colleagues in providing a
service to the customer.
27. The approval of my work by my immediate supervisor suggests that my interaction
with the customer is good.
28. The amount of administration makes it difficult to serve the customers well.
29. The organization the emphasis on making sales is such that it is difficult to provide
the customers with a good service.
30. What the customer wants me to do and what the management want me to do are
usually the same thing.
31. The organization and I have the same ideas on how we can best produce the work.
32. Suitable facilities provided by the organization to enable me to do my work well.
33. I know too little from products in service beyond my work environment.
34. I am in a position to keep up to date with changes within the organization.
35. I feel that I have not been sufficiency trained by the organization to communicate in
the most effective manner with customers.
36. I do not know what my immediate supervisors feel to be the most important aspect
when evaluating my work.
37. The account managers ask my advise if the promises made to customers are
38. The account managers ask my advise on putting together the product range and
39. I am not usually informed in advance about the arrangements the account managers
make with customers.
40. I feel competent to play a role in the quick changing wishes and requirements of
41. Increasing competition creates pressure within the organization to generate new
42. The most important competitors make claims that they cannot prove in the fight to win
new customers.

Open questions
43. Who do you see as competitors?
44. What is your opinion on the selection of competitors.

45. In your opinion at this moment what is the most important area of work of the
46. In your opinion what work will be the most important area of work for the organization
in the future?
47. What report figure would you give for each specific area of work?
48. What report figure would you give for the entire organization?

If you need more demographic information about the respondent or the

organisation, go to:


Here you can find example questions about demograpic information.