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ABN airborne FAAR forward area alerting radar

AMBL airmobile FARP forward arming and
refueling point
ACE armored combat earthmover
FDC fire direction center
ADA air defense artillery
FLOT forward line of own troops
AFNORTH Allied Forces, Northern
Europe FM field manual
AFCENT Allied Forces, Central frag fragment
ft foot, feet
AFSOUTH Allied Forces, Southern
Europe GS general support
ammo ammunition HE high explosive
APC armored personnel carrier HEAT high explosive antitank
AT antitank hp horsepower
ATGM antitank guided missile HQ headquarters
Bn battalion IFV infantry fighting vehicle
BOC battalion operations center in inch(es)
CEV combat engineer vehicle inf infantry
CFC combined forces command ir infrared
cGy centiGray ITV improved TOW vehicle
(NATO term for “rad”)
KT kiloton(s)
CONEX consolidated express
LAW light antitank weapon
co company
lb pound(s)
commo communications
LWCSS lightweight camouflage
CP command post screening system
CTT corps terrain team m meter(s)
Cu cubic M-MC-S mobilit y-countermobility -
CWAR continuous wave acquisition
radar mech mechanized
DMZ demilitarized zone METT-T mission, enemy, terrain and
weather, time, and troops
Ds direct support
mg machine gun
DTOC division tactical operations
center mm millimeters
DTT division terrain team mph miles per hour
ea each NA not applicable
EMP electromagnetic pulse NATO North Atlantic Treaty

FM 5-103

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical SEE Small Emplacement

OPCON operational control
SOP standing operating
OPORD operations order procedure
PACOM Pacific Command STANAG standardization agreement
PAR pulse acquisition radar TM technical manual
plt platoon TNT trinitrotoluene
POL petroleum, oils, and TOC tactical operations center
TOW tube-launched, optically
psi pounds per square inch tracked, wire guided missile
rad radiation absorbed dose; TREE transient radiation effects on
“roentgen” electronics
RCLR recoilless rifle US United States
ROK Republic of Korea yd yard(s)
ROR range only radar