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Tune 11, 1864.] dooched by year andthe inteduction of th Svedish Nightingale were eyed in"Gomelvonsaficent to outelgh yeas of les ‘lay aclevement; ut to these anneatust beaded Onell, Frei Catalan “Pood, Careline Duprer, BerhericNinh deen, Ronco, Bree Ferns and Stal besdos ah of min tr atoduced fo Bapiad during th petit that Cosa ‘Sin the supension of performaner in innteasok of 1855. And, Tendy sod fun fo the Ins Lablache, the neqaleg bel Lyte oldhentay oer ao many Of hoisted en inosrelen. Even with al to sory ‘etal before ay, is oul to tron tho cilapen of 195) to. any speci bitnde, ‘alent ooe grt ander of empty wl had ways Yroved an inposre tak, ‘hore are some who would perhaps Eis pt af Toot of iho ultinate dnuter othe fondly wit tric tho manager clung to ho exphing superstition of the vin ballot” ee ious Pas de uty and many of sho mows Slabonte ballets, wero, promt to pute whl had sot yt read of pantie at and tno te eod Tap Cy Eller, oF oon fail to arn even {hose srbo ae lost i ‘con= ‘ential tof inberpeting tne once popisr peformeose Town Whe logmata bale. Hope Alley an the grand ale ftaong tie mein fers of te Opera when Me Lamioy a omiaced."A wal snd disetivement axe tho ony edbetuts trilch modem indolaace can tlonte‘Dot orsnly wont to Te bee dopertmont tht the tvubiea of tho Operseco ta tase, ‘Bough the tan jeloury which proved so fal on he prt of {14 Boop of muda axa was exhibiod with at ens equal Sivanity bythe favourites of tho bale." shioerust of ce ining Your star of to hat mngeitado i tho same performance trun an unheard ofan, ent wo suppotd,inposnlé eatery Tadeo ialont proved at tho Tat nefuent bale tho gent Sent ofthe Pasde Guar" lonumerabl difaies hed biog mooted Sows and hs a coer ge commenced hen ich ofthe fur godsen yostvely naaed om appssog feral het ial, ‘Thole prep on Which the exes of the’ otabahient na boon eibectried for alt he sanon as on the pine of Calling. ho tllt-mastr tre hi air in deaperstiony when ha ino wa uty the managerial judgment thu th pot of Aiknodon sould given to 6 olde of tho compotion ‘ho moral of the svat fo ea wo havo arey hated, cat under the condition ofthe ne permet sussn tho mange tent of theOper fal moons ipsa. The pc money nc conferek by the laws of fshion upon the old Haymngice loons ‘wan gon, While the nasal monoply of fow omigent tna muritedy an wea ateogthenad by Ee Slt with wich {ie gi ie ips een othe einen of on, Yeoopted dot At the mime tine, a rapid. alpleaion ‘perntie heaton--aubaidled in Oonisental capitals bythe Govern= pee tne ied nse cenit Ge. ‘rahe suply of vo alot and dteortad it uly bythe Sense el tigre ge te pon wera oe gern okt str iPM sees ie as ar a Feet noe, one ni monn Seed Beemer ie Seta ye ase pe ras a enjoyment almost “conlinod to ‘an exclusive clas, ms Se afea ter matt Gs mie, Eee mene reece contis of perl Beg apr bak i cuenta ea a ‘the open patronage of an unlimited public, suificient to compensate for the loss of the monopoly which is little likely to be again restored, sa i senses ts aad cosa oie’ fire tte a at Sree beam iaras enter ral tne ong on amas Soe a a i ee eee ae meee tan e t are, Tee le es ome ee ad ie 2 ed, Hae ew edn, ne Toa me ee ens ges ah i ce saa a ele Rect a ahh one i aa ase eee 8 Lab egg ahead uty sa lg ooh ae heen os revit SSeS ae age al sata ra Ac fea es eh es Seong toe! Se eye de inal Wi se dtl ren a cr ee ee es ee neteae See oe ee Bee ae st Be ee Sena a il ea, bere Ste a Tes roan oes ea ees ae a pee ee Tease ee one re i ae is ees eae Asay etna ee eet ee eee re ‘boon felt and’ diacuaged fiom the earliest fimes. Tho old etory of ‘the blind ite eh ‘iden of scarlet was that it was like the sound of ump ngsicance gl Intependct of Mao Be Siem eet a Nai i he peacaera yrs nea ea ee ree ein yma Dag career erg ey eae The Saturday Review. — . is bstwoon the eslor of light and the pitch of a museal note pleat whih tho apne of ote cia ae ity vary points presets colour of the spaaterpar, not tho pit but o do quality of ual tae hr eaey me font n-myeavons dnd who baw a ssl of ola wile topue= sents to hs mind the disactve qantas of sion evry sige of Grvinonce,” Mario comes out violet “Albom cabal bio, Bost sho tnt of ese Tos, and tena as Ted However rich we may be disposed to nnile te so exact n claseaton, tbo Dlind mais scarlet should teach us that analogies may exist - which a special Taeulty may grup, though our selonee and our Oriney experience fil to tage. e caus or fo appreciate the Honontennyexcope io examples of tho met aalient in "Tn eonliion it Se only common justicn todd dat an auto~ Viogeapliy which ends with tho collapse. of an entenprna wich for long time promised a glorious success is written throughout « ‘withost a trace of unimanly sopimingy and ina epiit which shows tnt the zen! nad energy of the exmanngsr have autor no sbatoment. "Thos they sy bring bin a better reward i the po Fessign to which itis sad he ia bout to retin, willbe Che hopo ff all who follow tho arate of hia vigozows, rough at Tet ane tvaling, conflict with the diffesities of an almoxt impose enterprite, 1M. PREVOST-PARADOL* h PREVOST. -PARADOL, who hasbeen a, eonpiovous ‘titer in soveral French newspapers for some years tas iat mpubicht weoond see of is pal eran Ths prosent volume contains a selection of those which he wroto in tho {Courrier de Dimancho from Sepleriber 1862 to December 1863. ‘hey had tho itintin of ching the paper in which they ‘ppned toe uapened for tw monte they eye many sod pints; but, unless it was the object of their water to ° orld wit’ovieace of the amobat of bers alowed to french newspapers in tho present day, itis not yery eusy to nderatand why hie should have republished tiem. -Teis always a dangerous expe iment to eprint newapnper articles, even if they aro of eubstantial tnd permanent importance, the fact of their having been already eh cals it deal othe eons Sey [have the characteristic and appropriate merits of newspaper arti Sh as dificult to read thoun a your ator pulfonon a 3 fat stale Duns. Its the eavencs of an ticle to be fugitive, and, if it were not read towday and forgotten to-morzow it could. Iunediy be said to full ita natural destiny. ML. Prévoste Paradol is aware of this; and he eo. tried to. confino himeetf to. the republication of erticles of permanent interest. — Ho Thos alo hi onstogther aot ong eadany tall eventa,a considerublo part of the volume will probably appeat rather minute, end the reat wil bo lateesting not co muh Borla fowneake, as on account of the light whichit throwson the state of politcal opinion ia Franco, ‘Of the style of ‘the book it ig umnécoosary to say much. It is, ‘tho style of a successful French journalist, which is a well marked. tas that of a. successful Baglin Journalist, "A man whose ‘ceupatign it ia to producs’ 00 many axticlos a wook gots, aftor certain time, to write in a steady, equable way, turning out almost ‘nny quantity of matter of one uniform quality, ‘There are. some noticeable differences between tho style of M. Parndol and that of English writers who. stand ‘on tho samo sort of level. ‘That lightened os which in Bath journalists apt to degenerato al to him. He is gt pero cha agi oa ii gor enue omen ot au maura He eres ies ITs Racor iene ie al sce Sete ge eee pe ae sung ee shes ten ee ie, cat He poe rae owe Fee arpa stencil naturel to French than it would be to English writers. a Eateries seer eae ‘well caleulated to impress upon English readers two important. Sa cet een ure Semi aie Sy aoe space a tee Gal ge ee Tah ep d Eerie at re ana apace Sey Sekt aes sos et ‘the extent to which, in order'to do so, it disregards the law of the Jand, Tt appears tat tho law puns with fine and impel ‘pont all {eleerence ith eloctons and doubles the peteliy ‘he offender iw public funtionny. "Tho law of 1848 further rovided tint ast offences of this kind, fnelonares thould be ede Ua cot os ale Sale ae shbuid beliablo 12 promoution without the action of the Conseil lak Te appears tet, by some mosis or other, and without thy expres chaotmonty te Intor part of this Ine ho been toto to if i oro, obsolatoy beatae if a “contrary to the epee” of Tapered instations; nd Mc Paral, in stn of ati, bas eeetlliy OY Civeueuet em Barnes pins ti cee Stiscoding by Governmant offen ought fm . Pied wo sopry to annul tho election; bet also to, outhne cutions af the funoGonaiies who havo laterfted. “He gives, [i iorent place ilustations ofthe sot Of inuonces whi brought 40 boat apon French elections, and they ceraily_ aro = Qlgus Pop d Hite Gntenperain Tatra Poles, Dewsibae’ Séie Part Beene barat ars: 186. 730 ‘eloulated to mako an Englishman wonder. Tako, for instance, the | following passage ‘You publled in your sumber of the soth a dereo-of the Consll aut swhioh fjcts M. do Montienrs peuiion eutssting “the validity of an ‘lesson “la an arrondissement inthe Canton ef Mer. "Mf. de Hontaar ‘oanded his petition on several fasta, some af which have. Boen held to bo ovedy wile the others ave let in doubt bythe rental of to dare: ‘The ii beat has left ie doubete whether tye Garde Champétre of Mer had trad not tora up the ballta of several electors in drder to substitute the fame of the Government candidate for that of Mt de Mondlavrs whether ‘he Gomissary of Paice had or had not gone aboot the Canton thentenine ‘to rn oat te fagetionaren who filed ia eal etn, and whtlar the Gane Champtee of Subvres was tame out for thls retom ; bat the Cause a'Eiat has not been able to throw doubt Mh ‘ivularof the Inspector of the Pos-Oloe in the department of Lotre ct Cher, ordering the fanctignarfes co vata and canvass for the Goverment, find anning these who might refueeet the consequences of thelr opposition. In another article M. Paradol quotes letter from a eandidate and ‘rom the préfet who favoured his election, which in #0 many words call upon ie elector to give their sotes to a paticlar pereon Deeause he had subscribed oof. t6 buy a roller for one commune, ‘and n farther sum to lay down pipes for a fountain in another. ‘Porhnps, however, the most audacious and uablushing enso of all | js that of Aix, The town was in great want of a canal, which was 4a thnk of Ab tn een i read ant of andl ich Ginéral cane into offer nthe fet Preidont of tho Tribunal i cel on is reeplon sid, With nmeses es wellasindividale, {fo oliet and obtain favours foto ineur an obligation to thowe who nt them publi decency reuiros i" Oneat the Aix papers, {Gian article dpon the wubject, sid, without the amaliest serve, ‘tet us keep our politiea! convictions for another imo; t0-d0y, shove and boyont yet us dhink of Aix,” Tho fst pation 6 dite fo our nativo plate ot us push if a fur asec if aeces> tg hn pin nwo say Hott ele ha antages of promised milway o eral; but imagine an Engi fadgo ie his einige fo. the read, jury inating’ on the nom ‘Guy, enforced by a regard iF puttle decency, of returing the candidate supported by the Goverament witch. besalad he fown! ‘To comploto cur notions of the pomar which tho French Goverament exorcace over tho Logislatae, it ought to. be se- fouibered thatthe Legislative Assombly consists of considerably Tom thon 300 members, and. that the Goremmant arrangos thd crusitnenden on it places, doclsingy by a mete edninisiat ‘ecreo that such and such cantons sll form the “eineonseription Gleclorale” for the next election, Imagine a ato af things in ‘Srhich an Order in Couneil could thoow Marylebone and Finsbury Into ono, or declare: that fnatead ef threo ndings jn; Yorkshire hg ial fae rs ear _ ctwithstanding all this, iis impossible not to read. X. aredal' articles without geting gener! impression — which {saat to fel than to anlyee ths onthe Whole, the prospects Of the Liberal party in Trstc are improving, He opened one ace of "ind de pug en pluo eras de Venpice do Ianguour Utne laquelle le peuple fafa persist plooge” His own etylo fsa port of proof of tofaet Leis hopefil, vigorous and shows « Ful cons of tho natare of the grievance! to bs somplined of ned Fenova A an win pon fo ol hep of hn ii aequires ert of fact in judging upoy tho eject, aad is Eiien able fo form an opinion which ts mrore important than might tppear from tho grounds which ho is able to give fori, acon Hf AL. DrévoseParda syle comport cf izguesions on the iberty of te presen subject wh, hap fora, hea bosnmo rther eatiniay in thiscoustay. Tis Curseat> tee How aro jourit is prmited to goin Praace and, to ju {fom the nunber of warnings of rhish his writings ave been Get A PoeocPuedl would wom t hae seed he et vidivall. susnbet «of cooatelvsnoor for’ ioninuslings tenures oe fi Gorerigent eo th obi tit he te eat of tying how for they ci manago to go" witholt bag Splat aen tee Gat Seca fof Brengthons thts pollen! Spnions, Ann must el donb niga gent Oborient whi make fn take wo frotlln abou citidsing its measures Tn the present volume, AE Provost-Paradol reprits botwoon brackets the passages. of Ii rics which the radnce of the editor led him @ ete out nthe po: Onn erties whieh, notvilseianding th pala cease previ whieh appeared baumpende or two Reontainss bupprented Daatige which ie au excellent illustration ofthe oor of ahils by which & Breach Liberal of tho prosat da {tice to express his wishes for freedom. It deseo at leogt how the aithor wont tose at the Odepa, «translation into French of the Beta. Head never beforeflly understood the pranieur of Sophocles drama What a spectacle is that of Elst dalivered to the tyraony_of her ‘fathers mutderes «slay a her home which se sus inal and posal by crine She ly announces the return of Orestes The liberator, W2icreaper inte come abe pitts tse iene abe avearaity bub trea ils ae tala of abe ha alo. Sed to Slee: ‘Sho soorafully rejects tho advico to feign acqulesconce -— ‘She will die rather than forego her batred and her rights. At I fosa'n presentment; the ne no to may the shadow of cme ‘Grete fren thou you thought hin dea, and ipa opel hi. Wie pouret ot the ition? - ite" Aguonaea Whence men hie crexaing oma foun punistinent, and He cones fru Mm who wil tlic Shae Oreste ‘They tellin that Orestes ta ea ab ea the Tiving want of « tub? Leave the wm aldo cont ate teri ‘Who aid the bairon the 2 te The Saturday Review. ‘utente | [June 11, 1864. fod draw your svort—your sword lter, ‘The muverery ne cng ‘Ent and pon, ave trac dumb” Of delicous and tai epecape have the peopl of Abas ever brn sp stngly moved by you sa The allogory was considered too daring, end this passhgo was atric out" By sopablching it and wating tho fact of ta previous fuppresion, fe author hes redo i pointed. enough noW at all events, FREDERICK RIVERS. ‘JPRODERIOK RIVERS vou hve ine animposiba porn ud thin book an, imponito. bos, n very fow yen. age ‘Whethos tho charector a efen yo quia within the raage of po bablity we are by no aca, Sure” but ie will Become asta! and familie enough By-andeby. The Diesonting seis that ropudits treads end fOrmolatss ao '0 soto chaldans have hither gape lied thelr plac with avery definite tadtion of tein own, ‘Tho eleyans have «the “witngs of thelr Founder”; the Indepe dents tnd Baptists havo thle umeritten coda of oct, com | pendiccaly eummmod up as tho Gorpel—e term by uo menas cua with noyor al of tho four dociments usually ealled by that unme and the existing “ Chuseh "of exch generation bins unnaged aa et 10 mike the phiass a folerbly enphaie one in Sheorf ond,/now end the, & athér intolerable ove in practice Row that Sdueation io au last begining to peed anny. tho Tower atta of the middle class ant thedogieal Lteeatire to'penetate the ssademice where “ninatre™ are manufactured, HP questions ‘which aro being’ forced upon genorl ettontion by tumidg events mny bo expecta to tall atvously upoa the convice Hons ef minister and the penco of cmgregations, It Will not te long pouble to go on with tho odd’ mixture of traditional dunpoliue and opsise nanpeinas which bas ‘hitherto done duty for creeds and arile. Evederict. ins is intend fare eperinod. fe miniter and cangagution in the tanation sist, Of coune, ihe ke ea i arom ceca ter th conservative; ni equally of cours, tho miaisar i, and will be for h. generation ort, the Zanityn, What woud” Maye been "ME Mawiove.fafo’ bade Boon a Dis- tenting minister insteed. of an English clergyman, it needs Huts Sinowieige of hana nature to forceust’ ‘The Church hs talorbly healthy: digostion in such matters” but the tocts‘os yet are aqucaniah, and fall into rad fie of theological | Gyepepels when ony abeniSon of m minister into novel lows hehe tigen geseal Tolley the bitherg untroubled flow of "dhe Goopel” unter tho voluntary system; aad woe betde the tunbrtonle-mon who are in advabos of their pew-reniere As ‘Frodric Rivers was possibly wistion with tho Benevolent design of foowarting such adventurous spita of tho tatbulation that tee obably awatto thom, wo hed best loti tall ts own fle redevick ivory, ealled more biefiy (but inno grt of Keeping wit Dieting: pope) Ei eas umn of Indpenent sof tho ordinary condition, Ho'pases through much the seme Koro ace fh oct tal’ do and eventual ving “eal” to the miniatsy—-which (be nds it neces 6 | Sapa to‘ his mothes) Wien? a cal gat can eme wil’ sour ary a8. when fulher, eills” you out” of the dining-oom when ‘you're ‘upstairs — te tater a Dissenting. ncedomy. Tero "0 really good description ofthis lind of wominary fn fio fol ont evi prey xe Sl eproimaonn foe goo llowaip of urdreaduta i, and its averago amount of learning (or the opposite of learning)— thick weslitoet thinks have been devin homan ecgual oposi- Then. ‘After supplying’ af several chapel and: having 6 low using experionle of the kind of ho he soto apes, Hie finds hineel unexpectedly called to undertake the pastorto of @ ‘suburban chapel. Ho encounters, of course, the average vulgazities ~jBangnd Lash tho deacon and Mia. Bg the evangelical acl, and. the omnipresent Misses Lnsh—Sunday-school Lush, Doreas Lush, Baby-linen Lush—and the like. Mrs. Williamson hire not Hee" hgene of portions or at leat of wend aeteags tat makes some ofthe scaes {Salem Chapel amoebae; he 'nliede too fond af calling people [ackases” anf. Tung fr inntanco but abe mys won ety good things and poeibly tn couse contexte aft few af tho chsvoation not beyont th fealty All this, however, way to foun in bool o ungugston” thly tuheatie My Zi yn er-Disetr—a wor hy the vay, which gives ontidaea better knobledge of Dusont behind {he acenen chan any ther, ‘SlenChapeliScued. "Teter Tisiy of the present wou J, that statenpla to analyse orto ropler, the alist of the lon new lighter aay ond once, Bats, Darrin, &e.—-on tho dhdinary sectarian mind. Writs insets ‘on weatng bis own in ebape, but won't wee Mack clothes and hited oxtof | Hosea ospllous books. Ie preaches pl ery unlike hat fo which the Uhnzeh” of i. Geotgesltoad ‘Ghat hed en eral ad ate prey fe who ‘Shal' qoiet way of song pebple what they meant which wes cntbenaitag (thous wit Gitar quite any want they ears themselves,” who compendiously designated religious sentimen- ee Ta oe ae ‘to be kissed oy ‘the deatons’ wives tnd looginga’ So poor Bits very soon Mecomes suspected of Teeny. Nowa Congregational or Ladopendent chorch an ur plesatae auosphere ia which to have’ to ight a battle of this © Fiedrick Rise) Tadipvent Parsn, Dy Wek Horenee Wilbon Landon: Wiliams & Noite. 186g :