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CATEGORY 3 2 1 Score
Grammar Grammar covered in A few minor Grammatical errors
class was used to difficulties arose severely hampered
communicate from not using the communication.
effectively. grammar studied
in class.

Vocabulary Vocabulary studied in A few minor Communication was

class was used to difficulties arose severely hampered
express ideas from not using due to lack of
eloquently. appropriate vocabulary.
Fluency Student acted as a Some minor Much effort was
facilitator, helping difficulties required to maintain
the conversation flow maintaining the the conversation.
and develop. conversation were There may have
evident. been many long
Listening Student responded to Student responded Student didn't
questions with to most questions, understand or
appropriate answers, acknowledged ignored most
acknowledged all most statements, questions and
statements, and and incorporated statements.
incorporated them many of these into
into the discussion. the conversation.

Voice and Pronunciation was No serious Pronunciation,

non-verbal clear and inflection problems arose, inflection, and/or
communicati and expressions were but better expression confused
on used to enhance pronunciation, communication.
communication. inflection, and/or Student may have
non-verbal been very difficult to
communication hear.
could have made
more efficient.

Total Points