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Animating a myth part 2 – creating characters/settings

Class: Key Stage: 2 and 3


NC links: Literacy, History, Art & Design, ICT

Pupils will take the storyboard which they created in lesson 1 and produce the
characters and settings.

Previous lessons:
Pupils will have selected a story to animate, identified the key scenes and main
characters in the story and prepared the storyboard.

Learning Objectives (Children should learn):

• To use plasticine or other materials to create 3-D characters for the story.
• To produce large images which can be used as backgrounds for the

Starter Activity: 10 mins

Ask the children to go through their storyboard and identify the characters they
need to create, and to make some brief notes about
appearance etc, and to list the number of settings Checklist:
required for the story,
T&L styles (variety)
Activities: 48 mins Visual
Introduction in groups - 3 mins Kinaesthetic
Outline what is to be achieved.
Single/Group work
Group Work – 45 mins Thinking Skills
Individual group members create either a character Literacy
for the story or a background image. Art & Design
For characters some important points are: ICT
• make them simple and big enough to be easily
manipulated (about 12-15cm seems a good Spiritual
height.) The model must be able to stand up. Moral
• make features – eyes, mouth, hands big enough Cultural
to be easily manipulated – this is where all the Multiculturalism
expression is created for the character. Make
sure that the eyes are easily removable. Assessment for Learning
For backgrounds, try to find/produce images which
Use of Support
can be printed out or photocopied on to A3 paper –
keep them simple and try to limit to one or two at most.

• Storyboard template prepared in previous lesson
• Highlighted story example
• Image Gallery (http://myths.e2bn.net) or digital camera to create
• Plasticine (preferably oiled as it keeps much longer)
• Modelling tools; paper & pencils.

Plenary: 5 mins
Examine your characters and place them in their backgrounds – do they fit together
well in terms of size, setting, period in history etc? Discuss.

Outcome. Peer/Teacher support.