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Ariel Monique Weeks

26 August 2010

20 Websites

Websites for Future Elementary and Special Education Teachers

Special Education Word Search Puzzle Maker-

http://edhelper.com/word_search_specialed.htm- Allows one to enter 5-25 chosen words in a
word list, type directions for the word search, add a title, and then the site will create a document
of the word search that fit the input by the person. There is also an option for creating more than
one word search with the same words to rearrange the words so one student does not have the
words in the same place as another student.
Create a Crossword Puzzle- http://www.edhelper.com/crossword.htm- Provides an easy way to
create a crossword puzzle with you to pick a choice of words (up to 50) and provide clues for the
puzzle. Once all of the information is submitted, the site creates a puzzle with all of your input.
This is useful for any ages because the teacher can decide what words/clues to use.
AVG Free Antivirus- http://free.avg.com/ww-en/download-avg-anti-virus-free- Teachers can
use this software for either his/her work computer or for a personal computer at home that they
will be using to work on school material.
Puzzle and Board Games- http://www.addictinggames.com/puzzle.html- Entering this site will
open one up to almost 100 games that deal with mind boggling sequences and puzzles that are
both fun and instructive at the same time. A student should be limited to playing only certain
games, though because there are some that are not school related.
Fitz- http://www.bigfishgames.com/online-games/2222/fitz/index.html- This is a puzzle that
requires a student to think. The rules of the game are to move shapes, trying to get three in a row.
Once you switch the shapes to make three in a row, the row will disappear. The objective is to
collapse all of the shapes by matching them three in a row.

Aunty Math’s Challenges- http://www.dupagechildrensmuseum.org/aunty/index.html- Is a

website for K-5 learners on the subject of math that has five bullets a student can choose to find
out about Aunty Math, learn how the site works, complete a daily challenge, submit how they
solved the daily challenge, or try past challenges. A student can choose the daily challenge that
they have to read and then work out on a scrap sheet of paper and submit online how they
figured it out. Teachers are provided the answer through the website also.

Pre-K through 6th Grade Subjects Learning Activites-http://www.iknowthat.com/com/L2?

GradeLevel=4:4&Subject=All- This is yet another site that students would have to go online to
complete and that a teacher would actually have to subscribe to. There are games that correlate
with all subjects taught in elementary schools and a teacher could put the page up on the
projector screen and show kids how to navigate the site and even teach a lesson from the website.
Special Education Resources- http://www.theteachersguide.com/Specialeducation.html- You
could go on this site and learn about all the types of kids that would be in your special education
class and how to assist, teach, and let them learn with technology. Also, there are supply lists,
links to organizations, and articles that all deal with special education. I find this site so
interesting because there are links on almost every page to other sites that can further assist such
ABC Teach- http://www.abcteach.com/- This is an online source for children’s educational
resources such as flash cards, theme units, PowerPoint’s, etc. There are each of these and more
for all grades K-12 and over 500 printable sheets that can be printed and then photocopied to
disperse to the rest of the class.
Beyond the Blackboard- http://www.beyondtheblackboard.com/- When it comes time for you
to shop for your classroom you can go to this site and see, by grade, what you need, what new
tools can assist you, and provide a discount to those items. It is a perfect place to go when you
want to shop, but do not know where to start.
Young At Art Children’s Museum- http://www.youngatartmuseum.org/vtours.php- There are
eight photo galleries that children can choose from, click on, then explore through an online tour.
All the work is submitted by children which is great for the grades I want to teach.
Bronx Zoo Virtual Tour- http://www.bronxzoo.com/multimedia/podcasts.aspx- This online
tour shows kids the animals at the Bronx Zoo and the surrounding area. They are also able to
view podcasts and videos previously recorded.
New England Aquarium-
You can watch webcams, videos, and see blogs on this site. There is also a virtual tour of the
aquarium and is really exciting.
Education at AMNH-http://www.amnh.org/education/search.php?search_text=virtual+tour-
This website is so interesting because there are virtual world’s tutorials and even a field trip to
the moon tour. This type of stuff is both curriculums related and engaging brought to us by the
American Museum of Natural History.
Virtual Fieldtrips- http://www.theteachersguide.com/virtualtours.html- You can take a
virtual field trip to the nine planets, the sun, or navigate to other websites where there are virtual
tours provided by the World Wide Web. There are further links that can connect you to several
museums that have virtual tours to offer.
Math Tutorials for Pre-K through 6th Grade- http://www.ixl.com/- After pulling up this site, a
student can pick their grade level and then choose from a myriad of tutorials that have a series of
questions and then the answers at the end of each segment. The site is designed for elementary
level students and very easy for them to navigate.
Grades K-2 and 3-5 Motion Tutorials- http://www.fuelourfuturenow.com/elementary-
school.cfm- Students can go online and follow a tutorial that shows a visual of how motion
works. Not only do they have to read and pay attention to the tutorial, but have to click on certain
choices that will affect what they see.
E-Mail Penpals- http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/menu_penpals.php- This is for kids,
students, and even teachers who can place an ad on a website to find a pen pal from anywhere
around the world!
Free Lesson Plans- http://www.lessonplanspage.com/LA.htm- Any grade level teacher k-12 can
enter this site and get free lesson plans. Once they get them, they can modify them and make the
lesson their own and then present to a class (just have to credit the source).
Electric Books and Online Reading- http://eduscapes.com/tap/topic93.htm- Students can
access online books that are equivalent.