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Official Journal of the European Communities

C 325/103

Answer given by Mrs Gradin on behalf of the Commission

(24 March 1999)

The Commission underlines the need for respect of human rights in compliance with the European Convention for the protection of human rights and the prison standard rules for treatment of prisoners adopted by the Council of Europe in 1973.

However the Commission does not keep an exhaustive database of private penitentiary institutions in the Union. The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to other international organisations, such as the Council of Europe, which regularly publishes statistics on prisons situaton in Europe.

(1999/C 325/139)


by Carlos Robles Piquer (PPE) to the Commission

(17 February 1999)

Subject: Recognition of honorary European citizens

The recent granting of the title of ‘honorary European citizen’ once again raises the need for a regulation covering inter alia the privileges and immunities of those who are awarded this distinction, and those who have made a special contribution to the cause of the European Union.

The present generation and those to come need to be able adequately to channel their recognition of personalities who have made outstanding contributions to this historic undertaking, and who merit something more than the cold metal of a keepsake.

Does the Commission agree that it is its duty to take the initiative in proposing such a regulation?

Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission

(23 March 1999)

The Commission considers that the title of ‘honorary citizen of Europe’ does not require a regulation. It does not, therefore, intend to propose one.

(1999/C 325/140)

Subject: Eco-Label Regulation


by David Bowe (PSE) to the Commission

(17 February 1999)

Can the Commission give an explanation as to why the criteria for white pigments produced using the sulphate process by the titanium dioxide industry has been changed by the Regulatory Committee responsible for the implementation of the Eco-label Regulation for paints and varnishes?

Answer given by Mrs Bjerregaard on behalf of the Commission

(26 March 1999)

The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to the reply it gave to Oral Question H-1202/98 by Mrs Hardstaff during question time at Parliament’s January 1999 part-session ( 1 ).

( 1 )

Debates of the Parliament (January 1999).