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C 112 E/26 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 9.5.


Tuesday 23 October 2001


9. Election of a Vice-President of Parliament (vote)

The next item was the election of a Vice-President to fill the seat which had become vacant as a result of
Mr Wiebenga’s appointment to the Dutch Council of State.

The President had received the nomination of Mrs Plooij-van Gorsel from the ELDR Group.

As Mrs Plooij-van Gorsel was the only candidate, the President proposed to have an election by accla-
mation, pursuant to Rule 13(1).

Parliament elected Mrs Plooij-van Gorsel by acclamation.

The President declared Mrs Plooij-van Gorsel Vice-President of the European Parliament and congratulated
her on her election. He pointed out, pursuant to Rule 18(1), that she would take the place of her prede-
cessor in the order of precedence.

10. Lifelong learning (Rule 62)

The President announced that as no opposition had been tabled in writing by one tenth of the component
Members of Parliament from at least three political groups, the resolution in the Van Brempt report, drawn
up on behalf of the Committee on Culture, Youth, Education, the Media and Sport, Commission Staff
Working Paper: A Memorandum on Lifelong Learning (SEC(2000) 1832 6 C5-0192/2001 6 2001/
2088(COS)) (A5-0322/2001) was deemed adopted, pursuant to Rule 62(5) (Item 1 of ‘Texts Adopted’).

11. Stable derivates of human blood or human plasma ***I (procedure without
report) (vote)

Proposal for a European Parliament and Council directive amending Council Directive 93/42/EEC, as
amended by Directive 2000/70/EC, as regards medical devices incorporating stable derivates of human
blood or human plasma (COM(2001) 480 6 C5-0382/2001 6 2001/0186(COD))
(Simple majority)
referred to responsible: ENVI

PROPOSAL FOR A DIRECTIVE COM(2001) 480 6 C5-0382/2001 6 2001/0186(COD):

Parliament approved the Commission proposal (Item 2 of ‘Texts Adopted’).

12. Protection of the euro against counterfeiting * (procedure without report) (vote)

Draft Council decision on the protection of the euro against counterfeiting (10616/2001 6 C5-0362/2001
6 2001/0804(CNS) (new consultation)
(Simple majority)
referred to responsible: LIBE
opinion: ECON

DRAFT DECISION (10616/2001 6 C5-0362/2001 6 2001/0804(CNS):

Parliament approved the draft Council decision (Item 3 of ‘Texts Adopted’).