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2004 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 25 E/43

Wednesday 20 November 2002

Requests for separate votes

PPE-DE: §§ 148, 149

PSE: § 119, rec L
ELDR: § 119
UEN: § 4, 20, 22, 70, 71, 146, 147, 148, 149, rec J, K, L
EDD: § 9, rec K

Other information

Amendment 8 (paragraph 130) withdrawn

Amendment 52 (paragraph 18) withdrawn
Amendment 60 (paragraph 119) withdrawn

Oral amendments

Mr Gawronski. (PPE-DE) moved an oral amendment to paragraph 102 to replace the end (‘and hopes …
Member States’) by ‘Insists, however, on the need further to monitor the situation in the media sector so
that its independence and pluralism are fully preserved, enabling Poland to satisfy the criteria prevail-
ing in Member States’;

Mr Poos (PSE) proposed taking amendment 42 as an addition to paragraph 34, adding to it the second part
of amendment 9 (see request for split vote) and the second part of amendment 12 (see request for split
vote). (More than 32 members objected).

Mr Brok, rapporteur, moved an oral amendment to paragraph 3 to reword the end as follows: ‘ … and no
later than 1 May 2004, and urges the Council to nominate and confirm the new Commission together
with Parliament only after the European elections and to find beforehand a provisional interim solution
for the acceding countries’; (only the part of the amendment concerning ‘1 May 2004’ was agreed to as
more than 32 Members opposed the rest.

Mr Brok moved an oral amendment to amendment 51 to replace the beginning (‘welcomes’) by ‘Takes
note of’ and to add at the end the following: ‘draws attention to the fact that answers to a number of
questions as regards the practical functioning of the transit regime must still be found and that it will
be difficult to eliminate the risk of significant problems occurring during its implementation;’ (first
sentence of withdrawn amendment 52).

2. Requested waiver of parliamentary immunity of Mr Karl-Heinz Florenz

Report: MACCORMICK (A5-0372/2002)

Subject RCV, etc. Vote RCV/EV  remarks

single vote +

3. International Fund for Ireland (2003-2004) *

Report: CAVERI (A5-0335/2002)

Subject RCV, etc. Vote RCV/EV  remarks

single vote +