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MIRAMAX INTERNATIONAL EQUILIBRIUM LIBRIUM DIRECTED ANE WRITTEN BY Kurt Wirumer PRODUCED BY Jan de Bont Lucas Foster 4 ‘TELEVISION SCREEN . A DOCUMENTARY. IMAGES from the ravaging wars of our century. TELEVISION NARRATOR + -.+ fox decades, for ac better reason than mutual contemp:, civilization bevered on the brink of nuclear war, Peeples in eastern Europe massacred each other over forgotten cultural grudges. ‘Tensiona have again escalated’ was the familiar refrain ... Wow inages of CHEMISTS diligently working in labs NARRATOR it became inesrapable - 4f Man were to survive ints the fucures he must find » way to govern his emotions kefore they governed him inte ron-exigcence ... But it is lost on the FIGURE in the FOREGROUND of this SUBURSAN LIVING ROOM. Ragged, desperate - a modern-day pirate - ha gently, almost lovingly, places a seratched black platter onte an old PLAYSEOOL RECORD PLAYER. Watching, cesmerized, ag the dise goas round and a child’s lullaby - Hushabye street - begine to ska out the set‘s tinny epeakere: His Adam's apple rises, knotting -.- Abruptly, his eyes snap out the window. Sereeching arcund the distant commer, a phalanx of FOLICE CARS. Forgetting the luliaby, he moves. & INT. ROOM - DAY The qan’s spiritual brochers sit kere scattered. Long braided hair some, tattened others, pierced all, they sit telling jokes, playing cards, laughing with each other. Don't be deceived. They are, in fact, a rolling army. Wolves, living on the move, taking what they need where they find ic. The deor flies open, the men bursting in. MAN POLICEI 1 - At the wirdow, SEAMUS CLANCY. handooms and brilliant beyond e his years, hits his feet milliseconds ahead of his neo. SEAMUS You know what ta dot They jump to it, snarchine op the CANVASES that lean agains: the walls around the room + VAN GOGH'S SUNFLOWERS, MONBT’S HAYSTACKS ... MURCH'S SCREAM: some of the greatest artworks of mankind in the hands of these criminals In the straat below outside, UNMARKED POLICE CARS are screeching vp at the curb. Dropping a SHOTGUN from beneath his coat Seamus shacks! in the firet snell.and faces his men. Around the room, every heart is pounding, every chest rising With raw emotion. t SEAMUS It all comes down to this. EXT. QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD = DAY and, under the soothing strains of Hushabye Street, it does. A swarm o£ yellow-jackers, the police cars slam the curb outside the house. The front door flies open .. FIRST MAN HYAAARAH!!! The desperadoes come streaming out PAPOW!PAFON! guns blazing, spreading cut across the law, OPENING fire without quartar on the law enforcers who ... Return fire with automatic weapons, bullets thickening the air, chewing the house, cartwheeling great tufts of sod aa one by one, across the lawn, Seamus’ men begin to drop. In what seems nothing more than a moment, they are all down and SPECIAL TACTICS TEAMS are swaxming past their dying bodies up the steps and inte the house ...- TACTICS COMMANDER GolGelGor Tha sound of gunfite erupts within the house. At the curb, a BLACK SEDAN stops. Out of it, steps a MAN. He surveys the house with a keen eye. Thoughtful. Quiet, soothing to look at. JOM PRESTON looks to HIG PARTNER emerging out the other sida of cha car - PARTRIDGE,