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CONVERSION BOOK INDEX (CHAPTERS. INTRODUCTION, M-18 DUPLICATION. BOLT CARRIER CONVERTER.. OROF-IN AUTO-SEAR.... w+ LIGHTNING LINK, + BARREL LENGTH, rr rrr rr re NOTICE This book contains information that gives explicit dataiia on the construction and/or conversion of fuily automatic firserms. This Is offered an informacion for scademic study only. . On May 19th, 1965, » new N.F.A. full-euto firserms few went inta affect. As of that dete it is ne longer logat for an unlicensed individual ta convert a semi-automatic fireerm into @ machinegun or sub-machi The B.A.T.F. form | will not bs aceepted by the Burasy of Alcohot, Tabacco and Firearms, IP it wae not postmarked by midnight. May (0th. 186. Futl-auts conversions fisted In thia book may legolly be used onty In TITLE II receivers by I TITLE Ul Manufactures. Wf you have any doubts about your position in this matter. contact your local B.A.T.F. office for Futher information. read ————————— eee 1 INTRODUCTION =) } waa thinking when | started thia book *Laudy. Leudy. | wish I'd had something Uke this whan | First started converting AR-18's tm full-auto.” No auch luck. Back then it was trial and #rror- and try again. ’ Don't gst me wrong. There ware those that seemed to have the required information. They’ hung gut at Gun Shows and ran ads in underground newspapers, After paying any amount fram 20.00 to $75.00 you would breethieasly be told haw their brother-ic-law. cousin. neighbor, friend, {pick one] did itt This gem of wisdom was usually "File da saar*! Sadder, but no wiser, yau wauld find yourself at the next gun show searching for aomeone in the know. : In the mid-seventies the drop-in auto-sesr waa born. This littie place of hardwara wee # bos to the full-suto fan, it would Fit in any Colt AR-18 without any machine work or special toule. Although using @ drop-in auto-aear required replacing the AR~1S trigger. hammar, giscomector, saiector and belt carrier with M=16 parts. the perta ware inexpensive and essily ottainable, Best of all. from the time U.P.S. hit the deor with your conversion parta until you were on the ry to the range to test fire your new machinegun. wae only about 3D minutes. The early eighties ware just the opposite of the late sixties. It esemed you couldn't pick up any firaarm publications that wasn't over ran with GR-18 conver Mase tried to sell drop-in: aucc-sears, Others would show where to drill the hole for the original military autc-sear Imost. of these were incomplete and aiso Incorrect), and then of course, for your ten burks you could till buy the wisdom of the ayes. “File da sear", Thia AR=18 fuileauto conversion back contains thraa methads of converting the AR-18 Sporter: into a machinegun, Ona of tham is full-auto only [the lightning Tink), the other twa convert the! Sporter co salect-fi : Whether you're interested in scquiring the knawledge to duplicate the original military aslect-fire! “-16. or your intereate run to how a drop-in outo-seer la manufactured and used, the informacion! is here, The lightning link (chapter threw) is a story all by itself. Without changing any parte in the AR+I5, without doing any machina work on the firsarm, without aa much 8 touching a screwdriver. file! or punch to tha firearm, [t can bs turned Into @ Full-uto asautt rifle, NOTE..0The Information contsined in this book Is for scedsmic study only. For en unlicensed person to use the information to convert @ sami-euta firearm into a machinegun is illegal. Severe penaities are authorized for violators.