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C 227 E/540 EN Official Journal of the European Union 21.9.


Thursday, 29 September 2005


M. Mr Lambsdorff, on behalf of the ALDE Group, moved the following oral amendment to paragraph 20:
20. Supports and welcomes the new commitment by the UN on the Democracy Fund as an important
tool for the promotion of democracy world-wide, and calls on the Member States and the Commission
to fully support it politically and financially; reaffirms its belief that the UN itself needs to consider-
ably enhance democracy within its structures, and therefore underlines its call for a caucus of
democracies within the UN's General Assembly;

4. Belarus

Motions for resolutions: B6-0486/2005, 0488/2005, 0490/2005, 0494/2005, 0497/2005, 0503/2005 and

Subject Am. No Author RCV, etc. Vote RCV/EV — remarks

Joint motion for a resolution RC-B6-0486/2005


§ 12 1 Verts/ALE + see below

Vote: resolution (as a whole) +

Motions for resolutions by political groups

B6-0486/2005 ALDE )

B6-0488/2005 PPE-DE )

B6-0490/2005 PSE )

B6-0494/2005 IND/DEM )

B6-0497/2005 UEN )

B6-0503/2005 GUE/NGL )

B6-0508/2005 Verts/ALE )

‘European Neighbourhood Programme’ in Am 1 should read ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’.

5. EU-India relations

Report: Emilio MENÉNDEZ DEL VALLE (A6-0256/2005)

Subject Am. No Author RCV, etc. Vote RCV/EV — remarks

§2 12 PSE W

After § 2 1 PPE-DE +

§4 § original text split

1 +

2 +

After § 5 7 PPE-DE +

8 PPE-DE +