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the melodic line (II) 223

few notes, an eight-measure phrase may be considered regular. T h e ex-

tremely rapid tempo of Figure 16.9 (one beat to the measure) produces a
phrase of only eight beats in eight measures, comparable in sound to four
measures of two beats each.

Fig. 16.9.

Beethoven, Sonata for Piano, Op. 2, No. 3, "Scherzo"

Allegro (J.=104)
±dE=k ± ±
rr^ r-rr
pf^p phrase, 8 measures-

9 f P^PF

b) When the tempo is very slow or when each measure contains many
notes, a two-measure phrase may be considered regular. In melody 219
from Music for Sight Singing, two measures of . meter suffice to constitute
a phrase. In Figure 16.10, the extremely slow tempo allows the comple-
tion of a phrase in a two-measure span.

Fig. 16.10.

Schubert, Winterreise, Op. 89, "Das Wirtshaus'

Sehr langsam
^ftj>iJ>. J»p J> J j? j> iJ>- J ^ y J ^
Auf ei - nenTo-ten- ak - ker hat mich meinWeg-ge-bracht. All-
I reached at length a grave - yard by which my path-way led, "And

4 FffW n
V<$ f:

9Ve^ i phrase, 2 measures