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Unit Test 1 group 181 name _________________ date ____________________

I. Use the following lexical units in sentences. (10 pts)

1. convenience __________________________________________________________________________
2. to run across__________________________________________________________________________
3. to gaze______________________________________________________________________________
4. rest_________________________________________________________________________________
5. educated_____________________________________________________________________________
6. love of smth__________________________________________________________________________
7. reliable______________________________________________________________________________
8. challenge_____________________________________________________________________________
9. to make a choice_______________________________________________________________________
10. job__________________________________________________________________________________
II. Match the words to their synonyms (5 pts)
1. to look after to search
2. to look for to take care of someone
3. to look through to look in all directions
4. to look about to examine quickly
5. to have a look at to take a look

III. Paraphrase the following sentences using vocabulary notes and essential vocabulary. (15 pts)
1. Michael is a dangerous man, you should watch him carefully.

2. This is a difficult problem, but I’m sure you can deal with it and solve it.

3. This computer program is really useful for editing pictures.

4. I don’t think you actually respect him.

5. It’s all the same to me whether you come, or go.

IV. Translate the following into English using vocabulary notes. (20 pts)
1. Noi aşteptam cu nerăbdare ca noutatea cea importantă să apară în ziarul de mâine.

2. Nu-mi place argumentul tău, nu e diferit de ceea ce am auzit deja. Găseşte un alt argument, te rog.

3. Lasă totul aşa cum este, nu-mi plac schimbările. Eu mai bine rămân aici.

4. În echipa nouă el nu va auzi cuvinte de alinare atât de des.

5. Elena a dorit să se alăture grupului nostru, însă profesorul nu i-a permis.

V. Answer the following questions. Circle the right answer where necessary. (50 pts)

1. Why was Arnold a problem for all teachers?

2. What was the advice concerning teaching that Anne remembered from college?
3. How did Anne restore the order during her first lesson?
4. Which was the main problem concerning law and medicine jobs in Great Britain?
5. Why is the internship system based on the principle “who you know” considered unfair?
6. What are “cost effective measures”? A. cheap B. expensive C. easy D. complex

7. Was the British problem of “glass ceiling” blocking the best jobs solved? Yes No
8. What is understood by “selection into schools”?
9. The possibility for people to get better jobs and to advance in their career is called social ___________.
10. What are tuition fees?
A. payment for going to medical school
B. payment for avoiding army service
C. payment for being admitted at a university
D. payment for taking voluntary activities