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2010 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 274/23


Order of the General Court of 24 August 2010 — Grúas Order of the President of the General Court of 29 July
Abril Asistencia v Commission 2010 — Brinkmann v Germany

(Case T-386/09) (1) (Case T-261/10 R)

(Action for annulment — Competition — Rejection of (Interim measure — Clear lack of jurisdiction)
complaint — Measure against which actions may not be
brought by individuals — Inadmissibility) (2010/C 274/36)

(2010/C 274/35) Language of the case: German

Language of the case: Spanish


Parties Applicant: Norbert Brinkmann (Rheine, Germany) (represented

by: R. Wiegers, lawyer)
Applicant: Grúas Abril Asistencia, SL (Alicante, Spain) (repre­
sented by: R.L. García García, lawyer)
Defendant: Federal Republic of Germany

Defendant: European Commission (represented by: F. Castillo de Re:

la Torre and F. Castilla Contreras, Agents)
Application seeking to suspend application of Paragraphs 47
and 48(a) of the German Federal code on notaries (Bundesno­
tarordnung) with regard to the applicant.

Re: Operative part of the order

Application for annulment of the Commission letter of 7 1. The application for interim measures is dismissed.
August 2009 informing the applicant that the facts on which
it has lodged the complaint do not permit the conclusion that
there is an infringement of Articles 81 EC, 82 EC and 86 EC
and that no action will be taken regarding its complaint. 2. Costs are reserved.

Action brought on 10 June 2010 — PPG and SNF v ECHA

Operative part of the order
(Case T-268/10)
1. The application is dismissed.
(2010/C 274/37)

Language of the case: English

2. Grúas Abril Asistencia, SL, shall pay the costs.

Applicants: Polyelectrolyte Producers Group GEIE (PPG) (Brussels,
Belgium) and SNF SAS (Andrezieux Boutheon, France) (repre­
sented by: K. Van Maldegem, R. Cana, lawyers and P. Sellar,
(1) OJ C 282, 21.11.2009.

Defendant: European Chemical Agency (ECHA)