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Escola Secundária c/3CEB Dr Joaquim de Carvalho


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A - What extreme sport needs this equipment? Fill the crossword below with the correct sport.


1 – parachute

2 – roller blades

3 – special motorcycle

4 – special bicycle


5 – skateboard

6 – skis

7 – surfboard

8 – windsurf board

Read the following text carefully.

Football changes girls' lives in rural

Teaching self-confidence
self on the field and in life

'We can do it' is the slogan of an organization in Kenya called Moving

The Goalposts. It uses football to increase self-confidence in girls in
Kenya and aims for nothing less than changes in the society.

The sound of girls playing football and clapping wildly when they score goals is not a sound often heard in rural
Kenya. But here in the Kilifi district, north of the city of Mombasa, it has become fairly common. In this region,
some 3,000 girls play football.

Today, on a dusty pitch in the village of Sokoke, 22 girls are playing in a training session, half in blue shirts,
shirts and
half in red ones. Many are barefoot.. The weather is very hot but the girls are constantly in motion.

But these girls are learning a lot more than just how to pass, kick and score;
score; they are learning how to think in
new ways, ways that are unusual for young women in this part of the world.

"It is about a teenage girl realizing her goals in life, making her own decisions, including sexual decisions,"
Margaret Belewa, program manager
er of the Moving the Goalposts project, said. "Most of the times, those
decisions are made by the parents or by the husband. How can we help her so that she can take control of her

Moving the Goalposts (MTG) aims to empower girls and young women in Kilifi, one of the poorest districts in
Kenya, through football.
Escola Secundária c/3CEB Dr Joaquim de Carvalho

B - Find a synonym for each word in the text. Look for the underlined words.

1. running or moving - ____________________ 2. believing in yourself - ____________________

3. to give power to - ____________________ 4. with naked feet - ____________________

5. covered in dust - ____________________ 6. applauding - ____________________

C - Say if the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE. Quote from the text to justify your answer.

1. The slogan of this organization is “We will do it”.

2. In Kilifi district around three hundred girls play football.

3. In training sessions the girls wear blue and red shirts.

4. They play football without any kind of shoes.

5. Kilifi is one of the richest areas in Kenya.

D - Answer the following questions about the text.

1. What is the name of the organization mentioned in the text?

2. What is the aim of this organization?

3. What are the girls learning about?

4. Who usually takes decisions for the girls?

E – Match the numbers on the picture below with the correct word on the right.

Coach  Linesman 
Crowd  Midfield 
Defender  Pitch 
Draw  Referee 
Goalkeeper  Striker 
Escola Secundária c/3CEB Dr Joaquim de Carvalho

F – Write five sentences about football in the Past Continuous using the given verbs and nouns. You can
add different words.

VERBS: Go | Pass | Kick | Watch | Score

NOUNS: Stadium | Whistle | Penalty | Supporters | Red card






G- Below you find some fans watching football. Match the fans with the feelings and write two sentences
like the example below using (first) the Simple Past and (second) the Past Continuous.

A. angry | referee - whistle B. happy | team - win C. bored | not like - match

D. hungry | think in food E. sad | team - loose

Fan 1. (B) He was happy. His team was winning.

Fan 2.

Fan 3.

Fan 4.

Fan 5.

H - Read the sentences carefully and then choose the correct tense: past simple or past continuous.

1. James did/was doing his homework in his bedroom when the football match started/was starting.

2. When the crowd clapped/was clapping, he sat/was sitting at his desk.

3. While the crowd clapped/was clapping, James ran/was running to watch what it was about.

4. His mother cooked/was cooking when the team scored/was scoring.

5. When he celebrated/was celebrating the goal, he scared/was scaring his mother.

6. His mother burnt/was burning herself while the food cooked/was cooking.

7. While James watched/was watching the match, his dog ate/was eating his homework.