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Giunta Rubric: Assignment 2 Essential Question


20 15 10 5
“Wow! You are “I see you “Looking “Hmm...see me
a deep thought about good. Let’s about this!”
thinker!” this!” keep it up!”

Student Student Student Student shows little

Knowledge demonstrates demonstrates demonstrates some knowledge or
and profound knowledge of E.Q knowledge of E.Q evidence of E.Q
Understanding knowledge of E.Q and takes a position but lacks a clear and their own
and takes a position that is in line with position or opinion opinion
that is in line with their opinion.
their opinion.
5 3.75 2.5

Student utilizes text Student utilizes text Student reveals Student doesn’t
in a seamless in a basic manner knowledge of text utilize text though
E.Q to Text manner to reveal to reveal and makes some there is some
connections to connections to connections to self connection of
opinions and opinions and and or Essential Essential Question
Essential Question. Essential Question. Question. to self.

5 2.5
Student’s reflection Student’s reflection Student’s reflection Student failed to do
is a result of deep is a result of is a result of final reflection or
Self – analysis of literary analysis of literary analysis, though did not include
Reflection character self and character self and unclear whether image.
text. Image is text. from text, self or
And Image
cohesive to Image is cohesive to literary character.
reflection. reflection. Image is somewhat
cohesive to

5 3.75
Organization, Student presents Student presents Student presents Student does not
Presentation, exceptional PPT PPT for both the PPT for both the present the rough
Timeliness for both the rough rough draft and rough draft and draft and final PPT
draft and final PPT final PPT on due final PPT with with error on due
on due date. date. some error on due date.
date. .

3.75 2.5 1.25
TOTAL _____
Ms. Giunta Rubric: Assignment 2 Essential Question

Rubric: E.Q. PowerPoint Slide