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Audience Questionnaire Age | Gender _{ 1. What style of music do you usually listen to? Puy. ov 2, How do you usually consume music? Dewsaload ,on muy Grow by fee 3. Deyou download music for free? Yer 4. Can you identify the artist? (what is her name?) fam Aas (ors Lexi? 5, What genre do you think this music video is? Gog 6. What music channel would you expect to find this video on? NO, TMS 7. What kind of themes would you associate with this video? 8. Does this remind you of any other music videos? If so. wi Ad Py miny Wiechoure ana sare She's 9. In-your opinion, does the video look professional? Yes 10. What do you think worked about the video? Tre veverse shulP- Puyng oppple , jackak tok 11, What could be improved? 12. Does itappeal to you? If so, why? Yer, fur, cotoor Rut 13. Would you buy / download the single? ‘Yo 14, Ona scale of 1- 10, how would you rate this music video? g Thank you for completing this questionnaire, please pass it to the front.