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x Gosgle Hefocrn | we Bom + TEMPLAR Although templars may seem like a uniquely human con- ‘cept, the cults of several Dwarf deities have warrior orders associated with them; the most notable example of this is the relationship between the Slayers and the cult of Grimnir, but itis by no means the only one. The Dwarf Order ofthe Stone Wallis associated withthe cult ‘of Grungni, and its members see themselves 2s the ultimate ‘guardians of the Dwarf race. Founded during the first com- ing of Chaos (4500 1.C), the order embodies the virtues of steadlastness and determination, regardless of the odds, Foradvance scheme, carcer exits, and trappings see the Tem: plar advanced career, WERP, page 106. Howeyer, in place of the ride—borse skill, eemplars of the Order of the Stone Wall substitute specialist weapon — flail and spectalist weapon — two-banded weapon > VETERAN WARRIOR $ VETERAN W/ L cam} FASTHEALT1 Gules lle Kbsebe ot ya fend te Recent Aevity ‘Share & Embed Biren nore | More from tis user