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Once we finished our documentary the last thing we needed to do was to get our
audience feedback. The way we did this was we asked three people to watch our
documentary. Then we filmed them and they told us there opinion on it and what
they thought would improve it. The tree people we filmed were between the age
of 15-25 this was because we referred back to the questionnaire we did at the
pre-production stages of creating the documentary and this was our target

Below shows the three people we asked questions too.

The first question we asked was does your documentary remind you of
mainstream documentaries? Even though they were filmed separately all three
had the same opinion, say that it did remind them of a mainstream documentary
because of the fact of the logo being in the corner throughout the documentary
and also that there was continuity throughout. Reiss even compared it saying
that it was like a BBC documentary. Figure 1 shows our logo in the corner of the

Figure 1

Also Natasha mentions the information and cutaways, which we used, and she
praised it saying that it was very informative. This helps re-insure that we have
followed the basic codes and conventions of creating a documentary and that the
audience can get as much useful information as possible from it. Figure 2 and 3
show some of our cutaways.

Figure 2

Figure 3

The second question that was asked was, what did you like about the
documentary? Again all three of our target audience liked the use of the
cutaways. They also noticed that the people we interviewed new the subject
matter well. This is important as it shows that we have done our research and
know the sort of people that we needed to interview for our documentary. It was
crucial that we got the correct people for the interviews as if the interviewees
didnǯt know a lot about the binge drinking the audience wouldnǯt of been able to
engage as well.

The third and final question we put towards our target audience was what didnǯt
you like about the documentary? Two of them said that a few of the cutaways
were a bit shaky. Then they went on to explain that you wouldnǯt find this in a
professionally filmed documentary. Phil said that we didnǯt show the names of
people enough and that we should of changed the font.
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