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Algebra 1

Homework Grades


#1: You will be assigned homework four to five times per week. Homework will be
collected and graded once or twice a week. You will have advance notice for one of the
collected assignments and one will be collected and graded randomly. You should still do
all the assignments.
Each assignment will be worth 10-20 points ( 5 pts for effort and between 5-15 points
for correctness on selecte problems) depending on the number of problems and the
difficulty of the problems assigned. You can correct the mistakes and turn it back in for
full credit (as long as they are correct).
 You must show your work on all problems. Not showing your work when it
has been requested will result in no credit being given for the
 You must check the odd number problems in the back of the book and self
evaluate yourself (indicate with checks and x’s as well as a total grade) failure to
do so will result in one point being deducted from your grade.
 You must put your full name in the upper right corner of your paper along
with the assignment page numbers and problem numbers. Failure to do
so will result in one point being deducted from your grade.
Indicate if it is late work.

Example: Suzie Snow

Pg. 128: 4-26 even

If it is late indicate due date

#2 At the beginning of each quarter you and your parent/guardian can discuss the option
of homework not effecting your grade. There will be a permission slip and discussion in
order to do this, but I have found that some students quickly understand the material in
class and find no need to do the homework and as such their grades are negatively
effected due to lack of homework. This is a quarter long agreement so at the beginning
of the next quarter you can change your mind.

Consistency of Calculations and Answers on all work done for Algebra:

 Use the key on your calculator, not 3.14, when you do calculations with

 Round or truncate your answers to three decimal places when applicable.

 Ex: 78.9258367 can be written as either 78.926 or 78.925

 Always label answers with appropriate units when applicable.

Algebra 1
Homework Grades

 Circle your final answer.