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Oracle SAF fund is maintained by Oracle SAF Trust and the fund is managed by ICICI Prudential

With effective from 01-October-2007 Oracle is issuing both LIC of India Annuity policy and ICICI Prudential Annuity
policy. However an employee can choose the annuity policy either with ICICI Prudential or LIC of India

Lic Annuity policy:

As the Oracle SAF fund is managed by ICICI Prudential, Employee’s opting for LIC of India Annuity policy are required to
fill upto Point-B in the (ICICI Prudential Form), and sign @ (Signature of the Employee & Signature of the Member in
page 2 of the ICICI Prudential Form)

ICICI Prudential Annuity Policy:

Employee’s Opting for ICICI Prudential Annuity policy have an option to to get the amount (Annuity payments) credited to
their S.B. A/c. for which enclose a CANCELED & CROSSED blank check along with the forms and mention your Bank
detials @ (Mode of Annuity payments in the ICICI Prudential Form)

This accumulated amount is made available to you, as per the scheme outlined in the following
table, in the event of your separation, either on account of resignation or on account of attaining
the normal retirement age, from the company.
Percentage of Proportion across disbursement modes
Date of Joining Duration of Service
Amount Eligible Cash (Taxable) (Annuity Policy)
- 0-5 Years 100% 50% 50%
- 5 years & above 100% 33% 67%

Find the templates LIC Annuity & ICICI Prudential Annuity forms enclosed with guidelines:
Submit any one of the age proof certificate along with the withdrawal forms.
1. Birth certificate ¨School / College extract
2. Passport

"LIC of India Annuity "ICICI Prudential

FORM.pdf" Form.pdf"

 Do not change the format of the application
 Take print only on the single side of the paper
 All encashments are fully taxable, except in case of retirement.
 Submit the hard copy of the filled in application only on your last day @ our address mentioned below.